What the Body Speaks (September 2018 Horoscopes)

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Welcome to your September Horoscopes!

Virgo season is a powerful time of the year, all at once an accumulation, harvest, celebration, and grieving period. It is a time of completion, release, letting go, and magic.

As the middle child amongst its earth sign siblings, Virgo is a mini-nerdy new years bash. Back to school giddyness. A renewal of energy and geeking out about the new routine. Virgo makes sure the murky waters we travelled during Cancer season, and the fun we had during Leo season, do not cause us to wander off astray. Virgo instead calls us back to the comfort of reality, back to the immediate steps we take toward our long-term goals, and back to our bodies.

This energy is pronounced by the eclipse and retrograde season of the summer, and how it really turned most of us topsy-turvy. September brings us the re-instatement of positive momentum (refined and re-tuned after everything we learned during the summer) and a renewed sense of purpose.

The most important thing I can say this season is to remember that Virgo finds its magic from within.

Virgo rules what happens in our daily lives, and knows to listen to the most intimate signals from the body. It’s easy to underestimate or blow past how important this is, but seriously – not paying attention to Virgo energy will fuck you up real good. Like, if you’re pursuing your dreams but you hate your daily life…you’re going to be miserable and wonder why. You may be in a loving relationship, but your every day habits clash and you can’t figure out why you’re always fighting.

Let me say this – if you’re trying to make something happen in your life, don’t will it or force it. Focus more on tending to your every day details. Tweak what isn’t working and lean into what is. Don’t worry so much about the big picture. It takes time to get there, but once you find yourself at the centre of a thriving, nourishing daily ecosystem – full of ritual and magic and joy – you’ll be amazed to see what an impact that has on your life at large and the matters you care about.

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This is a great way to get a free mini-read on your birth chart, if you can’t afford a full personalized reading! (Remember, my horoscopes below speak to one small, but significant part of you, they don’t represent your entire nature. More on how personalized readings work here.) And don’t worry, I’ll keep your names anonymous and confidential.

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Without further adieu, your horoscopes.
As always, I’ve recorded an in-depth video for your sign, as well as a paired love letter. Watch/read your Sun/Moon/Rising ❀

Fists of Grief and Hope

Dear Aries,

You’re tumbling into a new phase, starting a new cycle, and you’re leading with your fists. Your fists have a life of their own – at times defensive, at times offensive, at times jubilant with pleasure and adventure. It reminds me of how you came into the Universe to begin with. You know in your gut and in your celestial memory, that birth is anything but graceful. It’s messy, slimy, it mostly feels out of your control, and yet the warrior pose you strike as you land is indeed beautiful. Your fists seem to be on call 24/7. Of course you wouldn’t be happy if they were getting zero action, but when your fight is constantly motivated by the fear of losing everything, fear that maybe you’re an imposter, it causes more stress than what is actually necessary. You are here, doing what you’re doing, and that is no accident. Find a sanctuary, a place of inner peace and inner knowing, and a connection to a wider perspective. Remember your sacred place in the Universe. I see you watching the sun – I can’t tell if it’s rising or setting, a beginning or an ending. It’s both grief and hope. There is one thing abundantly clear, one constant, whether you are on top of the world or if it’s crushing you, and that is YOU. You are never any less magnificent, no matter where you are.

Pleasure is Key

Dear Taurus,

One of the greatest gifts of grief is that it reminds us of time: how much we do and don’t have, and the importance of how we choose to use it. For Taurus especially, grief reminds you of the body: our individual bodies, and the collective body we share, the earth itself. There is only so much time we get to spend with the body we have, learning it, remembering it, honouring it. Attentively and lovingly peeling away the legacies of self-hatred imposed upon it, little by little, day by day. This summer had you feeling the urgency of time: on the planet, in your personal life, and in the indisputable connection between the two. The lesson is clear. Pleasure is key in moving forward from here. Pleasure must be at the heart of how we advocate for our bodies, our relationships, our movements, and for the earth itself. Otherwise the most powerful version of reciprocity cannot be achieved. Don’t choose the ‘practical’ solution if there is no pleasure involved. Don’t sacrifice the sensuality and comfort your body deserves for the sake of societal, familial, interpersonal or activist pressure. What would it look like this month for you to choose, even in the smallest of ways, the thing that makes you feel in love with your daily life? Do not underestimate the impact this practise will have on your life’s big picture, and on the world at large.

Ecosystem Party!

Dear Gemini,

No lie, the Universe is throwing you a party this month! It’s been a long time coming. The last few years have certainly been an arduous up-hill climb, and the summer may have had you feeling like you’ll just have to get used to staying forever stuck in almost-not-quite-there-yet mode. But now, the tides are turning in your favour. The multi-layered rivers of your personal ecosystem are flowing, nourishing your heart, and you are set up to accomplish powerful, transformative things with a far-reaching impact. At the same time you may be aware of a constant destructive energy watching over you – analyzing you, obsessing over you, not so happy for you, and kind of wanting you to fail. This may be reflected in old relationships or toxic environments, or this is a subconscious internalization: a manifestation of the way depression and hopelessness can pull you into an all-consuming whirlpool and trap you there. This energy doesn’t want you to trust yourself, or your specific brand of genius, and instead wants to impose its will and life-force onto your ecosystem. But I’m just kinda shrugging, because when you put this in context with the strides you’ve made, the sense of self you’ve reclaimed, and the overwhelming amount of Universe mojo cheering you on, the destructive energy is really pretty weak sauce. Focus on maintaining and nurturing the life-giving ecosystem you’ve set up for yourself – you’ve worked damn hard for that. Don’t give your energy to the drains and they don’t have a hope of draining you, not anymore.

Cracks in the Sky

Dear Cancer,

Lessons often come in cycles of three. You may have felt the same spiritual lecture hammer you in the head over the last few months. This isn’t an indication of lack of progress. So often, we need a teaching to repeat itself: to understand it, de-layer it, and then finally subvert it. To reckon with it, make peace with it, and then let it go. To honour what it gave to us, what we get to keep forever, and what we no longer need to cling to because it was never ours to begin with. What you’re showing me this month is not just the tears and sparkles behind your eyes, but more importantly, what you see. You’re in the midst of a huge perspective and paradigm shift. The sky is cracking open. It may feel like destruction, but in reality it is expansion. It brings you back to the moment of your birth, and the first lesson you ever learned. When Cancer leaves the womb, it is like a death. You made a home for yourself in this place. You grieve because you will cherish it forever – it kept you alive the best way it knew how. At the time, you didn’t have any notion that life could exist outside of this little realm. To leave home meant that you had to learn how to surrender to death, from the get-go. But coming out on the other side was not a death at all, it was a revelation of life. A monumentally, exponentially, expanded Universe. It was the chance, the gift, to start all over again, underneath a new sky and its stars, so much bigger than you ever knew before.

Footsteps to the Garden

Dear Leo,

You’re not impressed with pretty, nice words, not when they’re a mask for the ugly truth. You may be up against Goliath, but you are intent to make noise, draw attention to what’s happening underneath the surface, and expose the foundation of the situation: abuse of power, deceit, protecting a status quo and saving face. I encourage you to speak your mind, but don’t ignore the deeper wound that needs your attention. It’s a wound that is hard to share with anyone, even your loved ones; how do you talk about a pain you don’t have the words to speak? Your body remembers grief and rage for all the ways your spirit has been stolen from you. All the ways your relationship with the divine has been severed, and how that has impacted your people, your ancestors, and you yourself. It’s a relationship with something all at once bigger than us and within us, that we need most when we are met with challenges way beyond our control. You have permission to release the rage, despair, the visceral memory and experience from your body. Your body will know when it is done grieving. When you are ready, you will go outside again and sit with your garden. You’ll watch the new seeds sprout, and the life you deserve will grow on its own time. Here you find a connection, a spirit, much more powerful than deceit, destruction and despair – a love that has never not been with you.

Hands without Bitterness

Dear Virgo,

It’s peculiar, but in some ways it may feel like it’s taken you years and years to get to this particular birthday – because this one truly feels like a new start. Perhaps you’ve spent so much time cycling and recycling through the same patterns, the same environment, the same problems, hitting the same walls, and you haven’t yet found a way out of it. That’s the thing about fall though, change isn’t something you figure out, it just happens. It just takes you there, when the time is right. And the time is now. I see you looking at your hands. The lines on your palms, all the places they’ve traveled and lived and left. The pain in your joints – the relationships, jobs and opportunities that didn’t give you what you needed. Mounds aching and remembering all the souls you’ve loved and lost and found again. Hands that have worked damn hard, and not just for yourself. Hands that have given, received, and let go. I see hands that are frail, at the end of a long journey – this is perhaps an ancestor, or a vision of a future you – nonetheless these hands are telling you stories of a life well-lived. How much they loved the skin they were in. Don’t start your new year with bitterness, because I don’t see bitterness as the main theme of yet another year to come. Thank your hands for everything they’ve done and will do. Thank yourself for doing your best, for changing, and for knowing you are here, for a life well-lived.

Invisible Back-Pack

Dear Libra,

It’s been a whirlwind of beginnings and endings and all the emotions that come along for the ride. This is why we often cry at weddings and laugh at funerals. Even when embarking on positive change, you’re a hot mess because you’re saying goodbye to a part of yourself that was a good friend for so long. On the other hand, there’s a kind of incredulous hilarity as to how death and loss can unleash a ferocious life-force within us. Either way, endings and beginnings make it impossible to ignore who we have to be in order to move forward from here. Right now, your shoulders are speaking. Gently asking you to pay attention to all that’s been piled upon them. For so long, you’ve been carrying around an invisible back-pack full of other people’s needs, expectations, opinions, traumas, desires, and healing. But now, your shoulders only want you to carry what is your own. It’s time to lighten the load. When your energetic field is clouded by so much of what everyone else wants and needs you to be, your heart bears the greatest impact. Your heart has to shrivel and constrain itself in order to compensate for everyone else’s baggage. And yet, it is for certain, from this point forward, you are moving toward more love. Your heart needs to breathe, be free, feel confident and have room to expand. Whatever anyone else says or does, know that today you are meant to choose your heart above all else.

Bleeding Heart

Dear Scorpio,

In a month of horoscopes dedicated to the body, it is Scorpio who knows the definition of a bleeding heart. You’ve come so far in your emotional and spiritual journey – the people and situations that used to have power over you, just don’t anymore. You’re feeling more powerful in your own skin than ever before, but there is an aching heart underneath the surface. Don’t forget that you’re not done shedding just yet. Honour all the layers of skin that you’ve worn, and keep gently brushing away people’s projections and demands that land on your body. The pain in your heart is from spending many lifetimes not being safe amongst your own. By now, you almost don’t care about the hurtful things your enemies do, because they’re not pretending to be your friends. It cuts much more deeply when you realize you weren’t protected by people you so badly needed to trust; those with whom you shared your heart and your home. These rivers of pain bleed from your heart down into the sacral chakra. Here you have an opportunity to create something beautiful from the wound. Channel whatever is difficult or impossible in this moment into an expression for your sexual or creative self. That is what art, ecstasy and creation is for, after all, to make a home for the impossible. You no longer need to live your life by playing a role in other people’s perspectives and stories about you. You get to tell your own story, and you get to live in it too.

Body Comes First

Dear Sagittarius,

Your body is sending off emergency warning bells, even if there isn’t danger in your immediate environment. It’s not anything to be alarmed of, it’s just your body’s way of catching up to you after surviving a traumatic event or loss. Our bodies need time to process and heal, much more time than the speedy Sagittarius spirit likes to take. Sagittarius is a sign that can survive and accomplish miraculous things on pure passion alone. When you really care about something, whether it’s a community, a relationship, a project, or a movement, you pour everything you have into uplifting it. If people you love are struggling, or if you see a project or community under threat, you don’t think twice before you take action to protect them, even if it puts you in danger. But Virgo season is asking you to take a pause before you act this time and consider, what will be the impact on my body, on my life, if I make this decision? You don’t have to stay stuck in cycles of endlessly putting your own life on the line for the sake of others’ happiness, success or safety. This month is about committing to your own well-being: physical, emotional, and spiritual. It is about recognizing that your body and self can be integrated into an essential part of a community that needs care. Take your time, reach out for help if you need to. In all the ways that you usually give support, this is your time to receive it.

The Earth Journey

Dear Capricorn,

It’s as simple as very difficult pie. Your body needs to rest. It’s like you need to crash in an alternate dimension with absolutely no distractions, no sensory stimuli, and no deadlines. Because in the real world, your body is finding it difficult to relax, even when you’re trying. There was probably an event from your past that required so much of your physical, mental, and emotional energy, that you needed to borrow fuel from the future just to get through it. You’re feeling the consequences now. And/or you’ve been going so hard for so long, that you’ve gotten used to a schedule and way of working that is actually very taxing on your body. Virgo season wants you to remember to celebrate your successes, take pauses during the milestone moments, ones you may miss if you’re too busy moving onto the next thing. The fall season can be hard for Capricorns, because Virgo is your little sibling. You may have the urge to rush past this part, and grow as quick as you can into your future-version-self. But instead of doubling down and pushing forward, this is a time to pull back, enjoy yourself, work less, and enjoy the fruits of everything you’ve worked for. You won’t let things fall apart, because you’re Capricorn, so don’t worry. But do enjoy and learn from this moment. Once you get to your prime, you’ll look back with fondness and gratitude for how much love there was for you to experience today.


Dear Aquarius,

There is a powerful motherhood/matriarchal presence with you right now. This is relevant no matter what your gender, as we all carry the divine feminine within our energy field. We all have a relationship to a spirit that comes to life when it is time for us grow into the leader we were meant to be. This is a moment of redefining, re-tuning and returning to your specific brand of leadership, in your own life and for others – whether that is a community made of thousands or your closest few. This is you reconnecting to your purpose, and embracing your unique role amongst your people that nobody else can fill. You are not meant to follow every path that has been engrained for generations into your lineage, your family of origin, or your community. You are meant to learn from and acknowledge what has come before and then create your own way. You are a very important part of the puzzle, and September is an important part of the puzzle. Your biggest challenge will be in de-programming your mind. There have been labels put on you, you’ve internalized lies and self-doubt, there have been false definitions of strength and weakness enforced upon you. Shake off the lies, you are meant to re-define strength on your own terms. You honour the work and journeys of those who came before, by creating your own legacy – one that others in front of you will then learn from and revolutionize themselves. And so the cycle continues.

Core Strength

Dear Pisces,

There’s an acute anxiety buzzing around the surface, what if I can’t handle the changes coming? So much of healing boils down to asking ourselves the right questions. The worries and concerns that occupy your mind on an every day basis are probably not the right ones. Of course you’ll be able to handle whatever is in front of you – because you are strong, capable, savvy, flexible, and creative. But the surface questions are sometimes easier to focus on, because on a deeper level you are grieving. You are in the middle of a much longer and larger cycle of transformation. Every time life reminds you of what you’ve lost, it feels like it’s happening all over again. Every time you hit another wave of goodbye, it hurts. Don’t be afraid of the water, or what it would do to you if you surrendered to the enormity of its emotion. Water is your protector. Water guides you through change. It lets you rest, if you trust it enough to let it move you. You needn’t be afraid of the future. When we give ourselves permission to say goodbye to an old self – and feel all the feels involved in that – we give ourselves the chance to receive a love even bigger than before. This is a time to reposition yourself in relationship to your dreams. Specifically the one you put on the back-burner thinking maybe it would never happen, but the one who keeps coming up around the bend every once in a while, checking to see if you are ready. It’s time to put that dream back on the table. Now, you’re ready to make it real.

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