Your Zodiac Sign’s Family Wound (July 2018 Horoscopes)

Welcome to your July 2018 Horoscopes and Universe love letters.

As the title suggests, it’s Cancer season so yes, we are going in deep.

The current astrological energy reminds us that we cannot escape the links between the systemic and the very private. We cannot deny the threads between the past and the future. There are massive, historical, overwhelming systems in place that are directly and heinously intended to tear families apart –

slavery against Black people, genocide against Indigenous peoples, the transatlantic slave trade, residential schools, forced removal of Indigenous children from their families, the foster care system, prisons, police brutality, intentional severing of Indigenous people from their land and medicines, lack of access to empowering healthcare, addictions, indentured and exploitative labour, poverty cycles, deportation, border control, ICE, the widespread internalization of colonial emotional patterns like control, sexual violence, boundary crossings, manipulation –

Cancer season begs us, please do not forget to feel. Don’t philosophize, intellectualize or even spiritualize yourself out of your feelings. Be present with your heart – whether you are directly impacted by violence or witnessing it – whether you are in grief or in joy.

Your individual healing is important. When you make strides to heal your family wounds, when you recognize and commit to your purpose and contribution, you take a powerful and needed step toward healing the collective as a whole. The space you create to feel for yourself, allows you more space to feel for others..and ultimately channel those feelings into actions and transformation.

If you are struggling with home and family issues, I am offering an astrology-tarot-energy reading to assist you on your path. This reading draws upon the current astrological energy to offer insight we can take into the long-term. It’s useful for folks who are:

  • Impacted by what is going on in the world
  • Struggling with individual family issues
  • Interested in working on healing their childhood trauma
  • Wanting to expand their family (chosen or otherwise), or bring new love into their home life
  • Looking for insight on how to contribute to healing family trauma on a collective level

No longer available.

Otherwise, as usual, I have your July horoscopes below – a free in-depth video paired with a written love letter for each sign (captions available). Each horoscope looks at healing your zodiac sign’s family wound, for the purpose of living your best life today. Read/watch for your Sun, Moon and/or Rising.

Aries’ Family Wound:
Backward Motion

Dear Aries,

It was the way you were yanked from forward motion and told to stay where you “belong.” The way you were forced not to move. The way you were pulled backward into reverse somersaults every time you tried to pursue something daring, something true to you. Home is a hard place for Aries because you’ve learnt that familiarity doesn’t always mean safety. This summer’s very retrograde-y energy may bring you more fires to put out, old traumas, and maybe you feel like your life is moving backward again. But the potential for peace and rejuvenation is big this month, too. Everyone needs to rest sometimes, even Aries. The Universe wants you to sit back and allow yourself to receive the fire and enthusiasm you usually initiate, express, and offer as gifts to everyone around you. Rest, be still, let the heat of the sun refuel you.

Taurus’ Family Wound: 
The Gap Between Words & Action

Dear Taurus,

It was the way you were lied to. But an incredibly insidious, sneaky, and even charming kind of lying. The kind that can always talk you into believing in it, unless and until you  get enough distance away to finally see it clearly. It’s a talent to make words sound true by rationalizing them well enough, but it’s when words of care, respect and kindness are so far removed from actions – the gap between what people say and what they do – that’s when it really hurts. There is so much powerful, magical, and creative energy just tumbling out of your Taurus soul this summer. Don’t spend your time looking back over your shoulder at a past you know will just hurt you. Give your energy to what matters.

Gemini’s Family Wound:
Mercury’s Suffering

Dear Gemini,

It was the way your natural gifts were used against you. The way you were taken for granted, as a device for communication and healing. An outlet for others to travel their own darkness and find the light again. It was the way you were used, period. Then blamed or punished any time you exhibited signs of being a human, of having boundaries, or a mind and will of your own. Not this summer, biatches. Maybe some people around you have been slow on the uptake, but the Universe knows – you got the fiercest ally and mama bear advocating for you in your corner now – and that is the friendship you have built with yourself. That twin flame is not letting anyone unworthy get through this time.

Cancer’s Family Wound:
The Glorious Cake

Dear Cancer,

In reality it might have been a squiggly stick-figure drawing. But to you, it was like you poured every ounce of your ginormous, exposed, beating heart into baking this glorious, finely-detailed cake – all so that you could offer a gift to your beloved and make them feel better. Make their day just a bit brighter. Since time, this is how you love. But it was the way your love wasn’t received with the same compassion and nurturance that you gave, instead that cake was thrown back at your face, as if you did something wrong. What you need to remember this birthday season, dear Cancer, is that it’s not your fault when people don’t treat you the way that you deserve. Make your decisions this month because they are the right decisions for you. And remind yourself, when you voice your needs, ask for what you want, and choose your next steps with integrity and honesty, you have absolutely nothing to feel guilty about.

Leo’s Family Wound:
The Difference Between Quiet and Silent

Dear Leo,

It was the way someone else’s psychology was imposed onto you. What they think, what they know, what they believe to be true. Their perception, their sense of right and wrong. They couldn’t see the space between their own emotional journey, their own ideas of success, value, and who they are supposed to be out in the world – and your right to choose your own identity and life path. When you tried to express yourself, you were silenced. What you need to remember today is the difference between quiet and silent. Silent is something that is/was done to you; it yanks you away from yourself, and disconnects you from your truth and inner voice. Quiet allows you to listen. Quiet ushers you tenderly into your subconscious and allows your imagination to run wild. Quiet is a transitory space that is necessary. It comes moments before an expansive and exciting quantum leap. Trust it.

Virgo’s Family Wound: 
What Does It Matter? 

Dear Virgo,

It was a consistent whisper that haunted you saying, nothing you do really matters. A persistent, stuck feeling of helplessness. This is what happens when you are met from a young age with vicarious trauma, with emotionally taxing and overwhelming circumstances that are way beyond your control. At that age, you didn’t have the ability to discern that it wasn’t your fault. You just kept trying and trying to change things or make things better…because that’s what you do. You may be in a situation right now that is bringing up those same feelings of childhood helplessness. You can’t control the outcome, you can’t control other people’s choices. But what you can do, is something. Remember, the smallest acts of kindness can have the biggest impacts, especially when you direct that kindness toward yourself. Do what you can. Believe that it matters.

Libra’s Family Wound:

Dear Libra,

It was like your body was yanked and torn in two opposite directions. Both sides were at odds with each other, acting like they had nothing to do with each other – but to you, they were one in the same. You desperately needed them to stay whole. They made up your identity. You couldn’t choose sides because they were both you. How do you choose between different parts of yourself? What you need to remember in this present moment, is the maturity you’ve grown into and live daily. It doesn’t matter what systems or ideologies want you to stay in pieces. It doesn’t matter what choices others make, who does or doesn’t stay together, or what ends and begins. You are a Universe, in and of yourself, and nobody can take that away from you.

Scorpio’s Family Wound:
The Breaking Point

Dear Scorpio,

You were legit fighting for your life. The real wound is not that nobody noticed – because they did. It’s that there were bystanders and witnesses…and they did nothing. They watched with blank faces as you gasped for breath and grasped for any hand to keep you from falling into an open grave. I know it feels like you’re still fighting that same fight. I know it feels impossible…like there’s an impossibly destructive and unsustainable energy always following you around that you can never escape. But destructive energy can only go so far until it hits a breaking point. And then things have to change. Trust the positive changes you’ve made in your life with nurturance, creativity, and with respect to every day magic. You’ve changed your game. That means violence and the status quo cannot continue on with its same ol’ tired roll either.

Sagittarius’ Family Wound:
Don’t Ask Why

Dear Sagittarius,

It was every time you were told not to ask questions. You weren’t allowed to question things. You’ve always had ideas, languages, philosophies and brilliant insights that could re-route, deepen, and blow wide open a much more limited point of view, even as a small child. You lived in a complex, multi-dimensional Universe, but the environment around you wanted things to be simple. They took for granted that normality was inevitable. And worse, looked down upon you, maybe even labelled you as ‘stupid,’ because they didn’t want to believe the world is as complex as you live it. Today, find healing from these kinds of relationships who don’t want to make room for your complexity. Find strength in your unique way of knowing, of not knowing, and of pursuing the adventure of learning. Let your wild curiosity roam free.

Capricorn’s Family Wound:
Skewed Recognition

Dear Capricorn,

It was the load you carried. All the responsibilities held together and in place by your beautiful, calloused, hard working hands. The Universe’s heart aches and radiates with love for the child whose plate is full and overflowing with so much that isn’t theirs. The child who hardly had any help. The Universe sees how well you did with obligations that many adults would falter with. The deeper wound lives in the way you were not recognized for your achievements, your capability, or for the fact that you were the one keeping the wheels turning. Moreover, anytime you displayed tendencies of being a human, of dropping the ball on something that shouldn’t have been your responsibility in the first place – well that’s when people had shit to say. Today, remember that you don’t need recognition from outside sources to heal what the child in you longs for. Recognize your own heart. Your own love. This month, be a friend to yourself. That will give you more peace than anything else can.

Aquarius’ Family Wound:
The Black Sheep

Dear Aquarius,

Since you were a child, you’ve known the importance of human connection. You wanted to create a better world, and you knew you couldn’t do it alone. You’ve always had something monumentally unique and different than anything or anyone else around you – a different perspective, a different expression, a different way of loving – along with an urgent need to share your peculiarity with your people and the world. But it was the way your difference was not validated as a strength. It would be one thing if your gifts were met with ambivalence, but the wound is that much more ferocious when your difference is responded to with contempt, with threats, with secrecy and with shame. The pursuit of genuine, loving human connection is still one that preoccupies you today. Believe that it is possible. And remember that individual healing needs to come in conjunction with rebuilding community, friendship and external support. You may want your people, but the child within you wants you. For them, nobody else’s love comes first, but yours.

Pisces’ Family Wound:
The Malleable Shape

Dear Pisces,

It was the way you had to change shape according to the ups and downs of somebody else’s emotions. They had good days and bad days, and you had to keep up – you had a very specific role to play in their script of suffering. Only, you didn’t know who you’d have to be from day to day. You met each morning with held breath, walking on egg shells, conditioning yourself to be malleable enough to shift and change according to their moods and needs. And anytime you displayed evidence of being a separate, autonomous human with feelings, needs, and a journey all of your own? Someone got angry, resentful, controlling, or made you feel like you were bad just for being you. What you need today is to honour the physicality of your own shape. Your shape that defines your needs, desires and boundaries. There’s a firm but loving finality that is passing through your sign this month. You won’t play a role in someone else’s script anymore. You will live out your own, in loving connection to many.

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3 thoughts on “Your Zodiac Sign’s Family Wound (July 2018 Horoscopes)

  1. Oh, dearest! Thank you for sharing your gifts and wisdom … wow, wow, wow. This was my first experience with your channeled horoscope (sun in cancer, rising and moon in sag) and I haven’t listened to sag yet as I’m still sitting with your TOTALLY, totally totally on point reading for cancer. Aye, aye, aye, and with chiron retro right now (4th and 5th houses), all I can say is thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You see it! And I therefore feel seen, which is profound medicine as I continue in and on my path. Youre the bomb babe!

    1. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful response!! Very much appreciated and taken to heart ❤ So glad these reached you. Feel free to spread the word and let your friends know! 🙂

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