Your Zodiac Sign’s Achilles Heel (Feb 2018 Horoscopes)

For last month’s horoscopes, I looked ahead to the whole year to see what’s in store for each sign in 2018. This month, I’m looking at the energy of DERAILMENT for each sign. In other words, what is the thing that might throw you off your game? What is your sign’s Achilles Heel? When we can grasp a good understanding of what might get in our way, we are much better prepared work with our challenges and transform them into positive forward momentum.

Below you’ll find a free video tarot reading for each sign, paired with a monthly horoscope / love letter. Keep in mind that we as individuals are made up of much more than just our Sun Sign. If you know your Moon Sign and Rising Sign, you may benefit from reading / watching those horoscopes too.

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Dear Aries,

You are the inventor of the zodiac cycle. Before you, there was nothing there. You birthed this magical 12-dimensional journey, and for a short period of time, you were the only one. Soon after, Taurus joined you and then Gemini, and so on. But you are the only one who knows what it’s like to be the only one. This is significant, because your Achilles Heel is not an internal problem. There’s a magic that happens when you are alone with yourself. You feel the same bursts of passion, the adventure of being alive, as you did during the sacred beginnings of the zodiac cycle. And you hold a faith and gratitude for a beautiful future you know is coming. So when you’re just you, you’re fine.  What ends up tripping you up is the wrong environment for you. You get thrown off when the container that surrounds you, whether that be a work situation, relationship or community, is not compatible with your energy. When your environment is not supporting your true nature, you lose sight of the big picture. You get exhausted or burned-out from your own anger and passion. Don’t go with the impulse to try and shift of fix or change something within yourself to fit with an environment that doesn’t suit you. Instead, go inward and ask yourself – what about my situation is or isn’t working for me? What decisions do I need to make for myself accordingly? Align yourself to the right environments and your genius emerges effortlessly. The answer is simple to understand and complicated to apply, but there it is: just do you. When you are true to yourself you are actively healing the past 7 generations and as well as building a pathway for the coming 7 generations. Do at least one thing per day that is the most loving thing you can do. Big things bloom from each small act of love.

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Dear Taurus,

You are committed, sturdy, and beautifully relentless in pursuing what you care about. So much so that your Achilles Heel is when you find yourself climbing up the wrong hill. When you devote yourself to something or someone, you devote hard. So what happens when you find yourself pouring your divine energy, resources and investment into something that you don’t really want? When the treasure on the other side of the hill becomes sand that slips through your fingers, a piece of clothing that won’t fit your gender or body, or a prize that looks shiny but feels hollow? It happens to the best of us. Sometimes what we started working on years ago no longer suits us in the present moment simply because we ourselves have changed. Still, it can be jarring, unsettling, and destabilizing, especially if the wrong hill is related to some kind of (obvious or subtle) childhood trauma. When we are young we are often given definitions instead of allowed the space to define things on our own. Big people around us say: This is who you are and who you should be. This is what love and intimacy is. This is what success and morality is. This is what family and loyalty is. This is what you should be committed to. NOW GO! And you, the big-hearted, plucky bull started trudging up that hill. So how do you get yourself off the wrong hill, especially when you may have invested so much of yourself into it? It’s not going to happen through logic or will or force. Noit happens with seduction. Seduce yourself with the truth. With the sensuality of what feels soothing and loving. There’s something nearby that is incredibly dear to your heart, that can’t wait for you to embrace it. It makes your heart pound with delight and is a waterfall of nourishment and joy for you. Gather yourself. Remember that when you make change, you never lose any of the work you’ve done on old hills – old jobs, old relationships or old internal patterns. You carry your work and strength into new adventures. When you reach the right hill, you know. You’ll find that it’s actually a mountain…and you have wings to fly straight to the top.

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Dear Gemini,

This month, beware of false prophets. Oooh, that’s an ugly one. Whether they are mentors, guides, peers, or even people who are younger than you, these are people you once looked up to. They are eager to tell you your future, and to decide what’s true and right for you. Be weary of people who make themselves sound really convincing to you this month, there’s a good chance they are feeding you lies. They aren’t guiding you in the right way because they don’t have your best interests at heart. You’ll know the appropriate mentors and guides for you – they are the ones who don’t tell you how or who to be or what your healing is, they don’t try and convince you that you need to be pulled off some treacherous path. No, the right guides are eager to support you and uplift you as you decide these things for yourself. In the midst of all of this, your true Achilles Heel is guilt. There were times you were young in age or in spirit and you were punished for something you didn’t do. But you still felt guilty. It was a false prophet who made you believe this lie of self-blame. You were just being yourself, doing your own thing, and someone else got upset because of their own shit. What you need most this month is the strength and courage to be yourself – the Universe needs you! I would say forgive yourself, but you don’t need forgiveness for something you didn’t do wrong. This month your only task is to love yourself more. Don’t blame yourself for bad things that happened that you didn’t cause, celebrate the fuck out of yourself for the inherent goodness you are.

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Dear Cancer,

Your Achilles Heel is avoidance. Whenever you’re not feelin’ it, you find the safest, closest cocoon or crab shell to bury yourself into and you hide out – from everything. You avoid the bad things and the good. Let’s break this down. When you notice yourself going into extra-avoidance mode, ask yourself: is too much of my energy getting eaten away by things I HAVE to do, verses what I WANT to do? There may be stuff on your plate right now that used to bring you joy or fulfillment, but at some point they shifted to things you continue out of habit, obligation, or even loyalty to the person you used to be. Something core in you is changing, and it’s time to acknowledge and appreciate yourself for the ways you’re growing for the better. It’s not disloyal or uncaring to leave things behind when the time is necessary. Alright, then the second part of this equation: why would you avoid the good things? You avoid when you want to move forward, but the path in front of you is too dry. You need more water in your life. You can take that literally, but I’m also speaking metaphorically and energetically as well. Water is nurturance, sweetness, fluidity, and child-like wonder. You don’t get the water you need when you’re not paying enough attention to your inner child. Sure, it’s great to be a boss babe – get your career, get your money, get your social life, get your super badass adulthood. But the kid inside of you also wants enough time to stay at home and play with their weird toys and do wacky shit that nobody else understands but it brings them great joy. That kid is always steering your ship, so when they don’t get the attention they need, they act out! Remember, 2018 is your year of flying high. As you continue to make strides toward your greatest fulfillment, allow room for lots of water throughout the whole journey. Where the edge of the ocean meets the horizon of the sky – that’s where your magic is this year.

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Dear Leo,

Your Achilles Heel is self-doubt. As simple and as treacherous as that. People look at you and they see your bravado, your bold, your shine. Your ability to make people feel loved and adored. Your innate way of expressing yourself and bringing people together. And they think that it’s easy. Other animals in the kingdom look toward Mama Lioness, they revel in her divine roar, they look up to her in the way she uplifts everyone around her and also throws the best parties. They don’t wonder about how hard it is. The Scooby Gang watches Buffy slay all the vampires, staking bad guys left and right, always winning, always coming out on top. They don’t see how lonely it is at the top. Leo, you are the Chosen One. You are the leader, the director, the boss. Other signs who are reading this horoscope – relax, don’t get jealous. I’m also talking about the Leo in all of us. We all have a Sun, a journey, a body, a purpose – that has never existed before and never will again. There’s something within us that has never been done, and that nobody truly understands except for we ourselves. That’s divine. But it’s also scary, anxiety-making, insecurity-producing, and a breeding ground for self-doubt. Bottom line is this: Leo, 2018 is the year that you can make real strides toward reaching your full potential. You can get that thing, be that thing, and live that thing you’ve been secretly dreaming of. It’s natural to question yourself. Doubt is okay. Work with it, don’t run from it. Don’t follow the applause just because it’s applause. Make sure you’re following your heart, and trust that applause will be there when you reach your destination. Follow the call of the wild. Trust in the thing you are doing now that has never been done before. It’s all yours, so take it.

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Dear Virgo,

Your Achilles Heel this month is stagnation. Something or someone has you feeling stuck. Like there are chains around this particular moment. The more you try to wrestle with it, frantically searching for that damn key you know you left somewhere, the more tangled you get. I will say this looks really stressful and painful. Take a deep breath and repeat to whoever or whatever is bringing you down: “I won’t play your game. I won’t lose myself over this.” Say it however many times you need to. Mean it, believe it, embody it – and the chains fall to the floor. You don’t have all the answers in this moment and you don’t need them. Leave things in this moment as imperfect as they are. Whatever you’re struggling with in this moment can’t be solved by fixing it now, but believe it will be addressed in due time. It gets healed simply by you moving forward. When you get to the end of this year and look back, you’ll see what came of the injustices and pain, you’ll see what reparations have been made. You’ll see how you yourself have changed and grown and conquered what this thing tried to do to you. It won’t look like anything you can imagine right now. This month it feels like you are dealing with the ramifications of psychological abuse. There is something good to be gained from this experience. They spoke lies and through this you found a deeper truth in yourself. They came at you, believing you are smaller than you are, and through this you grow deeper into your resilience and purpose. This period of difficult, yet highly productive self-discovery will bring you the strength you need to carry you further into the adventures you truly want in life. Strength isn’t defined by needing to constantly be on guard, or fighting to the point of depletion. Strength is refusing to live your life by anybody else’s abusive patterns. It is practicing your truth and your dignity. Every day, step by step, this will take you where you want to go.

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Dear Libra,

Your Achilles Heel is your tried and true practice of putting other people’s needs ahead of your own. That’s no new news, right? But there’s more to it than that. Because when you really think about it, it’s like, well yeah no shit, I’m Libra! I’m here to BE in relationship with others. The needs of the relationship ARE my needs. There’s something confusing about this equation. On the one hand, honouring your individual needs, desires, boundaries, capacities and so on is of course a worthy and necessary pursuit. But when you’re such a relational sign, how can you truly serve your individual needs without any consideration of relationship? I hear you. But here’s the thing: it feels like someone or something in your life right now is asking you to do backflips for them, and they’re not super worried about what that would do to your body (or mind, or spirit). You’re trying to hold a situation or dynamic afloat, and too much of the work is falling on you. Here revealed your true Achilles Heel: when you don’t know how to be done. Yes, you get your needs met through being in relationship with others, but you need those people to be in relationship with you too. If they’re not, you need to move on. It’s scary to be done because maybe they’ll be upset, maybe loose ends won’t get wrapped, maybe things will fall through the cracks. RECLAIM yourself this month. Whatever you’re working on, or care about, show up to it in the way that you want to be in relationship to it. Don’t participate in tired, worn-out dynamics where someone asks you to run a marathon for them and you oblige. There’s a way that you can still show up and be present to what you care about by rooting yourself in a deep, personal integrity – no matter who or what is or isn’t returning the favour. The more you practice this, the more the Universe rewards you with the dreams, fulfillment and love that comes rushing back to you in beautiful reciprocity.

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Dear Scorpio,

On the surface it looks like your Achilles Heel this month is unpredictability. You showed up wearing your armour, because you don’t know if you’re going to have a good day or a bad day. You don’t know when someone will unexpectedly help you or harm you. You could be having a seemingly lovely, supportive, benign conversation – and suddenly they switch. The snake emerges from the grass, their true motives are revealed and you realize you’re under attack. It’s not just the boundary crossings, the violations, the drama, the fuckery…it’s the unpredictability of it. But is this your true Achilles Heel? No. We’ve been over this, Scorpio. You are the phoenix. You are reincarnation personified. You are the marriage of life and death. You don’t get taken down by enemies who are camouflaging in your environment. You are The Snake. You shed skin. Your real armour is your nakedness. We’ve been over this, Scorpio – nothing can kill you. So, what is someone’s Achilles Heel who is this powerful? You already know the answer. It’s you. Self-sabotage. The big lesson in February is not to get sucked into anyone else’s game. You use yourself against yourself when you allow yourself to be pulled into other people’s drama, jealousies, disfunctionality. Other people’s complicated psychological and emotional patterns. Other people’s versions of success, loyalty, kindness, and love. There’s a part of you that wants to lash out when someone harms you; to bust out the stinger and beat some asshole at their own game. It might feel good to be vindicated in the moment, and you’ll probably win the fight, but you risk losing yourself. You risk running around in circles, delaying the actual abundance, stability and warmth you want in your life. There’s no stopping you when you team up with yourself. You are your best ally, your best partner in crime. This month you are not playing anyone else’s game. You are winning yours.

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Dear Sagittarius,

You are the visionary. The Universe loves you as a divine channel, a conduit, a receiver of the most hopeful future it wants to create with you. You receive these visions like snapshots in your gut. The moment you get the vision, the future becomes real. You can feel it, taste it, experience it, you believe in it whole-heartedly. However, there is still a gap between what you know is coming and the reality of your present moment. There’s a dissonance that gets created. Especially because, depending on how grand the vision is, it will take a while to fully manifest. And while you’re super clear on the feeling and inevitability of this vision, all the moving parts still look hazy. It’s the little details that will trip you up. When the future arrives, in hindsight you’ll realize that some people didn’t come with you. Some parts of yourself didn’t come with you. Some things are radically different than they were before. The heart and truth of what you imagined is still in tact, but you had to let go of a lot of people and things that couldn’t grow with you, or whose journeys diverge from yours. You’ll realize that what came to be is better, bigger, and more compatible with you than what you could have imagined. But that doesn’t mean there won’t be loss or change. See, Sagittarius, your Achilles Heel is that small pebble you didn’t pay attention to while you were racing toward your shiny future, that has the ability to trip you and topple you over on your ass. It’s not that you need to slow down. It’s not that you should live your life on guard for who and what you can’t trust. What will really help you this month is to cultivate a discernment and curiosity for the little details that make up your present situation, instead of an unquestioning commitment to them. Evaluate your day-to-day with your gut intuition – what is and isn’t in alignment with your truth? It will be okay to leave things behind, or say no, if they are not working for you. Keep living within your divine boundaries. Keep moving toward your bigger picture. Be true to yourself, the rest will fall into place.

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Dear Capricorn,

On the surface it seems like the thing that will derail you this month is confusion. But truly, it’s not the confusion in and of itself – it’s how you choose to respond to the confusion. Capricorn, your biggest Achilles Heel is an old pattern of anchoring yourself in other people instead of within yourself. Having an anchor is important for you, especially when you feel confused and foggy, or when the path in front of you isn’t totally clear. You need things to rely on, to hold you steady. It’s natural to look outside of ourselves for stability. A relationship or guide to tell us it’s going to be okay, to show us the way. But you get tripped up when you’re fixated on an outside anchor that appears to be stable, grounding, soothing – but it’s not actually the right leadership for you. It’s deceptive. In reality it’s destabilizing. So, this month don’t confuse stability with familiarity. Familiarity is not what you need right now, as much as you need to honour a deep movement and moment of inner transformative change. Don’t bathe in dirty bath water just because it’s familiar. Like, it’ll actually just feel gross. Confusion is an opportunity to clean some dust off the mirror and look inward. Anchor in yourself, your root chakra, your purpose, your journey, the best person who knows how to guide you, support you, hold you, no matter where and how you are in all of life’s ups and downs. You.

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Dear Aquarius,

Your Achilles Heel is disbelief. It’s not uncommon to have a hard relationship with believing in ourselves. What you know, what you feel, what is true and divine for you. You may have had experiences throughout your life when you spoke the truth and people didn’t believe you. You had something important to say about what was happening, how you were being impacted, what you were experiencing. You spoke up and people told you you were bonkers, out of line, that you didn’t make sense, or that you were making things up. So you became a warrior for your words. In present day times this warrior energy can manifest as patterns of trying to explain yourself again and again. Pouring your divine creativity and invention into cooking up new phrases, patterns and rhythms in your language in order to be heard, understood and believed by others. But none of this is as important as believing yourself. Because guess what – the people that you’re trying so hard to get to listen to you? They heard you. They know. They just don’t want to respect what you know. They just don’t respect your truth. Or, they have a completely different truth of their own and they are living by their own rules. Either way, what you’re selling, they ain’t buying. Give yourself the nurturance to believe that you are true, and you are right for yourself. What happened to you is real and what you’re feeling and experiencing is valid. It doesn’t matter what anyone else believes. What gets you back on track this month is spending time with relationships and situations that are easy. Where you don’t have to fight to be believed. You can just chill, peace out, and not have to worry about being “on.” You can just be loved easily because you are so easy to love. Don’t give away your precious energy to people who make you feel like you aren’t.

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Dear Pisces,

You are a moving, breathing, infinite portal. So when I asked the Universe, what is Pisces’ Achilles Heel? Shit! Everything and Anything! [insert exhausted emoji here.] Being an infinite portal means that just by moving out and about in the world, you are at your most vulnerable. A passing stranger offers a quiet kindness to you – and suddenly a portal opens into every moment of kindness and generosity that has ever existed and it washes over you like a waterfall. Then a moment later another person commits some seemingly innocuous micro-aggression against you – and again, a portal opens to every time in history and the multidimensional timeline where people have done you and your ancestors wrong. You are constantly absorbing emotional and energetic remnants, pushed and pulled in infinite directions, and it’s not even lunch time. If you’re feeling this particular brand of emo extra intensely this month, know that it is because you are at a juncture point, a crossroads, of a very specific personal journey. You are arriving at an internal closure. Old doors are closing and new doors are opening. You are not the same person as you were before. The reason your portals are going bananas is because your spirit wants to look back on every single moment of the previous cycle, it wants to re-feel the ups and downs, the losses and gains. Why? Because this is what you do when you say good-bye. This month, look back on the past with gratitude for everything you learned, everything you needed to let go of, and for the new person you’re becoming. You deserve this time and love to say good-bye to the old person you used to be. Move like water. You are coming back and full and more into life.

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