January Horoscopes: 2018 Forecast

Welcome to your January Horoscopes! Below you’ll find a prayer / love letter to each sign forecasting 2018, as well as a free tarot reading to go along with it. We can make revolutionary magic this year. Lezzdoit.

Remember that for each individual, we are made up of much more than just our Sun Sign. If you’re looking to get an in-depth, specific astrology or tarot session, tailor made exactly for you, choosing one of my 1-1 services is your best bet. But these readings are great for anyone who can’t afford an individual reading, or who wants to get a taste of my work and how I approach readings. If you know your Moon Sign and/or Rising Sign, you might benefit from reading/watching those horoscopes too.


Dear Aries,

2018 is the year that you Cannot Be Contained! This year you are overflowing with the best parts of yourself. You are the rumbling in a belly rising so high, it can do nothing but be set free into roaring, tear-jerking laughter. You know those cartoon-y moments when some guy is so mad he wants to punch another guy’s lights out and all his friends are holding him back and he’s all like, “lemme at em, lemme at em!”…? That’s you this year, except it’s like you’re going after 2018 with your joy. No, you don’t wanna to hold back. Scan your life. Where and what do you have a lot of? Aries, I don’t have to tell you how much scarcity is an issue for us and our communities. We get caught up in anxiety spirals and loops, stuck in the trauma of what we lack, what we’re running out of, what we fear we’ll never have enough of. Whatever your circumstances, everyone has some, magic, fail-safe thing that is not scarce. It’s a gift we have that is too big for us not to share. Something that is literally and physically painful for us to keep small or channel in some kind of ‘proper’ or ‘polite’ way. What is it for you? Is it your words? Your art? Your mentorship? Your teachings? Your enthusiasm? Your grace? Find it. Know it. Be wild with it. Too often we’re met with internalized or externalized pressure to give away resources we don’t have, because it’s the “right” thing to do. And we’re not encouraged to follow our passions or purpose because the people around us are afraid and insecure and that makes us feel afraid too. Remember, bravery is the best ally to join in solidarity with fear. If I know anything, Dear Aries, bravery is your greatest weapon. Draw a deep breath and take an ocean dive! Give generously that which you no longer can contain! 2018 is the year you can’t keep your genius to yourself. So do us all a favour, and don’t.

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Dear Taurus,

Now that it’s 2018, you are ready. I know, you’ve been ready for a some time. This is the year that all you need and want to experience is ready to ride with you. You’ve done the work, and your environment is ripe. This year, enjoy the harvest. You’ve been evolving, you’ve been unfolding. The restrictions on your life have been loosening their grip on you. Don’t fool yourself, this is all happening now because of the choices you’ve made and the work you’ve put into it. Every day you showed up with prayer, with resilience, and unafraid to do the damn dirty work. You made this. You cultivated this soil. Make no mistake. 2018 is the year that you don’t have to fight for it, not anymore. You don’t have to run back and forth between offence and defence. You don’t have to be afraid that if you stop working for a second, the love will go away. You don’t have to convince it. You don’t have to explain it. No, it’s just right here and it’s not going anywhere. All you have to do is Breathe. Listen. Receive. Relax Into Love. In 2018, Dear Taurus, it’s yours. It’s here. It’s ready.

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Dear Gemini,

2018 is the year you expand toward the love and purpose you were born for. The magic that you came to this crazy planet to experience and receive. It’s the year your love and purpose opens its arms and embraces you right back in return. It missed you, my darling. It’s so happy to see you. During the last few years you could hear your future calling you. You wanted to move toward it, but you couldn’t. There was too much in your way. Too many surprise boundary crossings, unexpected upheavals and violations. You had to spend all your energy fending them off. You’ve been dreaming of this for so long, and maybe you stopped believing it would come because the last few years were filled with so many obstacles and destruction. Maybe you concluded that your magic didn’t work. Guess what? It did work, and loss was part of the alchemy. The weeds needed to clear so the good stuff could grow. In 2018 you are expanding, not because you didn’t know yourself before, but because now there isn’t anything strong enough to hinder your forward momentum. The stuff that used to manipulate you to take false turns just doesn’t have power over you anymore. 2018 is the year you get to say – holy shit, the stuff I prayed for, I actually get proof of it. Now what? Now what, indeed. Your best friend this year is Courage. It takes courage to be yourself and not let the old shape seduce you into some old, un-satisfying break-up sex. It takes courage to reach toward the sun, even if you’re not sure what the results will be. You don’t need all the answers. You just need to close your eyes, feel where the warmth is, where the food is, and just move. 100% Guarantee. As Big as Broadway. You’ll Get Loved Back.

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Dear Cancer,

2018 is the year you take flight. Last year you mastered the Ocean. You learned to harness and worship her majestic, mysterious waters. This year you launch into the sky. This is not your usual territory. Especially for the Crab, it’s risky. It’s vulnerable. But it’s necessary for where you want to go and how you want to get there. It’s your year, Cancer. The year for you to get the full, entire, all-encompassing dream, and not just little scraps of it. Maybe you’ll be asked to look at any attachments that keep you from wanting to take that leap of faith. What strings have got you tethered to the ground? I’ll give you a hint: The moments that you could have jumped but didn’t, it’s because of what you were afraid to lose. But here’s another secret: Whatever you’re afraid of losing? You can’t. People, feelings, even bodies, they come and go. The real important stuff, we get to keep for good. And actually, the way you get that bigger, deeper, wider love, is by learning how to fly. Romantic Love. Platonic Love. Creative Love. Family Love. Ancestral Love. Divine Love. Love that returns from generations in the ocean. Love like reunions after life times. Love that bursts into tears of joy every time they see you because it’s just been too long (even if that was yesterday). I’m telling you, 2018 is your Year of Love, and there’s something in your spirit that wants to feel it in the sky. You want the wind rushing through your hair, the adrenaline pumping, you want that soaring view. You want to go deeper, Dear Cancer. 2018 will take you there, higher.

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Dear Leo,

2018 wants to show you the art of divine collaboration. Collaboration comes in many forms: creative projects, friendships, love or business partnerships, sexual intimacy, or community building. Listen, the straight up truth is this: you’re a genius. You’re a star and you don’t want to keep your light to yourself. There are times that ask us to put up boundaries, to say no to people and projects for the sake of advocating for ourselves, protecting ourselves, going deeper into ourselves. 2018 is the year that wants to integrate each sacred “no” you’ve ever said with each divine “yes!” You’re looking to collaborate with others who can ride this wavelength with you. Who can build and create with you without falling into saviour dynamics, jealousy and resentment, and without pressure or unrealistic expectations to give more than either of you have the capacity to offer. 2018 wants to model for you ways of relating and creating where everyone is uplifted in their individual talents and grounded in their unique gifts. So much so that you create magical, wondrous art and love together that neither of you could have birthed alone. There are opportunities for you to receive and experience divine collaboration this year, Dear Leo. 2018 wants to take you on that adventure.

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Dear Virgo,

2018 is your year of epic transformation. This is your hero’s journey. (Substitute with “shero,” “superqueero,” etc.) If you’ve entered into January feeling deflated, exhausted, a little fed up with the same, tired, old problems – don’t worry – what is certain is that you won’t end the year where you started. I see the ways you’ve put so much work into things you are not fully satisfied with, and you still haven’t experienced the results you want. Yet. This will change because you are changing. Whatever is not satisfactory to you will shift because you are ready to shift in and of yourself. 2018 will take you on some expansive journeys. By the end of the year you’ll be less inclined to rely on the same relationships, dynamics or thought-patterns that have kept you you banging your head against a wall, because so many other possibilities will have opened up for you. If things feel shaky along the way, know that’s just part of how change opens, rumbles and then solidifies into a new structure that is way more supportive for you. Stay grounded in your passion. When in doubt, return to what excites you, fuels you, ignites your curiosity, sense of purpose and fun. Fly toward the light that feels most like you. I don’t know exactly where these changes will lead you, and at this point, neither do you. That’s okay. Just be you. Wherever and whatever it is, it will be worth it.

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Dear Libra,

2018 tells you to return to yourself. Your highest self. Return to the High Priestess Goddess Miracle who is also a just a boss babe human. Let me tell you, Libra, when you’re at your finest it’s like you get to chill and kick back with a bunch of other goddesses who you vibe with and totally respect and admire. You’re looking around and you feel like, yeah, we’re all on the same level, we all deserve to be worshipped. But they respond to you and they’re like, Nah Libra, you’re the Goddess/Divine Creature that all the Goddesses want to worship! That is your medicine this year. You at your best. You’ve spent so much of your life trying to please others, allowing yourself to move along other people’s trajectories because you didn’t want to hurt them, because you wanted to help them. Now is the year you get your due. You get the thoughtful, carefully crafted, loving gifts that you usually give away. 2018 is the year that you don’t have to pick something just because it’s right in front of you. This year, you can see a higher view. And you have so many options available to you. You’ve always had options, only now you can see them. So make your decisions from possibility, not from scarcity. Choose the thing that feels and tastes the most like your wildest, most passionate, secret dream. I know you’ve been moving through loss, even if there are positive changes too. When we lose a dear one or a part of ourselves, it’s never easy, even if we’re ready to grow. If you’re grieving, if you’re missing, know this: Whatever you’ve lost is not gone. It still lives in the heart of your dream. It breathes when you feel joy. It sparkles and lights up when you get what you need. 2018 is the year that you can make your dream a reality. You make it physical form. And with that, you bring your love back to life, too.

Watch Your Full 2018 Tarot Reading Here:


Dear Scorpio,

2018 is the year of the witch. The year the Witch will Rise from Underground. So yeah, babe, I’m talking about you. 2018 wants to take you on a magical journey that will lead you closer to your truth and your radical wealth (earth and heart). Your personal power is blowing up this year. And by power I mean, empowerment. Your confidence. Your belief in yourself. Resources and love that want to throw themselves at your feet. Your talent of redirecting any shit that’s flung at you and transmuting it into gold is potent this year. The witch, more than anyone, is well versed in the cycle of death and rebirth. Scorpio knows what it’s like to surrender to the riptide, emerge alive and roaring as the mighty lion, on the other side of death. Don’t forget about part three of this cycle. There’s a part three? Yes, it’s the one where you get to play. You get to be a lighthearted. You get to be held. Taken care of. Protected. You get to be silly, redhonkulis, and laugh until you almost pee your pants. So be your baddest witch bitch. Plant your seeds and intentions, eat the fire and emerge victorious. Then take a step back. Watch the ocean wave rising and returning. Marvel at the clouds, in the shape of a Phoenix. This time she takes a deep dive, not to drown, but to be cleansed. This wave, this time, is not here to crush you, or give you another reason as to why you can’t trust. No. This time it wakes you. It opens you. It fills you with life and wonder. It touches you with the hand your body longs to be healed by. 2018 is here to remind you just how good life can be – You Magnificent, 5th Dimension Traveler Beast, You – when you get to have everything you need, and then some.

Watch Your Full 2018 Tarot Reading Here:


Dear Sagittarius,

2018 is your year of divine friendship. To often, when we fall in love, we forget how to be a good friend. I’m not just talking about ‘falling in love’ in the romantic sense. We fall in love in so many different ways – with a project, a creative partner, a new family member, a pet, a chosen family, a community, an experience. Even when we fall in love with friends themselves, sometimes we can forget about friendship. There’s something about the honeymoon phase that makes everything foggy. We’ve got stars in our eyes, we’re lusty, we’re dreamy, we’re healing, we’re receiving, we’re rising. In the swoony phase, we can sometimes forget that the person or people around us are still human. They’ve got flaws, they’ve got autonomy, they’ve got a journey of their own completely separate from us. Sagittarius, I don’t have to remind you, the last few years have tested you. The last few years put limits and hard lessons in front of so many things you hold dear. At the heart of it, the Universe was asking you to to cultivate a deeper friendship with yourself. Not just when things are easy. Not just when you’re love. All the time – what does it mean to be your own best friend? You showed up for the work, Dear Sag, and the rewards are immense. In 2018, you get to hold that beautiful friendship you made with yourself in your palms and extend your hands toward others who are going to give you back the friendship you deserve. Not just when you’re in love. All the time. They’ll meet you where you’re at. They’ll have your back. They’ll fight for you, pray with you, and protect you. They’ll be your most favourite cheerleaders. They’ll remind you exactly what free love is.

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Dear Capricorn,

2018 is the year of slowing down. This year you’re not moving according to anyone else’s rhythm, pace, desire, or direction. You’re not gonna be running yourself ragged, tryna keep up with life speeding and flailing around you, at the expense of yourself. This year, you’re not putting anyone else’s timeline, schedule, urgency or anxiety, ahead of your own. You are neither willing to drag others along to meet you where you’re at, just as much as you’re not willing to be dragged. In 2018. You. Are. Not. Playing. When a Capricorn slows down, don’t get it twisted. Get the words off of you, words many want to define with slow, like lazy, unproductive, doing-nothing. When a Capricorn slows down, your life actually speeds up. You finally can move efficiently, without the bullshit. When a Capricorn goes slo-mo, you’re like Neo from the Matrix seeing the bullets come from a mile away. You’re laughing cuz you got so much time to swerve and steer toward your sparkling future with style and grace. What petty stuff? It’s in the past. Don’t worry if you can’t see a clear vision of the end-game just yet. Like the turtle – your home, your shelter, your refuge – is your body. You carry that with you wherever you go. Dear Capricorn, in 2018 you are your own Leader. You are your own Daddy.

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Dear Aquarius,

In 2018, promise yourself that you will fall in love with your own beauty, again and again. With your very own quirky, off-the-wall, alien, futuristic, genius, odd-ball unicorn. Promise yourself that in 2018 you will fall in deeper love with your own journey. That when you look in the mirror, you will thank the Goddess that nobody is looking back at you but you. 2018 is the year that you will stop wishing and wanting some other life; you will stop trying to squish yourself into a shape that was never meant for you. It’s not easy being from the future. It’s hard when you look around and cannot see a blueprint or a roadmap for where you’re supposed to go and who you’re supposed to be. Being a weirdo is a magnificent gift, but it can oftentimes breed loneliness. You might find yourself looking toward others with a wanting eye: If only you had what they have, then maybe you’d have the connection you need and deserve. But when we want connection, the only way we can find it is through loving ourselves more. Daring to pursue ourselves more. Being louder, fuller, fatter in our true identity. Even if it’s scary, even if it seems like we’re scaring people away. Fear is good. It’s the same energy that will attract the right people to you. Cuz sure, maybe the person next to you got dealt a better hand than you in some ways. You got dealt a better hand than the person next to them, in other ways. What’s the point in comparing? We’re all here because the Universe needs us as we are. In 2018, love yourself as much as the Universe loves you. I’ll tell you, the Universe loves you something fierce.

Watch Your Full 2018 Tarot Reading Here:


Dear Pisces,

2018 is the year of coming home. I know you’ve been struggling. I know you’ve been journeying. Flying through vortexes and black holes. Parallel dimensions and synapses in time. No wonder you wake up feeling exhausted. Most people forget that when Pisces is dreaming, spaced out, forgetful – that is when you are doing the most work. You’ve been grasping, you’ve been reaching, you’ve been stretching, you’ve been expanding. It hurts. There’s been loss. In 2018, the Universe says, Pisces, come home. Hearing that message might bring you tears of relief and confusion at the same time. What does home mean when you can’t help but feel like an outsider in your own life, in your own sense of identity? It’s true, the loss of 2017 has changed your shape, so how can you be sure of who and what you belong to? Confusion is a sign that you are coming closer to yourself. Don’t fight it. Learn from it. What you’re feeling is the vibration of the planet. She wants us to remember home as much as you do. Yes, it is overwhelming. Yes, you are touching the truth of grief. But I promise it won’t end you. It will make you fuller. It will bring you the purest love you were meant to feel. It will ask you to surrender to the enormity of emotion you were meant to experience. You were built for this. 2018 will re-member you. Remind you, you are never alone. You are returning. You are here, at home.

Watch Your Full 2018 Tarot Reading Here:

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  1. I loved reading this. Thank you for putting this together. I just started to find out more about my zodiac sign. That’s why I stumbled upon my ascendent. It’s so interesting to read more about it. I calculated it on https://www.astrosofa.com/horoscope/ascendant.

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