Held by the Stars (October 2018 Horoscopes)

Cover Photo by Rakicevic Nenad via Pexels. 

Welcome to your October 2018 Horoscopes!

We are full on into Libra season, as well as approaching a Venus retrograde period (October 5 – November 16th). Venus being Libra’s ruling planet, the themes they govern are especially ‘up’ for everyone this month: relationships, intimacy, the erotic, how we approach & bridge conflict, money, self-worth, values, beauty, design and aesthetics.

The major thing to understand about retrograde periods, is that the energy of that planet is moving ‘inward’ rather than flowing directly or straightforwardly. Often, Venus retrograde brings us unexpected messages from our exes (or we’re the ones *ahem* texting our exes); we may bump into people from our past, or feel compelled to make amends with old relationships. It’s also a good time to arrive at personal/internal closure with an old conflict, compost any lingering feelings or dynamics, and decide for good that we’re done with what has passed.

As a general rule, it’s not the best idea during Venus retrograde to get a new tattoo, piercing, radically different haircut, or invest in a brand new wardrobe, home decor, website, etc. It won’t be the end of the world, but after the retrograde is done you might find yourself having mixed feelings about your aesthetic and design choices.

In a larger spiritual and emotional sense, I am personally embracing this Venus retrograde with wide open arms. What Venus wants more than anything is to connect. To share and receive pleasure and love. This is also true for Libra and Libra season.

Yet so often Libra/Venus will dissolve their own needs for the sake of preserving a relationship. They’ll continuously suffer small hurts, or look away when they are being disrespected or slighted, because they believe so hard in the relationship. Retrograde energy challenges this aspect of both Libra and Venus, and implores us all to investigate – what does pleasure mean to me specifically? How do I feel valued, specifically? What are my patterns in excluding myself as an important part of a relationship that needs care? 

During this Libra season / Venus retrograde, I encourage you all to adopt the belief that you do not need to show love by proving it. 

Instead, show love by receiving it.

You do not need to chase love. You do not need to convince love. You do not need to prove your worthiness to get love. You never need to feel like you’re not “doing enough.”

Instead, just be in love…with whatever you love…and see where that takes you.

Most of us complain or fear the retrograde cycles. We feel like if we’re not “doing something” to push forward, to make things happen, to get things done, or to never let up in the fight against impossible circumstances…then everything will fall apart. So when things slow down, go inward, it’s very stressful. We feel like we’re “doing nothing.” And the more we “do nothing” the more we will be rewarded with more scarcity and lack.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The act of receiving is the most powerful and underestimated part of the (co)creation process. Receiving isn’t “doing nothing”…it is listening, reconnecting, and nurturing a safe and open space within for life to grow.

Receiving is a skill, a practice, a strength, an action, a process, just like anything else.

The last thing I’ll say about that, is a line from a poem I wrote a few years ago…

this time
you don’t have to work so hard
to hold everything together
this time
you can just
let yourself be held 

I hope you receive the gift of this sentiment throughout Libra season and beyond ❤

Speaking of gifts! I have just released the first episode of my new video column, “On the Spot” – a weekly astrological advice and interview series! In each episode I’ll answer a different listener’s question with astrological advice that is both specific to their individual planetary positions, and relevant to a wider audience who may also be struggling with the same topic. This is a great way for you to get some fab cosmic advice, and also see what it’s like for an astrologer to offer personal advice via the birth chart.

Every once in a while I will have a special episode where I invite an artist, storyteller, or healer to share a conversation with me – we’ll talk about our work, creative process, healing journey – AND I’ll also have their birth chart in front of me and weave in a fascinating astrological conversation.

All that is to come for the rest of Fall 2018. I will be releasing an episode every Wednesday. You can WATCH HERE on my website, or directly below on my youtube channel. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and never miss an episode or monthly horoscope.

First episode is about how to rebuild confidence after/during an astrological shit-storm! 


Without further delay, your October horoscopes are below! These are energetically channelled messages for each sign, watch for your Sun / Moon / Rising ❤

Accept Thy Self

Dear Aries,

This month sees you coming into deeper honesty and specificity about what you want. Libra is your opposite sign, and thus its season has a way of reaching toward you from across the zodiac and peeling off more onion layers, challenging you to be real about what you want your life to look like in the long term. As you sink into this beautiful honesty, insecurities arise inevitably. You are made aware of the discrepancies between what you want in the future and where you are today. This can have you feeling more inadequate and self-doubting than necessary. The key for this month is self-acceptance. You don’t need to fix things, change things, manifest solutions from thin air, or make things work that aren’t working. All you need to do today is be honest with yourself about absolutely everything. Know that where you feel insecure is not an inherent flaw, it’s just where you want to develop more skills. If your future seems daunting, or if you don’t know how to get there, you don’t need to have all the answers right away. Congratulate and honour yourself for feeling connected to something that is true for you, and made for you. Options present themselves, stress eases, blocks release, and your path naturally unfolds, all from self-acceptance.

Eye of the Storm

Dear Taurus,

There is a storm approaching, you feel it, I feel it. It’s similar to a vibe from about 6 months ago, when a whirlwind scooped up your home and carried you away to Oz for a fantastic if destabilizing journey. 6 months later, you feel the winds of change heightening once again (one may call this the result of Uranus in your sign). But this time it is not pulling you off your centre. This time, there isn’t a danger of losing yourself in the midst of heavy winds. Instead, a valuable part of you is emerging during this cold season, more loving and strong than ever. It’s your best contribution. It’s you in your element. It is what you were meant to do and be in this lifetime. Your specific brand of space provider, caregiver, creator, lover of the earth and all its magic. I see you gathering your energy, your people, and what matters to you close to your heart, keeping yourself and others very warm. You’re learning about the ways the hermit and hibernation season does not have to be lonely. This connects you to a larger perspective about the rhythms of life and death. Endings happen, beginnings happen, bodies and the earth always move through seasons of both grief and joy. We can love and be in love through all of it. In the midst of this windy season, Taurus, I see you shining bright.

Stillness in the Universe

Dear Gemini,

This month is all about your relationship to patience, and the race against time. This whole year, really, has been about the external and internalized pressure of timelines, schedules, goals, priorities, urgencies – financial, relational, and emotional. Friends, family, loved ones, exes, institutions, capitalism, they all have their own rhythm and pace they want you to adhere to. Your ego (let’s say twin #1) has a specific set of demands and deadlines they’ve been announcing to you every morning for some time. But now, let twin #2 take the wheel. The twin that governs your heart and not your ego. This twin is very attuned to divine timing, and to the importance of stillness in the Universe. The thing is for Gemini – your stillness is still very lively! It’s just not unnecessarily rushed. It’s not manipulated or controlled by others. Your stillness is a beautiful breath where creativity and synchronicities flow freely. And the thing about time – we always feel like we never have enough of it. Truly, everything could change tomorrow. And yet when we sit with this reality, this stillness, we have all the time we’ll ever need. We find we have the power to suspend and extend time. Inside a pause, a breath, lives an entire Universe. One that reminds us we are never really disconnected from what we truly need, who we truly love, and everything that, without a doubt, loves us back.

Invisible Mystery

Dear Cancer,

This month the stars are asking you to heal the energy of invisibility. Invisibility touches a deep wound, unearthing early childhood memories of not being helped when you needed help; not being believed when you needed someone to validate a truth instead of protect a lie. This energy of feeling invisible when you speak, when you’re hurting, or when you need a specific kind of care, may be resurfacing this month – it’s painful, but don’t get caught in it. By that, I mean don’t blame yourself by thinking you’re doing/being something wrong because someone else does not have the skills, ability or desire to care for you the way that you need care. What anyone else can and can’t give you is about them, and not you. In healing the energy of the invisible – you are called to pay attention to important things that may be invisible to you yourself. Intuition, magic, spirit, ancestors, the great mystery, the great unknown, your future self. All these ‘invisible’ energies are with you right now and guiding you through your next steps. There’s a dream, a desire you have for life and love that has been buried for a long time. Your future self is here to tell you – this can and will be tangible, made physical, and completely within your grasp, in time. Just because it’s currently invisible, doesn’t make it any less real. Give the dream your attention. Challenge yourself to go deep and feel the textures of love, protection, and inspiration available, right here, right now.

Why You Are Here

Dear Leo,

I see you huddled in the corner of a small, concrete, unfurnished room, with walls enclosing around you. These lines approaching your body, they’re not yours. They are other people’s projections enforced onto you, they are society’s rules, they are the bullshit of an authority figure or institution – and none of their shapes allow you to fully be you. What I see is that you’re feeling trapped in your situation. But the Universe wants you to take a moment, go outside at night, and sit underneath the stars. There’s something so peculiar about reincarnating in this beautiful, messed up time in human history. So much is out of our control, there’s so much intergenerational, institutionalized trauma, and so many deeply engrained systems were meant to keep us small. And yet, the night sky and its twinkling lights want to remind you, the limiting circumstances in front of you are not the only reality. To be trapped and ruined by them, is not the reason you came here. You didn’t reincarnate in this lifetime only to get stuck in one concrete room. Or to believe that cycles and patterns of feeling/being bamboozled by oppression and hardship is the only thing available to you here. This month, healing begins with reconnecting to why you really came here – what did you come to experience, to feel, to create? Adventure. Wonder. Freedom. There is a way of being free here, today. Reconnection is the name of the game this month. Remind yourself of your own reasons every day, believe in them, and in time both the internal and external blocks will ease.

Not Alone

Dear Virgo,

It’s quiet, and all I hear is rain. This moment is for you. There’s been so much exhaustion and struggle within dry, hard environments, and you’ve been so thirsty for water. You have felt powerless, stuck, and getting to this point you may have thought you were alone. But you’re not. There is someone in front of you, facing you head on. They are a very protective, caring, full and expansive loving force. You don’t know their name, but you’ve missed them so much. You don’t recognize their face, and still you know you’ve been longing for them. They remind you, you are not alone. This is a reunion of the heart. Let the rain wash away everything hard and dry, as if it was so easy to soften, because it is. When we cycle through patterns and circumstances of feeling alone, rarely are we searching or yearning for anything outside of ourselves. We feel alone when we are missing a part of ourselves that we once needed to tuck away, bury, or hide in some secret closet. So much that we thought we could get through life without it. So much that we’re not sure what their name is, or what they look like. Whatever is happening externally in your life right now, the result is a lifting. A turning of a key and an unlocking. Here you meet this part of you, once tucked away, and now ready to sing. This is your moment. You thought you were alone. But you’re not.

Finish Line

Dear Libra,

It’s your birthday! The last 12 months have truly been a marathon. Look back on who you were a year ago – what kinds of goals did you set out to achieve? There may have been certain things you wanted to have in your life, relationship goals, career achievements, or external markers of success. You may look back and realize that so much of what you thought you wanted has shifted and changed. Your new aspirations are so much more specific and appropriate for you now. You realize the difference between a dream and the goals we set to get there. You still get your dream, and you are still well on your way toward the love and fulfillment that is blooming in your life. Only now you understand that sometimes we need to allow our goals to shift, expand, become more nuanced, or transform entirely, in order for that dream to truly become ours. On this birthday, it feels way more important to focus on the internal journey. It’s not really about the job you land, or achieving a certain relationship status – what actually matters is how you treat yourself and other people. What actually matters is that you have grown more into your honesty, authenticity, integrity and self-acceptance. Today, you are so much more true and close to yourself than you were last year, and that, dear Libra, is the real finish line you’ve crossed.

Before Birth

Dear Scorpio,

The moment just before birth is the hardest. That’s when there is screaming, right? That is when you are terrified. When it feels more like death than birth. There is doubt, both physical and existential; you can’t remember why you signed up for this ‘life thing’ and you wonder if there is any God/Goddess who would help you take it all back? But, no. At this point, there is no way out but through. There is actually no work you have to do to make it happen. (If it feels like hard work, it’s because you are resisting the current, and that indeed is very hard work.) If you’re feeling all out of sorts, know this is an inevitable part of Libra season. Libra is the moment just before Scorpio, the moment just before your birth. Know that in whatever growth journey you are completing, you’ve already done the hardest part. You’ve made the commitment, and you’ve pulled out the roots of whatever has been holding you back. The moment before your birthday season is one where the roots of the past are flying around your head like a storm. They’re loud and confusing, only because they are in the midst of transmutation. The conflicts you are experiencing right now – in the grand scheme of things, it’s all just stuff in transition. Remember, this is just a moment in time. Breathe. And let those Scorpio waters usher you into new life as October turns into November. Confusion will relax into clarity, and the storm around your head will rise into stars, shining upon you. Memories, wishes, ancestors, and stories of everything you are.


Dear Sagittarius,

There are two parts of you here. The one who is crying out in resistance, wanting to save a burning bridge. And the part of you who remembers, it was you who lit the match. A big change is moving through you, and you may be grieving or resisting that change – if you are, this is a normal, natural and inevitable part of change. It is also worthy to keep in mind all the valid reasons the change needs to happen. Don’t lose sight of your own agency in instigating or participating in a change that is necessary for the betterment of your overall health and well-being. Sometimes, repair in our relationships means choosing not to repair together. Sometimes repairing ourselves means choosing to burn a bridge. The heart of the matter is not really not about an external relationship or situation (even if it may seem like it). The many burning bridges around you represent destructive patterns that have been done to you, that have caught you in their wake, and that you’ve participated in. Choosing not to repair actually means choosing not to repair a destructive pattern, habit, or way of approaching love, life, work, and health. What needs to burn is ultimately everything that is not sustainable or empowering for you. Your heart is the most important thing in need of repair right now. Focus on that, and everything else will fall into place.

Body Grief

Dear Capricorn,

The grief isn’t in your head anymore, it’s in your body, and that is a good thing. In the initial moments of experiencing a loss, we release a lot of mental energy. We scramble for answers, we try to understand, we move too quickly into processing conversations or figuring out solutions, instead of giving time and space. 2018 has taught you so much about grief – the waves have come and gone almost like clockwork. Your mind has finally relaxed enough to quiet down and turn the reigns over to your body. When your body grieves, it really knows how to take you to the other side. Your body knows to let go with the thunderstorm. As your mind is still resting, you may be unaware that there is already a rainbow, sun-showers, and a bright blue sky parting behind you. You are crossing a milestone this month, arriving at a place of peace and clarity with a long-time struggle. The sky offers you a whole new perspective to this grief – hidden underneath was a sacred desire for how you want to show up in the world. How you journeyed through what was lost has been a portal in and of itself. It was a way of making room for your deeper desire to be present, thrive, and feel confident in the driver’s seat. Take it slow, lean back, receive, and let this moment give back to you, so much of what you have been yearning to remember.

Own It

Dear Aquarius,

You have a very important role to play in a future moment, a future community, that is energetically being built right now. This role is about sharing an inspiration and contribution birthed deep from your essence – something to do with communication, writing, teaching, caregiving, music, or bringing fun, joy and life to people around you. There is something you will do, and maybe it’s for a small or wide audience, either way the impact will be far reaching. At this moment, you don’t know exactly how the pieces will come together, and moreso right now you still need to rest from your current or recent-past experiences. You don’t yet have the full picture of what this new thing will look like, but you know it in its seed. You know the heart of it. You know what you want. You know what fuels you, and what you love enough to do every day. Do not stop wanting it because it’s confusing, or because it hasn’t been done before, or because other people don’t know how it will work (or because you don’t know either). All you have to do right now, is want it. Own what you want, and say it. Say it every day. Over time your confidence in this arena will grow, and the pieces will come together. Whatever dreams we have can’t come together if we deny wanting them, so the most important thing you can do right now is know that it’s yours. Believe it. Want it. Own it.


Dear Pisces,

Words stuck in your mouth, big block letters that spell out ‘rage’ and ‘regret.’ These are woundings from long ago that didn’t ever get a proper outlet to heal, and are triggered by recent situations where you didn’t have a voice. Maybe you weren’t heard when you spoke, or you weren’t believed, or your words were used against you. There is no separating this pain from the woundings in our global environment, especially for you, Pisces, a global sign. You hold so many stories and silences in your mouth, even when they aren’t yours. You carry so many words for loved ones to whom you wish you could have said more, but now the moment is gone. Something about this Libra season wants you to go to the water. I see you speaking clearly and openly, finally in an environment where nobody will judge you, silence you, or respond with defensiveness and manipulation when you express yourself. Instead, this is a being who will receive you the way you are meant to be heard. I see you writing these letters in the sand, instead of holding them in your jaw, and letting the tide wash them away. This isn’t an erasure, this is allowing the water to take these words of rage and regret off your chest. Say everything you need to say to the water, or to some sacred place in nature, and know that you are believed. You are protected. Our natural world knows how to act as both an active listener, and a messenger; it will take your words to the right destination in the Universe. This piece of self-care will allow you to communicate more effectively and from the heart in your other interactions, as well as help you choose where to set up boundaries and with whom. Remember when you feel overwhelmed, the Universe is always listening, and you never have to feel like you are carrying your words alone.

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