Mercury Retrograde Recovery Guide (Mid-April Horoscopes)

Welcome to your Mid-April Horoscopes. I’m switching up the format here a bit as I prepare to launch some new offerings next month! Below you’ll find a 30-40 minute video horoscope for each sign, focusing on how to best recover from the whirlwind that was this past Mercury Retrograde. Instead of including a full-length written horoscope to go along with each video, I’ve written a small teaser to each video and a longer love letter to introduce the theme of this particular astrological moment. (Scroll down if you just wanna watch your horoscopes already.) Enjoy!

Dear Universe,

Yesterday (April 15, 2018) was the Aries new moon, about to conjunct Uranus (the God of liberation), Mercury stationed Direct (ie stopped moving in Gatorade, I mean Retrograde) and Poila Boishaak, Bengali new year (Bengali – my background!).

This is powerful energy to harness for spell casting, manifesting wishes, new beginnings and positive forward momentum. I spent some time with my ancestor altar before bed, I lit a candle and prayed for their assistance in bringing healing and abundance to various areas of my life. One of the things I prayed for was physical healing, and strong health for my body.

The moment that a candle you utilize for a prayer or spell stops burning is a significant one. I see this as the moment the Universe says, I hear you, I got you, let me take this from here. Your job has shifted now. You no longer need to push to make it happen, you just need to be open to receive. 

After wishing for abundant physical health, the very moment that candle stopped burning, I found myself suddenly hugging my toilet in excruciating pain. And hugging my toilet, is what I did all night.

This is classic Aries and Uranus. When these two energies join hands it’s particularly volatile. Aries is impulsive, fast moving, dramatic. While Uranus rules liberation and freedom, it can also manifest as genuinely shocking, upsetting and expected events. Together, it’s like getting the rug pulled from underneath you, the wind knocked out of you, and landing straight on your tail bone. It’s like getting used to a couple weeks of nice weather, putting away your winter gear, then being hit by a big ice storm and the resulting power outages, injuries, and water damage (Hi Toronto!). It’s like praying to your ancestors for stable, safe housing and getting an eviction notice, LITERALLY, the next day. (Which, yes, did in fact happen to me a few years ago.)

But the Ancestors and Planets have a long-view that we don’t necessarily have access to when we’re in the middle of a chaotic moment.

Uranus says, I’m gonna shake things up a bit so you can see a particular truth. How you interpret that truth is up to you. You can see this as a moment of victimization, or an opportunity, or both. Either way, I need you to let go of certain things that are familiar to you – they can’t come with you where you want to go. I’m moving in the direction of something better, more free, and I’m taking you along for the ride. The shape of my orbit and the way I move is different than any other – so you won’t understand me all at once, and you can’t compare me to anything you already know. The best thing you can do is respect and embrace who I am, the God of Change. 

Aries is a gateway, a portal, in and of itself. In Pisces season we shed, we grieve, we release, we die. Aries season is the relief and inspiration of new life. We see the seeds sprouting. We experience renewed hope and drive for everything that could be, everything we suddenly believe could actually be a reality – because there it is, starting to grow. We want to grab that hope by its ram horns and bring it to fruition immediately. Aries does not want to wait.

But in the gateway we straddle endings and beginnings, and the danger that comes with. We want to skip this part, but the ice storms of our past come barrelling violently in, reminding us they’re not quite finished with us yet. Whatever we’ve been trying to end or move away from aggressively grabs our shoulders and tries to pull us back. And we think, I’m fucking screwed. There’s an angry mob that’s attacking me, and I don’t yet have a new community that is going to protect me. 

This is why Aries is the symbol of the solitary warrior. Aries knows there is fighting they have to do alone. And they can’t meet these challenges without hope, optimism, passion, courage, and heroism. They can’t go into a battle unsure of whether or not they’ll win. They have to know it.

Aries and Uranus combined know, this is what you do when you’re in the gateway, in the portal. You fight off the old thing holding you back, and you commit to create the new thing. Even if it’s just a seed. Even if you’re doing a lot of it alone. The long-view reminds you this is just a moment in time. It reminds you, you are less alone and more protected, than you think.

So, back to my toilet hugging. Over the last few weeks my body has been unexpectedly and aggressively rejecting foods that I have eaten regularly for a long time, foods that I am attached to, that serve for emotional comfort. At this point it’s not entirely clear to me what is and isn’t okay for me to eat anymore, or whether this is permanent or temporary. That’s Uranus in Aries, we just don’t have the answers in this moment.

And it’s upsetting and stressful. I did have (and am still having) mini freak-outs that I won’t be able to eat my faves anymore, when I already have dietary restrictions, and when I already get overwhelmed with meal planning.

But if I know anything, it’s not to fight the Gods of Change. Instead I’m going to trust and love my body for what it’s telling me. I won’t feed it shit that it doesn’t want. My body is my only guaranteed companion while I’m here, and its knowledge, boundaries and desires are holy. What I think my taste buds are craving is only an illusion of my mind.

It’s true that on one hand, astrology is neutral. The planets and signs are never inherently good or bad. It’s our choices that make the difference. On the other hand, my personal belief is that the Universe is inherently loving. There is always an empowering choice the planets want us to make, a choice that brings us back to ourselves and the immensely loving home that nurtures and carries us every day – our bodies, the Earth, and the Universe.

Which is of course…why Aries season inevitably leads us into Taurus season…

But in the meantime, if I can make a commitment, that in every moment, in every planetary transit – no matter how helpful or harrowing – I will strive to Return. 

Return to that which is inherently loving. We don’t have to look very far.


Dear Aries, 

You are killing it right now! Your mojo is on high. Whatever you’re doing, and you’re doing a lot, you’re rocking it. But at the same time, you’re insecure about it. While you’re doing amazing, brilliant, badass things, there’s this nagging voice in the back of your head asking…what if I’m not perfect? Watch on to get tips on how to deal with this persisting anxiety.


Dear Taurus, 

The last three weeks were a whirlwind. It’s like a tornado swept your house off to Oz and you had this fantastical adventure, filled with ups and downs, twists and turns, the ecstatic and the disappointing. Now you’ve woken up and you’re like, was it a dream? You might be having trouble integrating back into the old tried and true routine. The whirlwind woke something up in you. Watch on to get more clues.


Dear Gemini, 

There’s a fantasy you had of someone or something that Mercury Retrograde rudely disrupted. You might have wanted to ignore the signs or pretend the truth doesn’t exist, because the story you had in your head was just so much better. Someone/thing showed their cards and you don’t like their hand. But more than anything you need things to be chill right now, instead of allowing yourself to get sucked into drama. Watch on to get tips on healing your peace of mind.


Dear Cancer, 

You have been holding important words in your cheeks for too long. The past few weeks had you rising to an internal boiling point – the accumulation of truths you can no longer keep silent. It’s been a struggle to know how to communicate or express what you’re feeling, and this particular situation has you feeling confined. Even though it’s hard, Mercury Retrograde nudged you to ask for more of what you deserve. Watch on to get tips on healing all of this emotional congestion.


Dear Leo, 

I congratulate you for following your heart, for trying something new, and for braving the vulnerability that comes with humbling yourself to be a beginner again. Mercury Retrograde brought up just how scary it is to put yourself out there, and maybe a big part of you wants to just curl up in a corner and hide. Imposter Syndrome is bugging you. But you are no imposter. Watch on to get tips on how to deal with all this Adulting.


Dear Virgo, 

It’s hard to be alone with yourself right now. PTSD is keeping you up at night. Your situation is stressful, and Mercury Retrograde had your emotions finally catching up with the reality of what you’ve been through (or perhaps what you’re still going through). Sometimes we get through difficult circumstances on pure adrenaline, and our emotions take a back-seat. But now your body is telling you, it’s okay to feel and moreso, I need you to. Watch on to get tips on how to ground and come back to yourself.


Dear Libra, 

Um, hell yes. There’s a passionate love that is pounding on your door, a creative, sexual, and emotional energy that is running through you. It’s bringing you close to what truly matters to you in life. This feeling is so authentic and important to you, and it’s also a little intoxicating. You might not necessarily have a lot of time for it right now, but it’s stressful and even angering to be around people or situations who don’t align with the deeper values you are aligning yourself with. Watch on to reconnect to your balance and focus.


Dear Scorpio, 

What can I say? I cried before, and during, and after, recording this message for you. (So if you’re gonna watch this video in public, I recommend bringing kleenex or wearing sunglasses.) I honour you, Scorpio, for the miles you’ve travelled to get here. This past Mercury Retrograde opened up a flurry of portals for you – but this time it wasn’t to take you down, or bring you to your knees at the mercy of your own emotions. It was to remind you how far you’ve come. How much maturity you’ve developed. How dearly you have been your own best friend. I could go on but I won’t. Just watch the damn video. (<3)


Dear Sagittarius, 

You’re ready for a fight. You got the skills, you got the adrenaline, you got the know-how. But as soon as you jump in the ring, you lose your drive. And you’re like…wait…I don’t want to fight WITH you. I want to fight FOR myself. I don’t want us fighting against each other, I want us to be fighting FOR each other’s freedom. There’s a conflict that has been sucking your energy and attention, but Mercury Retrograde has been asking you to be very mindful of where you channel your brilliant, passionate energy. Watch on to get tips on how to best re-align with yourself.


Dear Capricorn, 

You have been riding those rocky waves. Life may be trying right now, unpredictable, with lots of big changes surging through many aspects of your life. Anyone would feel destabilized. But on a deeper level you are being asked to re-build a deeper relationship to stability, in and of itself. How do you do that when you’re a land creature and the ocean is tossing you around? Root yourself deeper. So far into the Earth, that you find a sacred pool of cleansing water that will fill and nourish your heart in ways you can’t even imagine right now. Watch on to get more insight.


Dear Aquarius, 

You’re chasing a star right now and you absolutely should be. It’s something all your own, so authentic and delightful to you. You are just beginning to cultivate a love that will be with you for a long time and straight up change your life. This is big and it deserves your attention. But it looks like there are people around you who don’t get it, who don’t wanna get it, and who might be trying to underhandedly sabotage your chances of getting it. Watch on to for tips on keeping your boundaries strong.


Dear Pisces, 

Mercury Retrograde had you questioning who you can and can’t trust. It looks like there’s someone you share an intimate environment with, who you thought was on your side, and you wanted them to be on your side, but time and again they are proving they just don’t like it when you say no. They are grasping at all kinds of straws to get you to change your boundaries. But you can’t budget this time. You are developing a new definition of strength, and a new relationship to the magical, mystical structures that house your life. Watch on to get tips on healing from these trust and boundary breakings.

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3 thoughts on “Mercury Retrograde Recovery Guide (Mid-April Horoscopes)

  1. Hi Shaunga,
    I really enjoy watching your videos! I like the way you talk and describe the horoscopes for each sign. I’m still a beginner of understanding astrology and I really want to learn as much as possible. Right now I’m reading a lot about ascendants, a friend told me that I can easy calculate it on what I eventually I did. Then I started to read a lot and finally did find your blog. Astrology is so exciting and fascinating to me. I’ve never thought it be that into it.
    I’m already looking forward to your next posts!

    1. Thanks so much for commenting! That’s awesome that you are getting more into learning about astrology, it is definitely fascinating. Over the next few months I will be releasing different kinds of video packages and learning tools – perhaps at some point I will put out an astrology 101 package for folks who are interested in learning more!

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