December 2017: Horoscopes

Below you’ll find a 2017 wrap-up horoscope/love letter for each zodiac sign, as well as a FREE 30-40 minute Tarot reading for everyone! I got you during this bonkers Mercury Retrograde time of year. For each video/horoscope, I focus on the energy of what’s going on for each sign, and I look at what 2017 has really been about for you. Remember that for each individual, we are made up of much more than just our Sun Sign. If you’re looking to get an in-depth, specific astrology or tarot session, tailor made exactly for you, choosing one of my 1-1 services is your best bet. But these readings are great for anyone who can’t afford an individual reading, or who wants to get a taste of my work and how I approach readings. If you know your Moon Sign and/or Rising Sign, you might benefit from reading/watching those horoscopes too.


Dear Aries,

What else can I say about 2017? You crawled out of your own grave.

You survived something that normal people don’t survive. There was some kind of unexpected upheaval. Sudden change. Something pulled the rug from under your feet, and there you were – ass first on the unforgiving ground, just like that time I was a pre-teen and got bucked off a horse on my friend’s farm. (I grew up in Manitoba.)

There was a place that you had built some sort of familiarity and comfort within, even though at times it felt stifling and uncomfortable. Then some harsh winds came through and told you exactly how shaky the foundation was. Part of you wonders if maybe you said or did something to cause the thing to fall to rubble, maybe you could have avoided it, maybe you could have kept it sturdy. But the thing is, sometimes it takes shitty experiences for people and situations to show their true colours.

The thing is, that truth was already there – you didn’t cause it to happen – it was a matter of time before life shook that tree for you to see clearly which leaves were already dead and needed to fall.

2017 made it hard for you to be around people in your environment. They don’t get you, they don’t understand your choices, or what you need to do for yourself and the world. There’s an alone-ness to you right now, but it doesn’t feel lonely.

Whatever knocked you down underestimated you. It thought it could take you down, but now? You laugh in the face of it. It made you way more alive. It made you more vibrant. It made you shine even brighter. It made you into more of yourself.

Disasters that destroy things can shed a lot of light, and you are able to see the positive that this trial has illuminated for you. You have become a quiet eye of the storm. This motivates you with a purposeful ferocity. What I can say is that some things are not going to come with you into 2018. If there are any loose ends, tie them now, or be okay with leaving things behind that might not wrap nicely into a bow anytime soon. The more you drag things along that you know you’re done with, the more it will drain your energy, and you will not have much patience for even the smallest leakage next year.

2018 wants you to take off. It wants you to rip off your shirt, hop onto your magical flying unicorn, and sing-scream with rage and joy to the tune of some Smashing Pumpkins song (or, you know, whatever music of your choice). Do you see anything unworthy hitching a ride along with you in that scenario? I didn’t think so.

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Dear Taurus,

2017 really tested you, huh? It put you on trial. Someone or something tried to rip you from your roots, and it took all your power to stay steady, stay grounded, stay as you are.

Maybe at some points you thought their efforts were working, you thought it was winning. Maybe you just wanted to topple over out of sheer exhaustion. But you never fully gave into it.

You did good work! Now it’s time to rest. You showed up for the battle and you saw it through. You were successful, not only in what you were able to accomplish, but what you were able to withstand.

Now what you need most is to go back to the ground. Let yourself be held by Mama Earth who made you. Surround yourself with people who are your close kin. People you don’t have to fight against, and situations you don’t have to hold together, because they want to fight for you and keep you held.

You know how it’s so easy for BS to follow us around? Abuse, violence, trauma, depression, micro and macro aggressions…we don’t ask for it, we don’t deserve it. We run ourselves on overdrive putting up protection against it and it still gets in.

Something I’ve been pondering to myself since I wrote this poem for the Leo New Moonwhy can’t joy be that easy?

Why can’t joy be as relentless? Most of us have to grit our teeth and battle through a trial by fire just to squeeze out little drops of satisfaction, peace or happiness. What if joy chased us around and smacked us in the face, just the way that death does? What if joy made a habit of bursting through locked doors at night, just the way abuse has?

In 2017 a lot of things had to fall to rubble, crumble and die. Ugly truths reared their heads. You had a price to pay to learn some kind of spiritual lesson, and you paid it. I believe it for you – for the next part of your life, I say joy gets to be easy. 

Just as mundane. Just as normal. Just as regular. As all the rest. It is your birth right. It is what Mama Earth says when you connect with her. It is what happens when you dig deep and root yourself into the depths of who you are. And this is your reward from withstanding all 2017 storms and then some.

Only remember, you have spent much time learning how to put up defences and protection from the bad stuff in life…just make sure you’re not putting up walls against the good.

Things are changing for the better. A new passion knocking at your door. It’s raw and aching and bursting and life-giving. It is as Big as Broadway.

For what’s left of the year, surround yourself with what’s good. Be with your people. Dream of your future. Root to the core of the earth. This is my best advice on how to leave 2017: with trust for the Universe, belly up.

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Dear Gemini,

What if 2017 was a ritual, in and of itself? What if it was a living, breathing, rite of passage? For your entire lifetime(s), there was a mountain that lived in front of you. It had always blocked your view from the future, and 2017 was the year it suddenly became the adventure you had the tools and strength to climb.

The question waiting for you right at the summit was this: “How much are you willing to let others push you off your path?” I’d wager that from this place, the question feels more like a silly echo from the past rather than the constraints around your throat and heart that it used to be. Because once you see that view from the top, there’s no way you’re going back down to the flat lands.

The gift of Gemini is that you have a tremendous amount of lenience and openness for other people’s ideas, thought-processes, and beliefs, because you know there is something of value, something you can learn, from absolutely everything. People can take advantage of you for this kind of generosity, and use it against you as a means of control. Forces around you went on overdrive this year, doing their best to convince you it was imperative for you to follow their code of ethics instead of your own. You were up against other people’s belief systems, sense of morality, their own engrained thought-patterns.

2017 was the year that Saturn asked you to take off the helmet made of other people’s junk and quit wearing it on your head like some sort of crown.

It’s likely that you dealt with a fair amount of opposition, resistance and rejection as you made more choices that were true to yourself. And Saturn said, Good, this will help you build up all the resiliency you’ll need for your next chapter. The only thing getting in your way now is that little tinge of shame and blame you hold for yourself: “Look at all these bad things that happened, look at all these good people who got hurt, just because I decided to be myself.”

No, my dear twin flame. Bury that feeling in the ground and ask Mama Earth to help you grieve and plant new seeds. There’s a lingering fear that if you keep following your purpose, your divine contribution, your sacred boundaries – you’ll hurt people. Is it true? Yeah, but only from an old, tired perspective that you don’t buy into anymore. You’re not carrying that with you into 2018.

Say it: “I Can’t Change Who I Am For You.”

Say it: “Fuck Everything That Isn’t 100% Soothing For My Heart, and Life-Affirming For My Soul.”

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Dear Cancer,

2017 saw you graduate from Sea-Witch to Ocean-Goddess.

You’re smack dab in the middle of some kind of larger 5 year journey. You’re working toward something, whether it’s a career goal, building new relationships or communities, developing emotional or spiritual gifts, or manifesting a bigger dream. Whatever it is, it’s not yet fully formed, and it’s necessary to work on this in small increments. The thing is, when your realm is the ocean, figuring out how to gain forward momentum is anything but straightforward. The ocean is non-linear, mysterious, as deadly as it is life-giving, and carries both grief and ecstasy in equal measure. Both terrifying riptides and majestic waterfalls may surprise you at any turn.

To gain forward momentum in the ocean, you must first learn to listen to her. Receive her, respect all the ways she is much mightier than you. You must learn the rhythm of her currents, breath work, and find the balance between swimming, floating, charging forward and going with the flow. Water signs can often doubt themselves, second guess their decisions, and feel less productive when they compare themselves to other creatures who appear to be moving more quickly. At times in 2017 you may have felt like you were going about things in all the wrong ways, just because things weren’t working out straightforwardly.

Remember, you’re the Crab, you travel sideways.

And truly, when it comes to matters of the heart, grief, healing, and plain ol’ grand ol’ love…the ocean is who we must yield to.

By the end of 2017, you’ve graduated into the deep end. You’ve learned how to respect your waters, instead of resist them. Whether it’s been through loss or gain, things coming into your life or leaving, either way 2017 has taught you to live more deeply.

The year has made you ready to manifest the next phase of your dream, goal and vision; it has made you able to receive much more honest and fulfilling relationships and rewards. You are sinking into an even more magical, powerful and self-assured version of yourself.

If anything I can say about moving into 2017, don’t be more shallow than you are. Don’t try to be a land creature when you’d rather be playing in the waves. Trust the vibration you’re at. Not everyone can meet you at your level. That’s an occupational hazard of being a water sign. Not everyone wants or needs to live that deeply. But you do. Trust that.

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Dear Leo,

2017 has a solid message for you: Please go after your dreams, with the ferocity of a thousand hungry bears. That Star up there is yours and yours alone – who is going to chase it, if not you?

There’s a reason that Leo is one of the children of the zodiac. Leos, you’re all about play! Fun! Art! Self-expression! Unbridled enthusiasm for weird things! The times and ways we are youthful and free, carefree, goofy gender-fuckers. The moments we don’t let shame dictate our actions or how we carry ourselves in the world. When we don’t filter what we say or do according to what is “proper.”

The child in you has grand-ass dreams. You have a special Star beaming at you, and it only exists for you. (Don’t worry, there are billions upon billions of stars in our Universe. There’s plenty to go around. So this one, you don’t have to share.) Your Star can hear the part of your soul cheering, “Look at me!” and Star is like, Yes…I want to shine my light on you.

I don’t need to tell you about all the ways the reality of life breaks us down, instills us with shame, and asks us to put aside our dreams, usually from a very young age. Your little self believed in something and they always knew they would grow up and get it. Where along the way did you get lost? When did your Star start to dim?

2017 was all about your relationship to dreams – what you think is broken, impossible, what you think you do or don’t deserve.

Singer-songwriter and pianist Sarah Slean says, “How can a dream be broken, if the dreamer always learns?”

Your impossible dream wants you to rebuild a relationship with it. Your Star is speaking to you: You always get to have me. I am never broken. Even when you feel like i’m dimming…all you need to do is look at me, I’m right here. As long as you have something to learn from whatever you go through, whether they are failures or not, everything leads you back to me. As you unwind, untangle, take risks, make mistakes and thrive. As you build a full and complete life…at the end of the day, I am what is waiting for you.

2018 has serious potential to bring physical, tangible, real-ass form to the dream that is a wish your heart makes. Don’t let anyone confuse your ability to dream with being flaky or impractical. You know how to make ends meet. You know how the world works. But you’re not going to let yourself be defined by fear, either.

Surround yourself with people who get it. Right now the worst thing is for you to be around people who will subtly try to break you down or take you down a notch because of their own fears, insecurities, jealousies or competition. There is room for everyone in the sky to shine. You don’t want fair weather friends, but you don’t want gloomy weather friends either (ie people who are around only when you can bond over suffering, but somehow don’t want to celebrate your growth and success…??) Be around those who will uplift and inspire you. You following your Star will uplift and inspire so many others in return.

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Dear Virgo,

Well, it’s no secret, 2017 kicked your ass a little bit. An ongoing theme of feeling trapped, of struggling within containers, situations, or relationships that were too small for you. The more you tried to make it work, the more it blew up in your face. The reason it was/is so painful is because of your emotional attachments. You cared a lot about whatever or whoever it was, you invested so much of your time, energy and heart into this, but then realized the ways it wasn’t letting you grow.

2017 was your teacher, and now you’re ready to be a better student in 2018. I see you entering the new year taking a deep breath, not feeling sorry for yourself, but willing to learn something new, stretch and expand, and not stay tethered to whatever it is that you have outgrown. The end of 2017 has you itching to pack up your suitcase and hitch hike to some unknown destination.

The only problem with this…is that you’re a Virgo and even the thought of not being prepared is enough to induce a panic attack.

Don’t worry, you can take calculated risks – one small step at a time. You can take the smallest risk you can think of to test out a new road, so that if it doesn’t work out, it has less of an impact on you, and then you can keep building from there. You don’t have to dive in head first out of your comfort zone, but you do need to start getting your feet wet. Just remember that you already have everything you need in your suitcase. You have enough wisdom, life-experience, and survival skills. You know how to notice red flags and warning bells. You are practical, intelligent, capable and resourceful. You are prepared enough to take a leap of faith and know how to not die. The only other thing you need in your bag is a good dose of bravery and hope. I see you in 2018 leaning toward being a bit more foolish. But a calculated fool, a well prepared fool, someone who is being smart about their foolish antics.

Because guess what? Your dreams matter and the Universe wants you to have them.

And here’s another thing about trying and failing and getting back up again: You have given so much to others around you, and believe it or not, to yourself, just by making it through the trial that was 2017.

The way that you’ve met challenges, tried your best, faltered, picked yourself up and kept moving with patience, integrity and a willingness to know yourself deeper. You have offered something invaluable to yourself, to the people around you, and to the Universe itself, just by how you’ve carried yourself this year. And that is the real win.

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Dear Libra,

If there is such a thing as a zodiac sign who can move through times of loss, change, break-ups, divides, without it profoundly impacting and humbling their sense of self…it certainly wouldn’t be you. Like your celestial sisters, Gemini and Pisces, there are two of you. Your life is more complete with a beloved. And as the sign of partnership, you’re really good at it. You can negotiate, compromise, smooth over conflict, find common ground. You thrive when you have someone to create with, build with, shake up the status quo with. Even going through times of loss, change, break-ups, divides…it’s so much easier to get through if you can somehow manage to do it together.

2017 has asked you to learn how to move forward without someone or something that you had come to count on. Some part of the Universe shifted, like the tectonic plates do, and you lost something that had always mirrored you, always tethered you back to yourself. I don’t know if this major shift happened in 2017, or if it happened years ago and you are still navigating the aftershock. Hell, I don’t even know if this change is a bad thing! Gina Rodriguez (of “Jane the Virgin fame) once said, “Don’t forget to grieve positive change.”

It’s true, even when our life makes a major shift for the good, it can still be jarring, especially if it happens in one quick, swift motion, just the way that death can. We have to figure out a completely new environment, a new way of relating to ourselves. We may have built our identity around our old self, and even if we grew out of it, the new you takes getting used to.

Libra, you are always searching for and dreaming of the ultimate partnership, and this year 2017 showed it to you – the Sun and the Moon. Inside of us, the Sun is our sparkle, our shine, our passion. A place that is always young and exuberant, that has never been harmed, that doesn’t even know what it’s like to be broken. The Moon is our midnight. Our genius that flows from the dead of night, our mystery, our magic, our wild. It knows very intimately pain, death, grief, madness.

When we are joyful sometimes it’s almost like we want to plug our ears like, “LA LA LA” and pretend we don’t hear anything bad because we’re afraid we’ll lose access to the good. And then, the times we’re messed up, freaking out, in crisis, depressed as hell, we feel like we’ll never find our way back to joy.

2017 has answered: No, the Sun and the Moon need each other to survive. The end of the year has you moving so much more closer to your purpose, confidence, self-assurance, vibrancy, motivation and joy…only because you know what it’s like to visit the underworld, too. We only grieve as hard as we love. And when we love, it means we have something to lose, and there isn’t any other way to be alive.

There’s something brewing on your horizon. You have something beautiful that you will create from what you’ve been through, whether that’s a deeply involved art or writing project, a song that you sing from your balcony, or some kind of inspired collaboration.

Really, it’s when these two differing parts of yourself can recognize each other, your Sun and your Moon, when they can smile, hold hands and be at peace with one another, that’s your ultimate union. Once that is your foundation, the sky is the limit when it comes to love, art, collaboration and purpose.

Remember…*“The Day needs the night, and the night needs the day…that’s all the Universe ever wanted us to know.”

(*a quote from my play, Letters to the Universe


Dear Scorpio,

Whoa. What happened last month?

Maybe we all underestimated what would happen when Jupiter entered your sign and put a magnifying glass upon all things associated with Scorpio.

I heard you screaming. I couldn’t tell if it was a cry of tangled grief, devastation, rage and death, or if it was someone giving birth. It was likely both. But when I looked for you, you weren’t there. Just a non-committal pool of smoke where your body should be.

It’s hard to stay in your body when you feel this intensely, deeply, wildly, on the regular. Your feelings are otherworldly, your passion is the ocean. How can an entire ocean live inside one measly human?

Jupiter is associated with births and deaths that liberate. Why Jupiter, though? When we think about the life-death-rebirth cycle, we usually think of Pluto, the god of the underworld, your ruling planet.

But Jupiter, does nothing as much as it asks us to be open.

What is the most pure form of opening in the Universe? The birth canal. The same tunnel we travel through when we are dying, when we transition from body into spirit. And then back again, spirit into body.

Forget last month, let’s look at the whole year. It was this same push and pull between feeling too much and needing to leave your body. Most of the time my spirit packs a cute little duffel bag and, unbeknownst to me, hops along to chill out in a parallel universe where people I love didn’t die. Parts of myself didn’t die. But every once in a while, just as unexpectedly, I’m jolted back to this Universe…the real one…and my body and soul unleashes that same otherworldly scream. Only for a second though, then I’m gone again.

There’s something about this witchy beast of a year that had you committed to transforming into a different outcome than just a series of appearing and disappearing to yourself. Because when I look at you now, at the end of 2017, I see you’ve figured out something new in this cosmic dance.

When I look at you now, I see the Phoenix.

I see that your scream was only her song you have been aching to sing. She is at peace in her body. She is perched on a tree top, peacefully and with curiosity. She can see both the city, and the forest, and she is okay. She is right with herself. She doesn’t have a problem with an ocean inside of her.

I know that you have been praying, wishing, calling for something fierce. A love as deep as unknowable parts of the ocean. I want you to know that you have the potential to receive love that is as big, otherworldly, and impossible as you yourself can feel you are.

In 2017, you have prepared your body, your shape, your spirit. 2018 will be about preparing your environment. Watch the video and we’ll talk more about how to best be prepared. Cuz man. 2018 wants to be as unstoppable as you are.

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Dear Sagittarius,

Let’s throw a joint party for your birthday, as well as for the fact that Saturn is about to leave your sign! Over the last 2.5 years, Saturn has been traversing through Sagittarius and unapologetically ripping apart your ground. Saturn had you questioning everything you thought was true and immovable. It poked holes in every relationship, project or dream you thought would be with you for the long-haul, and in some instances deflated them entirely. Saturn in its nature does the opposite of what Sagittarius does. It closes down everything you want to open up. It says NOPE to every road you want to explore, every possibility and potential you thought was worth pursuing. It doesn’t even give you a reason. Just a cool and detached, “No.”

Now, at the end of 2017 you’ve realized that you don’t need anybody else’s reason but your own.

You have the answer at your finger tips. There is a truth that is starting to trickle onto your body like golden fairy dust and integrate into your system. You’re seeing something higher. You didn’t even know it was what you were looking for, but there it is, made just for you.

If you’re not feeling this place of relief or closure right now, don’t worry, it’s coming. The lessons you’ve been learning are some of the damned hardest lessons you’ve gone through in a long time, if ever. They take time to integrate. There was something about 2017 that said, You know what? I’m gonna put these in front of you, and we are going to survive them, learn them, and master them, once and for all. Why? Because of what you get on the other side…Victory.

This is not to mean victory over others, and in fact if you’ve been fighting with someone(s) and hoping you’ll win, this isn’t the point. Where you’re really headed is toward a genuine triumph of the soul.

You have been healing and transforming your relationship to failure, trust in yourself, and faith in a greater purpose. What happens when things you wish for don’t work out? Do you blame yourself, blame others, and do everything you can to fix things that are much beyond your capacity to control?

Some things that used to be true, just aren’t true anymore. Some relationships just don’t work the same way. It’s not anybody’s fault, it’s just a wondrous and bountiful part of how the Universe works; things bloom, wilt, die, and then start all over again.

And the most important thing to remember: whatever did or didn’t work out this year, the dream isn’t dead. It’s alive and well. What you need and deserve in life, your birth right, your birth stars, your birth day. Meaningful connection. Safe and supportive family. Inspiring projects and communities.

It’s all there, waiting to offer itself to you, once you learn how to let go of what you think it’s supposed to look like, and open yourself to the mystery of creation.

I’ll tell you Sag, nobody goes higher than you. After you go through a trial by fire and you get it…you really get it. When you have hope for yourself, everyone around you feels it, and that is your gift. If you’re not there just yet, give it some time, and trust that I can feel it coming…that smile on your face, relief in your lungs and stars in your eyes. You have something now that you didn’t have before.

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Dear Capricorn,

There’s something about 2017 that has you sitting in the stillness between impossible, contradictory truths. I love you | I hate you. You have hurt me so much | You have given me so much. You may in part be feeling abandoned, disappointed and let down, but at the same time remembering that total abandonment is a myth, and knowing that truth in your body makes you want to celebrate.

There’s something about the end of the year, the closing and beginning of new cycles, the last sliver of light before the moon goes dark, the eve of your birthday, that brings to life this impossible magic.

2017 humbled you. It made you realize you weren’t as far along as you thought you were. As Capricorns, you had to grow up really early in life. You had to learn how to be a boss at a young age. You had to be responsible for adult things that most kids maybe shouldn’t have to, but you did. So it can be jarring to go through years that make you feel like you’re a teenager again. It feels like you have to re-start at the beginning. But it’s not really the beginning, because you have a solid foundation and transferrable skills. You don’t need to judge or reprimand yourself for not being further along.

Why would you be farther? You just haven’t yet taken all the steps to get there, and you will in due course, it’s just basic math. But because you had to grow up really quickly, you tend to easily forget that math and judge yourself too harshly.

We are always evolving and re-evolving into our boss-babe selves, and sometimes we get knocked back down to the teenage realm. With teenage lust, teenage trauma, teenage drama, teenage insecurity, and teenage dreams. This is the part of us that is open-hearted, vulnerable, not always emotionally mature, but very much deserving of our respect. It is love that is finite and conditional, just as our bodies are. It comes and goes, it has passion and limits, it feels like it’ll last forever, but eventually we grow out of it.

And then there is a deeper love, an older love, an elder love. It is secure and at peace. It is infinite, it is ever-lasting, it can’t be contained in our bodies, or in this silly board game called life and death. It is always yours, always wanting you, even if you forget about it at times (and it won’t take that personally).

2017 showed you how interconnected and integrated these two things are, conditional and unconditional love. It is within this contradictory stillness that you find your magic. Know that this bigger love is slowly expanding within you. In 2018 it will be more recognizable to you, so much that you will be able to touch it. It will open its arms for you. You will be warm in its flesh. You will hear its heart beat. You will feel its breath move.

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Dear Aquarius,

In a quiet space, your life is falling into place. It’s like you’re in a room full of popping bubbles. At the beginning of 2017, these bubbles were popping in your eyes, it was painful, soapy, and distorting, and you didn’t even know where the hell you were. Now your body has acclimatized. You have changed shape. You are a new you and you can live, breathe and create here.

You’re beginning to see a bigger picture. As the bubbles pop, you notice how the dots connect. You are able to make connections between things that before seemed like they had nothing to do with one another. It’s forming a divine design in the sky.

The thing that is coming into the clear for you right now is something that will be very meaningful to your life for the long-haul. A purpose, a story, a contribution you will continue to discover, and re-discover, will have large and expansive impacts. It’s a vision of a life you want. It was so confusing before, but now it’s starting to become material.

Every 7 years our cells regenerate. Physically, we are completely different people than we were 7 years ago. You are hitting that point of transformation and regeneration right now. There’s a massive change happening, and not without growing pains.

Something about 2017 made you realize that the environment around you was eating you alive. People and situations that you thought you were safe with. You thought you had the same values, you looked at things in the same way, you were supportive of each other…but then, you weren’t safe and you weren’t okay. It’s been a slow burn.

Probably for the last 7 years, realize you have been shedding skin, changing shape, and growing into a more authentic version of yourself. But the more you became you, it was like the more people around you couldn’t handle you. Maybe you scare them, maybe you’re intimidating, maybe you are so powerful and necessary for the future and they don’t know what to do with that.

Your environment/community had you pulled in all sorts of directions. Like, I guess I could please you, and you, and you and you…But no. It’s not possible because you are human and you deserve yourself in tact, not stretched outside of yourself.

At the heart of it, you are letting go of other people’s logics, belief systems and opinions, that seem righteous on the surface, but really are all wrong for you.

2017 was the year you began to see this more clearly than you ever had before. You have realized more urgently what the cost has been on your body and spirit of trying to live up to other people’s unrealistic expectations. You had to shut the door on a bunch of stuff in order to find yourself again.

And in this quiet space, filled with popping bubbles, you get to decide for yourself. What kind of future do I want? What kind of values do I want to live by? What kind of relationships and communities do I deserve to be a part of?

The truth is unfolding now and you will not write anybody else’s truth on your body.

This is a fresh start, the beginning of a new cycle, and you are really coming into your power. It’s okay that you don’t live where you used to live. Thank Goddess you are not the same person you were 7 years ago. I’m excited for all the new people and possibilities that you’ll get to meet when you open a new door. Don’t underestimate the importance of you, as you are, as you want to be, in the grand scheme of things.

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Dear Pisces,

2017 was the year of The Void. I won’t sugar-coat it, there is a hole in your life somewhere. There is a hole in the world. You lost something big. You tried so hard to hang on, you did everything you could, and there it went. Slipped into sand and disintegrated through your fingers. You blamed yourself…If I was better, had more, a bigger capacity, this wouldn’t have happened, I wouldn’t have lost you. Whatever it was that left, it was a part of you, because how else do you love? When Pisces gets emotionally attached, you devote yourself entirely. There is no difference between you and the other.

What can I say, other than, No…of course it wasn’t your fault. It happened because of a million other things out of your control. It happened because it just happened.

It’s hard for you to be around other people and show your true feelings. You wonder if you’d be a burden. Would it be even be okay, if I was myself? There’s almost an aggressive frustration about living in your own skin…Why!? Why do I have to look like this, think like this, feel like this? Why can’t I just move on like everyone seems like they have the ability to do?

But it’s self-denial that keeps you trapped. Trapped is what happens when you look in the mirror and you hope to see someone who isn’t you. Someone who doesn’t dream like you dream. What what you want. Someone who doesn’t feel others’ pain as if it were your own. Someone who hasn’t gone what you have went through, and who wouldn’t be so impacted even if they did.

What can I say, other than, No…the Universe needs you, just as you are. Please come in and be here, just as you are. If you weren’t here, the Universe would grieve for that loss, just as hard as you are grieving right now.

When something big leaves, we enter The Void. The void stretches and twists time. It can move things in slow-motion and then barrel at the speed of light. It’s a black hole in your life where nothing lives, yet everything lives. Remember, entire Universes can exist in Black Holes.

2017 was the year of mastering this realm. In 2017 you have been charging through The Void, learning its textures, finding its impossible colours painted on your body, moving very fast and keeping very slow, all at once. Your environment has been stretching and swelling you into a radically different person, and at the same time, you are returning home.

Why would anyone willingly jump through a black hole? Because of the perspective we gain from going through it. What we learn about the nature of love, that we would never have the chance to know otherwise. There’s a part of you that is growing so much more alive, awake and free. The Void is just who signed up to be your teacher.

Trust yourself, hold your form, and let the future come. Look in the mirror and love the person looking back at you. Follow their lead. Don’t fiddle with yourself. Just hold out your hand. Everything you long for will land in your palm, with ease, precision and grace.

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