New Beginnings in the Constellations (Mid-March 2018 Horoscopes)

While so many of us are moving through endings, closures, and doing that annoying ongoing work of “letting go”, what better theme for these horoscopes than that of new beginnings. Read on to get insight on what new beginning wants to move through you right now, according to your sign.

Below you’ll find a free video tarot reading for each sign, paired with a monthly horoscope / love letter. Keep in mind that we as individuals are made up of much more than just our Sun Sign. If you know your Moon Sign and Rising Sign, you may benefit from reading / watching those horoscopes too.


Dear Aries,

It looks like you’re up against some heavy shit this month, as we ride into your birthday season. Sometimes new beginnings come via big life events or circumstances that are way bigger than anything we have the power to control. Yet there isn’t any avoiding this situation, the only thing you can do is meet it, head on. There’s something chaotic in your environment, and you are the eye of the storm. You are holding space, holding steady, and while some may fall into feeling powerless, you know that it is your integrity keeping you grounded. It is your belief in a future vision that has your attention. It is your ancestors, past, present and future, who are making sure that you are not alone in this moment. It doesn’t look like physically fighting, and the work you’re doing may actually appear invisible to many. But what you are witnessing and experiencing right now is profound. It is profoundly needed, yes for that future you dream of. Don’t second guess for a minute the decisions you make with faith. And don’t dismiss how much energy this is taking you, just because others may not see it or value it. Sometimes there are moments that present us with an opportunity to completely restructure the foundation of something core in our lives – whether that is the role we play in family, work, love, interpersonal relationships, community, or even in our generational lineage. In these new beginnings, we have the opportunity to re-wire internally, so that when we rebuild, we rebuild with a sacred memory of ourselves that has never been touched by trauma. The lessons you’re learning right now are invaluable to the person you yearn to become, in the future you dream to be apart of.

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Dear Taurus,

This new beginning has to do with your name. There is something about your identity, what you call yourself, how you define yourself and what you care about, that is currently shifting. With this, you are finding new definitions for loyalty, commitment, partnership, collaboration, community and life purpose. For so long you may have been attached to a certain identity based on the trauma you’ve survived, the violence you’ve endured, and the wounds that still haunt you. It was important for you to claim the name of someone who went through a trial by fire and made it out alive. However, right now there’s a different name that is calling you. It is one that is fuelled by magic, creation, hope and thriving. Your identity is not just the sum of parts and fragments of who you became because people hurt you, it is made of your dreams and visions of how good life can be. There’s something about your spirit right now that does not want to be defined by your wounds, but rather with the gratitude of all the lessons and journeys that have made you who you are. Embrace the new definitions. If you don’t know exactly what they are yet, define yourself as someone who is in transition, as someone who is moving forward with faith, desire, and a sense of wonder. You are protected and the path in front of you will be stabilized – you got your body, your wisdom, and Mama Earth in your court, cheering you on, holding you steady, and there ain’t no better allies than they.

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Dear Gemini,

You were the one who was blamed for leaving. Blamed for ruining things. Labelled as the one who didn’t do enough to make something work, the one who split apart the relationship or family. But what they don’t (want to) realize, is that you did not have a chance. If you had a chance, you would have taken it. But how could you have done anything to save this thing, if at the same time this was the thing that kept attacking you? You are leaving behind a situation where they wanted you to stay, but the catch was that you had to be broken in order for the situation or dynamic to stay in tact. But for once and for all, you did not choose that catch. No, this time, you chose to stay in tact. Go ahead, let them say whatever they will. It is true that when you left, the whole thing fell apart because it couldn’t sustain itself without your participation – and that’s a good thing, because if you weren’t okay, the entire thing wasn’t okay. It is true that something that was once whole is now broken into little pieces. Those broken pieces are seeds that will grow and fulfill you in places that have been yearning for a long time. Sometimes it is through the breaking open of what once was, that we are humbled and returned to fertile soil. This is your Gemini sacred truth this month – there are so many new beautiful beginnings sprouting from the seeds of a broken promise, and they are barely able to contain their excitement for you. New love, new friendship, new prosperity, new confidence, new ideas, new projects, new stability, new depths, new heights. It’s not just one thing, it’s your life. Yes, so much of this is birthed from destruction, from loss, from the pain of a broken heart. But you are returning to yourself. Your rambunctious, flirty, mischievous, twin trickster spirit is coming alive again. And that is the real new beginning moving through you. It’s you.

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Dear Cancer,

I know, new beginnings hurt. There’s almost a resistance right away to bringing up the topic – because what if the prospect of a new beginning comes with the fear of losing stability? It’s the Cancer birthright and the Cancer non-negotiable that life needs to come with a good dollop of things that are warm, familiar, comforting and stabilizing. That’s enough to bust out your protest sign painted with the words “We Hate It When Things Change!” But what if this new beginning came coupled with your dreams coming true, with bigger love than you’ve ever experienced? What if it came with more fulfillment, more connection, abundance and good health in all areas? The rebuttal to this is that no change, not even positive change, is ever wholly easy. Positive growth is never just one thing, it’s a giant recipe made of equal parts growing up, leaving things behind, surprising yourself, triggered memories that are both beautiful and painful, physical things you can’t rely on anymore (no matter how dysfunctional they were), bumping up against buried trauma, grief, self-destructive patterns, and the absolute rewarding journey of seeing yourself through a challenge and coming out a winner on the other side. What will help you most this month is to rise into a higher perspective. Stop trying to cling so hard to the dying branches of an old tree while the wind tosses you back and forth. Instead, climb up to the highest point of that tree and take in that gorgeous view. From there you can see all the ups and downs you’ve been through to get you to this moment. You breathe in gratitude for everyone and everything that you’ve ever loved. From here, you don’t need to fix anything or fear anything – you just need to sing and tell your story. You just need to remember the fierce Mama Bear that you are, and that everything stable and loving you need in life, you carry within you. You just need to feel that giant flaming star that takes care of us all beating its rays into your skin, loving you back just as hard.

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Dear Leo,

It’s no secret. This is the year that you are done waiting around for your life to happen. You’re no longer satisfied with being a spectator of your life rather than an active participant. You are embracing your dreams, goals and aspirations with ferocity and unapologetic commitment. You are expressing yourself and opening up to receive with even more courage than you’re used to. It’s not enough anymore to just have a dream swimming around in your subconscious. It’s time for it to manifest. It’s time for others to see you doing it. It’s time for your community, your relationships, or hell, the world at large, to know this is something within you and you’re gonna get it! At the same time there is an annoying, irritating and painful chatter of backstab-y voices in the background. Your feelings may be hurt right now by what other people say or do in relation to you, what they think about this new you that you’re putting forth. This is triggering your own insecurity about the fact that you’re going after something that means a lot to you, there’s a lot of vulnerability in that. You’re worried that you will need to be perfect in order to be loved. You don’t need everything figured out just yet. Keep in mind, these are normal growing pains. If someone does something unexpectedly to hurt you – it’s not a sign that you should retreat and hide and get lost in the abandonment, betrayal and rejection feels forever. This is actually a sign that you’re doing something right. Other people’s bullshit opinions and drama come hand in hand with putting yourself out there. And truthfully, this is a very good learning opportunity for you to re-evaluate who you want in your intimate environments – who deserves to be let into your closest knit circle? Who deserves to share your bed? Who deserves your vulnerability because they know how to protect you? As this new beginning unfolds, you are discovering deeper and more nuanced layers of how you want to be cared for, nurtured, and frankly – what kind of shit you are not prepared to take any longer. Claim it. The Lionness needs to be adored, because how else would you treat a Queen?

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Dear Virgo,

A new beginning is on the horizon for you, one that consists of a stable home, comfort, emotional and physical security, connection, and pleasure. This is the most ideal version of family, community, and friendship. A set of people you truly belong with, a place you’re truly apart of. This is what home should feel like. Love’s simple pleasures that makes life worth it. If this feeling, this new beginning, feels all too far away, the only thing you need to do in this moment is believe that it is possible. Believe that you are worthy of it, and that it wants you. The deeper thing you’re healing and transforming right now is a perspective that cannot find its way out of poverty or scarcity. It was a lie that buried its way into you – into your family and your ancestral lineage – that you are not allowed to reach for something better. That you are not allowed to grow out of the circumstances that were given to you. Sometimes when we have the opportunity to grow, our stuff around loyalty gets triggered. Who am I leaving behind or betraying? Am I not showing solidarity to so many who have suffered before me or continue to suffer? Don’t enable and give into this thread of self-sacrifice. Acknowledge it, nurture it, heal it, and then grow higher. By being loyal to a better future, you are also healing all the things your family, community and ancestors have suffered. You are paving a healing path for your future ancestors, and you are challenging and resisting the psychological abuse embedded into our culture and institutions that say some people are not allowed to be full and fulfilled human beings. Your new beginning may not manifest all at once, so for now stay present in the moment. Take it step by step. Practice gratitude for the life you want, and for how you witness it unfold, even in the smallest ways, day by day.

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Dear Libra,

This new beginning has you riding in wild waters of deeper, more nourishing, fulfilling and rich relationships than you’ve ever known before. You have earned this. In your past there was struggle, heartache, trauma, disappointment, loss, destruction, strife. There was a love so passionate and heated, but the fire burned through everything and in the end there was nothing left. Family and home was lost. And some did not make it out alive from a burning house. But your life didn’t end there. You decided this trial by fire would be an opportunity for you to love yourself more. Find yourself in deeper places. Dig further into the ground and access the name, the calling, the dream of love that you wanted for yourself and all your relationships. This became an epic, heroic adventure in healing and you didn’t do it alone. You found others who would support your cause and rally with you as a warrior of love. They would advocate you and uplift you, whether that support was loud or quiet, it was there. And on the other side – there was victory. There was mutual, reciprocal love waiting for you. There was heart-soaring, full body fluttering joy pouring over you like a waterfall. Not every Libra this month will be in the exact same place on this timeline, but make no mistake – this is your story. Trust in wherever you are along this rhythm, your new beginning is coming, or it’s already here, either way you get to feel so much more alive than you’ve ever felt before. Take refuge in the fact that a fire that once raged through your home could never destroy you. Fire, in and of itself, will not eat you alive. You will eat this fire. And you will not be alone. You will find sincere love sitting across from you, approaching you like a true equal, and together you will breathe sacred fire into the Universe.

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Dear Scorpio,

Death to the old world order. Death to the old ways of thinking. Death to the old choices. Death to the scary stories that made you afraid of your magic, your purpose, your potential. Death to the scary stories that made you afraid of yourself. Death to the perpetual wound that never gets to heal. Death to staying in love with the one who does not recognize your genius. Death to staying in love with the one who is only there to leech off your healing, but who doesn’t actually want to get to know you for the sheer pleasure of it. Death to inviting someone into your bed who can only see fragments of you and never the whole. Death to inviting someone into your home who would only vomit all over your nice things and then leave. Death to calling someone family who abuses you. Death to calling abuse inevitable “in some cultures.” Death to all the false beliefs that said you were not as grand, bright, bold and bodacious as you are. This is Scorpio’s song so I could talk about death all day, but I won’t. That’s not what this is about and you know it, so don’t play me. Let’s all say it together and out loud: This Is About New Life. So all hail the new world order. All hail the new story you get to write, sing, or post all over your fucking instagram. All hail the new language you’ve found to define yourself. All hail the new beginning that is done attaching to names and labels of someone who only gets to survive something terrible and never gets to experience anything beyond that. Say hello to the sun swelling in your heart first thing when you wake up, instead of a pool of dread in your stomach. Say hello to love that will truly fight for you, and protect you. Say hello to a body ready to receive, and to a life ready to give back and go hard for you. All hail this new beginning. All hail the new world order.

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Dear Sagittarius,

Gaze in the mirror at that wild, gorgeous, futuristic, visionary, genius beauty, a little longer than you think is appropriate. This new beginning wants you to focus on yourself rather than other people.  It may feel like a confusing time, almost like there’s some mystical faerie dust getting in the way of your third eye and blurring your clarity (you can thank that mother fucker Neptune for this). It seems like you are trying to hold a balance between doing what is best for you, while also trying to meet the needs of the collective, family or relationship. Sag, you’re always maintaining super high standards of personal integrity. You are always raising the bar in terms of how you show up for yourself and others that you care about. This month though, it seems like you may be vulnerable to people who want to take advantage of your generosity. And they don’t care about whether or not they’re acting with integrity. There are people we offer our support to who could genuinely use it – then there are the people who want you to jump through hoops for them just because it’s entertaining. Or they want you to bend way further than your body wants to go, because they’re avoiding doing their own work. So how do you deal with all the moving pieces to this puzzle? (Especially when Neptune keeps sprinkling that damn faery dust in your eyes?) Come back to Earth. Focus on your physical, internal well-being. Get back to basics. What do you need in this moment to make sure you get the rest you need, the pleasure you need, the nourishment you need? What would life look like right now if you prioritized the pursuit of feeling good in your own skin? Feel like a god/dess in your own body. Praise your body, no matter how fraught that relationship may be. Because you deserve to be praised.

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Dear Capricorn,

Maybe it’s annoying to talk about new beginnings when there have been so many endings as of late. When we’re still grieving a loss, we can feel distrustful of new beginnings. We can feel like we don’t even want them. But you do want the new thing that is coming, very deeply and very authentically. If you feel resistance in this moment it’s just a sign to not rush your grief. Grief moves in its own rhythms, timelines, structures and pace. It doesn’t care about the Gregorian calendar, and it will not fit itself nicely inside a 9-5 office job, no matter how much your stability-loving Capricorn self might want it to. Grief can be annoying when it shows up and it seems like this is shit you “should” have “gotten over” a long time ago. (Like, why this player still bugging you?) And then you start questioning and berating yourself for why you aren’t doing a “good enough” job at being an evolved human being. Pay attention to the words and phrases I’ve put in quotes because this is not what grief needs from you right now. Grief shows up when it wants you to discover a new layer of yourself – that layer does not have to mean more frustration and suffering – what if those new layers were joy? Hope? Peace? Expansion of perspective? New information on what you need to feel full and held and secure in your relationships? Grief doesn’t want to be something you just “get over” (see what I did there?), it wants to be integrated into your system. It wants to be fuel for you to love yourself more. To open yourself more to the Universe and to love itself. Make no mistake, the grief you’re feeling now is tied to an ushering in of a true and authentic version of home, family, connection and stability that you have been praying for. You don’t need to push it or make it happen, you don’t need to work harder than you’re already working. It sounds cliche but sometimes it’s just true – time really will heal where you ache, and time will bring you the future you desire.

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Dear Aquarius,

A new beginning has been secretly bubbling underneath the surface. It’s been biding its time like magical seed, growing in very private and subconscious spaces, but very soon it will be ready to burst forth into a gorgeous garden out in the open. This new beginning is a part of yourself that for so long was even a secret to yourself, but now you are beginning to discover it. It is exhilarating. It is passion, creativity, purpose, and it’s so close and dear to your heart. Perhaps it is a new way of being in relationship to others and a new way of offering work you do for your community, family or interpersonal relationships. This secret will fuel you, energize you, and make you feel alive just as much as it makes other people’s lives better too. So what’s the catch? Well the new part of you that is emerging right now might be a little different than what people may have gotten used to expecting from you, maybe even different than what you expect from yourself. And if you used to play certain roles in relationships/collectives, people may have words or feels if you stop doing what they’ve started to take for granted that you’ll always do. Let them have their words and feels, you have less energy to hold everything together in the old way, because this new thing wants your personal attention. And there’s something important right now about looking toward the long-term benefit rather than just responding to whatever feels urgent in the moment. What’s bursting out of you right now is a dynamic, innovative, life-giving force and it will play a very significant contribution to the long-term betterment of the collectives and causes you care about. Today it starts with you focusing on you. Give yourself the time, attention and space to be private with your new passions, definitions and identities. Give yourself the chance to figure them out before you announce them to the world. You are at a point of great transition and rebirth in personal development – and you are the first person who gets to experience and enjoy that for yourself.

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Dear Pisces,

You’ve been swimming in a stormy ocean for so long, you don’t even remember a time when you weren’t there. Over the last few years you’ve been doing a great deal of emotional, energetic, psychic, spiritual work. So much death work, so much grief work. You’ve showed up hard for the task because you’ve had to, life has not been easy on you. At times you may have felt lost in depression, loneliness, loss, but you never gave up on yourself. You never gave up on what love has taught you. The Universe has noticed you. Karma has noticed you. And this new beginning is bringing you luck. Physical, tangible, luck! This spring you get to experience the rewards for the hard work you’ve put into the world, even when the world doesn’t notice and when the world is still crying. Spring’s new beginnings offers you an island full of treasures to rest upon after a very long swim. Very soon these small gems of grace and good fortune will grow into full blown abundance, health, and a surprising wealth of heart-happiness that you might have begun to think was impossible to feel. You know in your bones, this new beginning is born out of loss. It’s born out of regret for what could have been, for unrequited love, for questions that remain unanswered. Not everyone or everything that you thought would be with you when you reach the treasure at the end of the rainbow is here with you now physically. So yes, there is grief. Remember, matter is never destroyed or created, only transformed. Everything you loved and lost is still with you as your new life takes shape. Death does not mean emptiness. Death is only an invitation to get to know life again, just in a different way.

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