Yours Truly, The Stars (June 2018 Horoscopes)

Dear Universe,

Welcome to your June 2018 Horoscopes. This is a very special season.

…Since Gemini Season just happens to be my Birthday Season…  😎

Let’s all cheer for your astrologer’s birthday month!

I will soon be turning 34. Before I turned 33, I was actually looking forward to what many call, “The Jesus Year” (Christ was 33 when he died…and rose again). For some reason I’ve always thought that my Jesus Year would be a super sweet year of peace, stability, adulthood, connection and fulfillment. I thought, like, by the time I got to that age and maturity I would have all this figured out.


I have no idea why, when I think about what Jesus’ life was actually like. He was attacked, betrayed, arrested, made to carry a 165 pound cross on his back, and crucified. Somewhere in there he found himself on his knees screaming to the heavens, “WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN ME, FATHER???”

To me that tells a story, that even those who have the strongest and deepest faith, still go through times when they question everything, lose their hope, and doubt the very meaning and purpose that keeps them alive.

And then they rise again.

A creative writing teacher once told me that many of us tend to write the same story again and again, just in different ways, until we ourselves have learned something about that lesson and are able to release and move on.

Gemini season brings out the Storyteller in all of us. We tend to live out the same stories repeatedly, until we’ve truly gotten to the bottom of the message. This is how I’ve focused your June 2018 horoscopes: What are the stories you’ve been telling yourselves for months, years, or lifetimes? What stories have you grown out of? What stories are you learning to embrace?

For a little birthday twist, I’ve been reflecting on my past Jesus year, and on the stories and lessons I’ve learned from each of you sacred constellations in the sky.

Below you’ll find a full in-depth video horoscope for each zodiac sign discussing the major themes of the month, as well as an extended bonus horoscope diving deeper into how you can best approach relationships, work, health and creativity this June.

Along with that, a love note to each of you star seeds.

Thank you for 33.

[PS – I left the Gemini horoscope until the end…because, well, Gemini. 😉 ]

*Please note that captions are only available on the free youtube videos, and not yet on the extended bonus videos. We’ve been gathering resources to make this happen, and captions will be available next month on all videos. 

Extended videos are no longer available.


Dear Aries,

A story of pursuing a star, and then getting burned. Repeat. Of leaning into trusting yourself, allowing your shine to brighten, only to be torn down once again. I’m as baffled as you are – why so much resistance to you asserting your autonomy? Is it really that scary? Their pursuits are relentless, and they speak with righteousness. But what about wearing someone down into submission translates into love? It doesn’t. You know their efforts won’t work. But just because there isn’t anything in the Universe that would ever truly rip you from your path, doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt when they try. Thank you for teaching me about the fire. For showing me the deeper magic that lives underneath your bones, when you are in flames.


Dear Taurus,

A story of struggle between the person you’re growing out of and the person you’re growing into. It’s not either version of yourself that you have a problem with, it’s the place of ambiguity in the middle. The neither here nor there. The preoccupation with how your past hurt you and what you don’t yet have from your future. But thank you for teaching me about both the infinity and temporality of here and now. When I think of what I have now that I couldn’t imagine then…that I also know won’t last forever, because nothing does. When I zero in on what and who I love so much today…I ask myself, how do I really want to spend my time? I choose to spend in enjoyment and gratitude, not wishing or wanting anything other than this.


Dear Cancer,

A story of carrying the emotional load of a village on your back. The weight as hefty as a grand piano. A story of giving a thousand, getting back twenty, (and then donating eighty to those in need), and still feel like you’re asking for too much. A story of settling for care and protection at the bare minimum. But you’ve been pondering on that minimum line. You’ve been growing out of its confines, almost unnoticeably, with a fierce quiet. Just the way the tide gently and inevitably washes away a child’s line drawn in the sand. Thank you for teaching me to ask for more. To share the load, wisely, and with an open-heart.


Dear Leo,

A story of feeling like you’re always pretending. Always an imposter playing in big-kid clothes. Never reaching the markers of adulthood, no matter how old you get. Thank you for teaching me how to be a child. For showing me how to reach for the bold, wild and outrageous child I grieve, the one snatched away by shame, violence, and belittling. What happens to childhoods lost and stolen? They’re not gone, they still exist somewhere out there, in this multidimensional universe. What if belief is all we need to reunite with what was lost? Thank you for making me believe. That child exists. That child grew up into an adult who moves through the world with true confidence. What if they were staring back at you through the mirror, right now?


Dear Virgo,

A story of overextension. Sorting out everyone’s problems in your mind. Processing the world’s problems through your body. Taking on the emotional, spiritual, and physical healing journeys of those you care about…well, because you care. Thank you for reminding me what the Earth does. Thank you for reminding me what bodies say and do, especially when we trust them. Thank you for giving me some relief, at a time I needed it the most. At a time I couldn’t take on even one more burden, not one more snotty word, not one more careless action. Thank you for teaching me to discern, detox and release. I am but one small, special part of a larger interconnected whole, and I will do my part.


Dear Libra,

A story of dreams that always lived a little outside of reality. A story of a shiny star, singing to you, but never yet within reach. Maybe you were always a little too weird, too brown, too unprepared, too unworthy. It was always yours, but its home never left your imagination. Thank you for the moment that star fell to earth. Thank you for the moment I began to experience that dream in real time. Thank you for the reality checks. For the ups and downs. The daily irritation. The doubts and failures. The mess. Thank you for the fact that this thing is no longer perfect. Because now it’s right here, and I get to live it.


Dear Scorpio,

A story of a love that destroyed you from the inside. A Trojan Horse. As smart and perceptive and let’s face it, hyper vigilant as you are, you often ask yourself…Why didn’t I notice that it was killing me? Why was I so loyal to pain? Thank you for showing me the garden. Thank you for whispering her love notes in my ear. The garden wanted you to give those burdens back to her. Not so you could transfer the trauma from one divine feminine to another, but because she had something different up her sleeve. The garden knows how to take literal shit and transform it into soil that will grow food for you to eat. Food that will fill you up with you again. So you’ll never have to disappear for the sake of someone’s pain, not even your own, never again.


Dear Sagittarius,

A story of how your wings were clipped. Yes, it is as violent as it sounds. Your wings are where your superpowers live: the part of you that is wild, carefree, effervescent, luscious, sexually unique, brilliant, and rare. Let me be clear – they knew exactly what they were doing when they pinned you down, slashed and pruned your wings. Thank you for taking your time to heal. Thank you for choosing your people, instead of wrestling with teaching or changing those who would rather see you disempowered. Thank you for the wild array of possibilities, love and liberation that explode wide open, when you honour the time and space you need for your self. Thank you for the new adventures we get to unfold, together.


Dear Capricorn,

A story of a teenager who grew up too fast. Of an adult who always feels lagging behind. A child who held their family’s unspoken stresses on their shoulders. An adult who remembers that it isn’t love, unless you’re fighting. You haven’t achieved success unless you’re struggling. You haven’t been productive enough in a day, unless you’re toppling over burnt-out, brain-fogged, and numb. Thank you for showing me my bottom line. Thank you for being the straw that finally broke my back so that I could rest. Thank you for reconfiguring my shape. And for making the decision – that nobody is allowed to enter into this rebuilt house, unless they respect my quiet. Thank you for teaching me to believe in a new kind of love.


Dear Aquarius,

A story of a revolution. Change that ripped the ground from underneath your feet. In some ways it was so fast, it threw your home into a tornado and you didn’t wake up until you were halfway down that yellow brick road. In some ways it moved in slow motion. You remember every harrowing, horrible detail, and it still haunts you when you want to be sleeping. A story of 3 words I said when I pressed the button that would turn my Father’s body into ash: Spirit, Magic, REVOLUTION. Thank you for the new blueprint. Thank you for the chance to rebuild a new structure. This time, much more full with love.


Dear Pisces,

A story for the lost and missing. A prayer for the lost and missing. A story for she whose intimacy was taken, without permission. A prayer for he whose intimacy was taken, without permission. A story for those who said no, and still receive phone calls in the middle of the night. A prayer for those who said no, and still discover that pieces of their energetic make-up are missing. A story of sacrifice and being sacrificed, again and again. Not knowing why you choose sacrifice, and yet knowing with certainty, all at once. Thank you for teaching me how to love myself, by showing me how she could not. Thank you for praying for me, to love myself. Thank you for prayer, in and of itself.


Dear Gemini,

A story of The Storyteller. The one dragged into the underworld and murdered by her own twin. The one who flew to the top of a mountain, so she could wave goodbye before he left. Each place told you a story of why you wanted to live, and why you wanted to die. Each place was a milestone, a portal, a ritual. Each version of yourself saw your birth and your death – the dark twin and the bright. Thank you for every sacred angle of this epic tale. Thank you for showing me why I reject stories, and why I embrace them. Thank you for reminding me that stories will never abandon me, even when I don’t want them, even when they’re saving my life. Thank you for knowing that stories will always be with me, when my voice is silenced and when it is uplifted. Thank you for the Jesus Year, or whatever rite of passage you are completing. Thank you for a year that I went through hell, and rose again. A year I found Peace. Stability. Adulthood. Connection. Fulfillment.

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