November 2017: Horoscopes


As of November 2017, I am offering FREE monthly video Tarot Readings (30-50 minutes each) for each astrological sign. I focus on the energy of what is going on in the current month for each sign, and how to best approach struggles and opportunities. Remember that for each individual, we are made up of much more than just our Sun Sign. If you’re looking to get an in-depth, specific astrology or tarot session, tailor made exactly for you, choosing one of my 1-1 services is your best bet. But these readings are great for anyone who can’t afford an individual reading, or who wants to get a taste of my work and how I approach readings. If you know your Moon Sign and/or Rising Sign, you might benefit from reading/watching those horoscopes too. 

This is a new and exciting thing I’m trying out! Please bear with me as I figure out the more technical aspects (lighting, video quality, etc). It’s only gonna get better and better! 

(Oct 23 – Nov 21 2017)  


It feels like you’re stuck in a box right now. There’s something causing you a lot of irritation and frustration. Whether it’s a relationship, a work situation, or school environment, what’s really happening is that you’re stuck in somebody else’s perspective. One that does not reflect the truth of who you are, one that does not notice or honour who you are, and frankly, if I’m going to be Aries blunt, one that’s just plain bullshit. The paradox is that you have so much joy inside of you right now. So much brightness, so much verve for life, so many new beginnings that you can’t wait to launch and see through. You know who you are and where you want to go. You are happy with yourself, but not happy with your environment. The conjunction of these two contradictory things is what is causing you to feel extra intense, extra pent up, just extra. This month is a good time to be very intentional and protect what you have inside of you because it is oh, so precious. If bitches don’t get it, fuck ’em. Be alone with the perspective and values you care about, even if they aren’t recognized by others. You are especially connected with your past and future ancestors right now, and that is the major thing at stake. You know that your ancestors fought tooth and nail for you to have a good life to live. They endured so much so that you wouldn’t have to survive what they did. They didn’t give up on themselves because they knew you were coming. You are doing this exact same thing right now, for your future ancestors. You are preparing for the long-ass haul, sticking your weapon into the ground and holding steady. The joy, passion, and life purpose you have in you right now is more important than whatever anyone can see on the surface. It’s more important than other people’s opinions of you, or anybody’s petty shit in the short-term. You are on a mission. And you got this.

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It’s an intense time. You are in an up-hill battle. And yet you are full of conviction and resolve, fiercely moving forward. All the while screaming winds are hurling against you. Voices, actions, attacks, trying to get through your boundaries and get you off your path. You are focused but chaos is riding high, and it really kind of just sucks. There are larger systems of violence, oppression, bumps against authority or people’s social power, that are unleashing themselves at you. You may feel alone but you’re not. When we’re in a major battle like this, the experience is always made better when we do it together with allies and loved ones. The outcome may never be certain, and in this situation it is unpredictable. But so much of the end goal you are fighting for already exists, within the process of building and cultivating relationships who are all working toward that larger goal. So many revolutionary things happen in very private spaces: in kitchens, in bedrooms, when we’re sick in bed and our friends help us live. These are your secret weapons right now. Invest in the relationships that help you strategize, vent, bounce off brilliant ideas, and find comfort. These are relationships that are not built upon competition, scarcity, but on a genuine desire to cheer for one another and support each other’s highest good. Invest in relationships that are built upon infinite possibility. You’ll spend a lot of time this month just getting your shit done, but don’t forget to connect with your people.

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You’re in the tail end of a major growing-up period, moving into a new phase of adulthood. From this journey you’ve developed a deeper maturity and understanding of what is (and isn’t!) your responsibility to take on in your relationships. You’ve gained a more nuanced and expansive perspective. You are taking on new commitments that are going to serve you for the long-haul. You’re getting into your boss-babe persona and really owning being the leader of your own life. I don’t need to tell you, this has not been a smooth ride and you have earned every, single, small and large reward you’re about to receive. This took years in the making. You offered your blood, sweat and tears. There’s been loss and destruction, and you’ve had to learn a lot of lessons the hard way. There’s a part of yourself that is scared, that doesn’t feel ready, and that kind of wants to be a kid forever and just play pranks on people. But you are ready. You couldn’t go back if you wanted to, and thank Goddess. The hardest work has been done (and you can still play your pranks). In life, there are two kinds of problems: the kind we want and the kind we don’t want. You’re moving away from the latter and into the former. You’re done with the same-old, age-old bullshit problems that only drain your energy, result in dead-ends, and drag your spirit down. In this new phase you’ll have a whole new set of options in front of you; and with that a whole new set of problems. I see you tackling this new phase with the kind of positivity, perspective and integrity that will have a deeply fulfilling impact on your life and relationships as you move forward. You’re not going back, so don’t let anyone guilt-trip you into doing so. You’re on the up and up, and I am so excited for you.

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You may be reeling from heartbreak this month, and the shock and confusion that erupts when someone hurts you and you didn’t see it coming. Someone wasn’t fully honest with you, or they weren’t approaching your relationship with the same integrity and values as you were. You deserve to do whatever you need to take care of your wounds. When someone is deceitful, remember that is their fault, not yours. They made the choice, so don’t go down that road where you blame yourself for not seeing the warning signs, or as if you can’t trust your decision-making skills. Now you know. That is enough. You deserve to love with an open heart. Your ability to trust someone is not a bad thing, so don’t treat it like a problem. This is important, because here is what’s at stake: you have Big Love coming into your life in the near future, wealth in all its forms. When Big Love comes, love that truly wants to give back to you with the same openness and generosity that you have to offer…you don’t want to be caught in a situation where you can’t feel that love, because you don’t trust that it’s real. I don’t know whether you’ll choose to reconcile this particular relationship/situation or decide to move on. It’ll probably depend on whether or not the party in question is willing to truly address the roots of their deceit. Be honest with yourself about whether or not you can get your needs met here. Concentrate on healing yourself and forgiving yourself. You’ll be okay. Keep your eye on the prize.

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This month is bringing you many positive changes and opportunities. Good times, good people, and good energy are around you right now. There’s a burst of new love that wants to come into your life – whether that is a person, creative project, career opportunity, or learning environment. Something wants to grab your attention and ignite your passion and swoony-crushy feelings. This is a great time to express and indulge in your creative energy, in whatever form it is manifesting. The only draw-back is that the more you open your heart to this new energy, the more you risk getting hurt. That is a good risk to take. Anytime we put our best foot forward, we make ourselves vulnerable to other people’s opinions, judgements, and projections that we have to learn how to filter and protect ourselves from. We are also challenged to interrogate our own insecurities and the internalized voices that hold us back from putting ourselves out there. Be your own Mama Bear. Look in the mirror and tell yourself what a babe you are. Affirm your best qualities and everything you love about yourself. The energy that’s bursting this month has a good chance of growing into some kind of long-term love. It could be a someone or a something, but either way there’s energy that wants to be cultivated, nurtured, and developed so that it can grow with you for a long time. I see you making space for alone-time with your muse, whoever or whatever that may be. Your private exploration this month will help a lot to build a strong foundation for the best kind of love you want to experience in life.

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An impossible situation is haunting you. A recent hurt, or the accumulation of many recent hurts, is triggering a deeper, and very old pain. You may be feeling trapped in a relationship or job situation, within family or community circumstances, or even in your own skin. It’s like a forest burned down, an unexpected fire raged through something(s) you hold dear and you couldn’t stop it. This is genuine strife. So many things can happen to us that are way beyond our control: we get laid-off, broken up with, the government makes scary decisions that trickle down and impact us, we’re confronted with abuse or even death. When we meet circumstances that humble us in their devastation, we often try to convince ourselves that we could have/should have somehow been in control of the situation. Virgo especially, you will tend to analyze to death every single scenario of how you could have known better, done better, or how you will plan to never let this happen again. Your self-reflection is a beautiful quality, just don’t take it to the point of self-injury. Move away from self-blame this month. Forgive yourself. You did the best you could. You acted with integrity every step of the way, the most you could find in the moment, and that is enough. Whatever your situation, your perspective is really the thing that is trapping you now. Work on changing what you believe about yourself and the world, that is what will free you.

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This is a quiet and contemplative time for you, Libra. As the scales, you are always balancing something, and this time you are balancing two very different parts of yourself at once. There’s the part of you that is living life as usual – social commitments, being a good friend or partner, getting your work done, being present for family, community, or lovers. On the other hand there’s a very private part of you grieving and shedding something deep. This may be the aftermath or long-term impact of a major loss, grief, break-up, or death. Death energy shows up in our lives when we are undergoing a major transformation of self. This can be triggered by a significant change in a relationship, or even a deep change in the kinds of roles we usually play in our relationships, communities, and families. The thing about the aftermath is that this large death can trigger a thousand other little ones that nobody else notices is happening. You yourself may be having trouble reconciling those changes when nobody is able to mirror back to you what you’re going through. It’s okay if there are some things you can’t share with anyone right now. That said, this is a very abundant time for you to be in intentional relationship with your ancestors, your highest good, with the best version of yourself. Put the part of yourself that is still figuring things out, and who is maybe still confused or lonely, with your ideal future self waiting on the other side of this transition. That person exists right now and wants to give you so much wisdom, teachings and support as you move through this.

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Your creative, sexual and magical energy is especially potent this month (and that is saying a lot since this is pretty much your usual jam, Scorpio). But during your birthday month, you’re even more on fire than usual. This month you have the power and the potential to really move forward in life, really plant seeds to manifest the life and love you want. The only thing holding you back is a question around how you will wield your magic. Right now you’re in a situation where your words are being squashed. You might be saying something important, but whoever/whatever isn’t listening to you, and then blaming you for not communicating. Sometimes we may be speaking very clearly, but we are not understood; this is because we have a very particular perspective and values within that perspective. Whoever is on the receiving end may want to respect you, but they don’t actually realize your perspective exists. Respect is kind of impossible in this context. In these moments we can often respond by trying to explain ourselves one more time, repeat ourselves a million different ways, and it is so anxiety-making and exhausting. In this instance, it’s futile. It’s their work to do, not yours. Don’t keep trying to fix a problem within yourself that you don’t have. Resist the urge to make someone change, or heal, or listen, simply because you can see a pathway. That’s not your job, it’s not your right, and it’s impacting your ability to manifest. Manifest through possibility, not through trauma. Put the power and magic you have into productive, creative channels. Invest in projects, relationships, and situations that fuel your energy instead of drain it. You have beautiful music to make this month – meaning you have something important to create and give that will eventually help to heal the world, and most importantly, give you back the same in return and then some. Don’t waste your precious time. That decision will take you far.

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You’re dealing with some hella pent up frustration this month. It’s likely this is related to some kind of learning environment, whether in school, a community project, or even in relationships or work situations that you have a lot to learn from/learn in. Truly for Sagittarius, you want to approach all aspects of life as a never-ending learning experience. You want to approach life and learning with optimism, good faith, an open heart, with putting your best foot forward, and while holding yourself and others to high standards and integrity. It really sets you off when others in your learning environment do not approach the situation with the same values and integrity that you do – this is the root of your frustration. You need a loving outlet, not just to release your anger, but also something that will give you back the good energy you want to receive and give. What you most need right now is to experience relationship symbiosis, mutual reciprocity and equal exchange where nobody is keeping score. You are aching for some inspiration and possibility models, and while you might have obligations or commitments in places that are just pushing your buttons, there are opportunities around you where you can be fed. Find ways to prioritize what feeds you intellectually and creatively, even if it’s as simple as listening to a juicy thought-provoking podcast on your commute home. Your life is hard when you feel the loss of possibility, your life is better when you can reclaim it. Possibility models come in all shapes and forms: mentors, conversations with friends, movies, books, documentaries. There are opportunities around you right now that want to give back to you in ways that will fuel and energize you – they just need you to find them.

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It’s not just sadness, it’s grief. Whatever is leaving, is big. Something isn’t coming back. There is devastation in this moment – it may be related to a relationship break-up, a loss in your family or community. You may be you leaving something/one or they left you. Whatever is happening on the surface, what it’s really about is something emotional and psychological. It’s energetic and spiritual. You are shedding deeply rooted heart-mind patterns that have brought you down for a long time, and you’re shedding them for good. It’s not easy, but there is a lot of positivity for you to access right now, even in the midst of grief. I see people around you who are genuinely supportive of you, and that can give you much insight, encouragement and warmth. But most of all, your own magic is your best medicine. Remember, there is a part of you that has never been broken, and never will be. Your essence, your shine, the sun within you that has never gone a day without rising into the sky. Sometimes the days are cloudy and sometimes we forget it’s there. But you can’t lose the Sun. Not even if you tried. Even as the days get shorter, the Sun is here to remind you, the most important things for you to hang onto are the things that you get to keep for good, no matter what. Let go of the rest. It was meant to go so you could find more of yourself and be more of yourself. Sometimes all we want is for someone, something, anything, to just fix what was broken. But the core of what you’re yearning for is not broken, it’s just fine, it’s sitting with you as you grieve. If you can’t feel the light or hope right now, know that it’s right around the corner. It will be okay, and you will have exactly what you need.

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Life is not easy right now. Some heavy storms are passing through your family or community environment (aren’t they always?). You are running on high, doing your part to keep things from falling apart. This situation is triggering the super-human in you. It is calling on the otherworldly being that lives inside of you. But it’s really intense because like, do you ever get to take a break? Do you ever get to just be human? You absolutely do. You deserve to have flaws, make mistakes, take breaks, have boundaries, be cared for, instead of always having to be the strong one, always having to hold things together. How, though? I think the answer is in making better friends with your super-human self. Your power and magic are bubbling to the surface right now. It might feel scary and out of your control, but don’t worry, you got this. It’s just another part of you. It’s connected to something(s) extreme you had to survive very early in life, where you had to develop superhero powers just to get through it. This is an opportunity to learn more about that part of yourself – what did they feel or experience, what is the nature of your magic? What does the superhuman in you think or wonder about or need? You’re on the precipice of a whole new cycle of discovering deeper and wider aspects of who you are. This is about coming to terms with the most powerful version of yourself. This is about learning about the best magic you have to give to your relationships and the world. This is about learning to be in very good relationship with your superhuman self, so that you can indeed be as human as you want and need to be, too. There is a story here that you are learning how to tell – to your closest kin, to your community, and to the world. It is showing you the sky, how endless it really is.

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Some kind of holy feeling is at the tip of your fingers this month, even in the midst of difficult times. You are experiencing a lack somewhere in your life right now. This could be a lack of money, lack of resources, lack of time, lack of capacity, lack of energy, lack of partnership, or lack of family. Maybe even a lack of happiness or emotional fulfillment. There’s something you lost. There’s a hole somewhere in your world. But there is an opportunity here to look at scarcity upside down. When we are falling from the sky, burned by the sun, reduced to bones and ash, when we are met with so much lack…we are also shown the beauty of ourselves in our purest form. Without ruffles and feathers and comfy things to protect us from the truth. When we’re pushed to our limits, this is when we find out who we are. We meet a deeper capacity to love. This is the kind of love we would never have the opportunity to experience had we not been asked to go through this. You work with the invisible, dear Pisces, that is your gift. What does that mean to you? What invisible thing are you yearning to be in relationship with? To sit beside and make friends with? To be filled with? Is it generosity without any strings? Is it spirit, magic, God? There is something invisible that wants to give itself to you, entirely, with total abandon, and with no conditions. There is a gigantic ocean of something calling your name, that just wants you to be loved and loved well. All you need to do is open yourself up to feel it, receive it. And you know what, I think you will.

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