V-Day Post: my best advice for lovers and writers


photo on this post is of “The Lovers” card from Cristy C. Road’s brilliant “Next World Tarot” deck. Bringing you some Gemini Mercury Twin Genius Lover Magic.  

If my life were a movie, it wouldn’t be a rom-com.

I’m not the kind of femme you choose
when you don’t want anything that’ll challenge you,
if you just want something to pass the time.

Nothing wrong with being a rom-com.
I myself enjoy them from time to time.

I just ain’t one.

People who date me and expect me to follow some
hetero gender normy
(or even queer normy)
code of conduct
get confused by me real fast.

I’m the kind of movie that a lot of people will stop watching half-way through
cuz they didn’t realize it was gonna be so complicated.

(which, yes, has broken my heart a few times)

(like, I had more of myself to show you…but then…but we…ok…oh…OH THATS HOW IT IS KTHXBAI.)

I’m the kind of story that Fox cancels partway through its first season
after airing the episodes in the wrong order
and then somehow garners a big cult following of freaks and weirdos
who petition to bring it back to life and then it
one day gets turned into a big budget major motion picture.

I’m one of those hidden treasure binge-worthy dramadies
that manages to make you laugh and cry in equal measure,
manages to be both light-hearted and cathartic,
both tear-jerker-heart-wrencher and uplifter

super intense psychological thriller
superhero epic triumph
dark night of the soul midnight sexy magic

brain-teaser mind-bending
cosmic time travelling
multidimensional space time worm hole continuum
that you have to pay attention to
if you want to know what the hell is going on
but even at the end you won’t
until you go home and google all the reviews and think-pieces
finally realize you just experienced the most brilliant life-changing thing ever

larger than life musical
random people breaking out into song and dance unexpectedly
belting diva heart naked glory note
and by the end you’re weeping with applause
because it’s so fucking extra dramatic gayfabulous

So yeah.
I’m not for everyone.

(and thank Goddess, cuz everyone ain’t for me!)

My very specific blend of crazy
may be completely revolting to some
and completely swoon-worthy to others
(like when people put ketchup on their macaroni or some shit)

And at the end of the day,
it boils down to my best advice for writers:

Let the story you’re writing be what it wants to be.
Don’t figure out your story,
Listen to it. Receive it.

Let your story reveal itself to you.

And at the end of the day,
my best advice for editors:

Don’t try and change someone else’s story into what YOU want it to be.
to what it’s telling you.
Support the writing. Uplift it.
Help it become the best that IT wants to be.

If the urge to re-write someone else’s story
is just too strong,
that means you have to write your own.

Don’t wish you were a different story than you are becoming.

Don’t attempt to mold those you love into a journey you can only write for yourself.

When you love me,
love me like a Good Editor.

Don’t try and change me.
Don’t force me into your story.
Support me. Uplift me. Protect me.
As I become the best version of myself
I know I will be.

When you love yourself,
Love Yourself Like a Writer.

Love yourself like the reason
writers exist.
To remind us,
Life is Worth Living.

Embrace your story
no matter how straightforward
or how wacky-genre-bending-multifacted it may be.

Commit to your story, whole-heartedly.
Don’t abandon your tale, through all its ups and downs.

Embrace the adventure
of falling in love with your words
every day
your lion heart unfolds
into you

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