The Spirit of Taurus – Astrology for the Seasons

Welcome back to Astrology for the Seasons – a monthly blog series where I explore the wisdom that each astrological season can offer us. I started this series to experiment living in alignment with the lessons and insights of each astrological season, as a way to strengthen mental, emotional, energetic or all-around health.

It’s finally that time we’ve been waiting for. The last remains of winter have melted away. The sun is warming, the temperatures are climbing, our moods are brightening. Pink, purple and yellow blossoms colour the trees. We sit in parks or go for long walks in light sweaters, soaking in what we’ve been longing for all winter. We trust that April freak snowstorms are over, and that the promise of spring and summer is upon us. Take a deep breath, and let it out. Let go of stress and worry that you don’t need, even if only for this moment. It’s Taurus season.

Taurus love is strong, sturdy, steady. Committed, consistent, persistent. Stubborn, diligent, defiant. Sensual, sexual, full of pleasure. Taurus is the magic of mother earth, and the miracle that we are all here in this moment to experience her.

Taurus is like an old, large grandmother tree, bursting with leaves and a trunk so thick it would take three people to extend their arms across the full circumference. Roots firmly dug deep into the soil, this tree has seen generations of people come and go, and has weathered the mightiest of storms without faltering. If you’ve ever taken the time to make physical contact with trees like this, it’s the most astounding experience. If you listen, they’ll speak to you. I got your back, I got you covered. It’s okay, lean on me. That’s Taurus.

Taurus is the most sensual sign of the zodiac. Always ready to indulge in good food and good sex, anything that ignites and eroticizes the senses.

At the same time, Taurus is one of the most hard-working and goal-oriented signs. Most know Taurus is associated with the bull – a strong and determined creature trudging up a hill, probably carrying a heavy load, taking one purposeful step at a time, but not afraid to be in it for the long haul.

All the earth signs are diligent hard workers. Whereas Virgo and Capricorn might take a long time doing and re-doing work because they’re being hard on themselves, Taurus wants to take their own sweet time so they can enjoy the journey to get there. Don’t try to rush a bull, it won’t work! Then there’s the point where they reach the top of the hill and barrel down like an avalanche. There’s this tunnel vision, steam-roller aspect to Taurus energy – when they’re in the zone, you better get on board or get out of the way!

In last month’s column, I spoke about how Aries is the spark of fire that inspires us to know who we are and follow our cosmic life path. Taurus is what makes this path a reality. Taurus is the physical manifestation of our spirits.

Aries starts up the zodiac and is like “Yeah! Woo! I’m ME!” Taurus replies with, “Great. Now what are you going to DO about it?”

Aries is like “I exist, hear me roar!” And Taurus responds: “Okay, but you need a body to house your spirit. You need a home to live in. You need shelter. You need somewhere to sleep, something to eat. You need an anchor. Something strong and secure enough to contain your growth.”

I’ll admit, out of all the “Astrology for the Seasons” posts I’ve written so far, I’ve had the toughest time with Taurus season. There’s something about it that is difficult for me to put into words. Not a coincidence since Taurus is related to things we can’t put into words. Taurus is what we can only know by physically experiencing. Taurus is a smell, sound or taste that instantly brings you back to your childhood. Taurus is what our bodies know and remember, even if our minds can’t always connect the dots.

Taurus won’t give you their love by telling you about it. They won’t offer you flowery words and grandiose gestures without backing them up with solid and consistent actions. They will much more likely make sure that you are always fed well. They’ll do work around the house, they’ll take a load off you’re plate so your life is a little easier. They will spend quality time with you and just be present as they are.

Another reason I’ve had a tough time writing about Taurus is because I don’t have a lot of its energy in my own birth chart. Out of all the elements, earth is what I lack the most. But remember, the point of this blog series is to remind us all, even if we have some signs in stronger or weaker proportion, their energy exists somewhere in our charts, in our beings. That means their wisdom has something important to offer – maybe even more significantly when their spirit doesn’t come naturally to us.

For real, the lessons of Taurus are probably the most important learnings I’ve done over the past several years; the most important wisdom I’ve needed to integrate into my life, that I am still working hard on, every day.

So I’m going to take this opportunity to remind myself, and all you lovely readers, of some of the best Taurus lessons I’ve learned/am learning, that we can all keep in mind.

Own Your Shit

Taurus, as well as, Scorpio – the sign that sits directly opposite to Taurus – are on what I like to call “The Axis of Shit” or “The Axis of Stuff”.

What do people mean when they say, deal with your stuff! Or, own your shit!…? Your stuff/shit is your body, your boundaries, your values, your money, your history, your experiences, your privileges, your trauma, your resources, energy, time, feelings, needs, desires, deadlines, goals, hopes and expectations.

Essentially, Taurus is about everything that’s yours. Everything that belongs to you, that nobody can be responsible for, but you.

Scorpio, on the other hand, is about intimacy, it’s about our stuff. (Check out my column on Scorpio, HERE!) Scorpio is what happens when we share our bodies, desires, money, resources, emotions and trauma with one another. Scorpio is our baggage coming in contact. When we see each other’s dirty laundry, literally and figuratively. When we smell each other’s shit (…literally, and figuratively!)

Scorpio knows we share intimacy to have transformative life experiences, to heal wounds through our relationships that we can’t heal alone, to feel connected, to be witnessed through the hardest things we go through. But like all opposites, if you don’t have the other side holding you down, you can go off the deep end. Healing through intimacy doesn’t happen fully without Taurus – a home-base to return to. A place where you can keep some things that nobody else gets to have, but you.

This can be a hard lesson to internalize, especially since many of us are taught to be constantly sharing and extending ourselves to other people in order to take care of them, to be a good person, to meet other people’s expectations and needs.

Taurus reminds us to pay attention to our own shit. What’s going on inside our own reserves? How do we need to use and deal with our own resources, our own stuff, in order to live well, treat others with respect? Taurus reminds us how necessary it is to have boundaries. How necessary it is to have stuff/shit that you don’t have to share!

This is not about being selfish or greedy. In fact, Taurus is probably one of the most generous signs of the zodiac. Taurus will sooner splurge on time or money to buy/make you a scrumptious meal, instead of having you pick off their plate, so you can both enjoy the deliciousness all to yourselves.

Taurus reminds us: There are certain resources I need to keep all to myself. This helps me stay alive, secure, grounded and strong. It helps me make sound decisions as to how to share what I have without resentment, obligation or burning out. 

So practice saying it:

No, I’m not available.
No, I don’t have the time.
No, I don’t want to.
No, I’m sorry.

Just some femme-of-colour-healer-survivor medicine I always need to hear. Taurus voice says: I have a good supply, maybe a great supply, it just ain’t endless.

Hold your Ground

In July 2015, Black Lives Matter Toronto shut down a portion of the Allen Road Highway for 2-hours, bringing attention to police brutality and systemic violence against Black communities. It was a fierce and necessary statement, a wake up call for this city at large to recognize we are in a state of emergency: Black lives are consistently under attack, and we all need to do something about it.

In an astrological lens, at first I associated actions like this with the spirit of Aries – a warrior on the front lines, defending and fighting for life. But the act of physically creating a human chain, linking several bodies across a busy highway and holding steady – that embodies the strength and stamina of Taurus.

Taurus says, don’t be swayed, don’t be moved by other people’s opinions, denial, or priorities, not if it’s something important to you. Be immovable, like that grandmother tree. Some of the most famous revolutionaries were Taurus, like Malcom X and Karl Marx. Part of being a revolutionary, whether that’s for your communities or in your own life, means holding your ground when all kinds of chaos, opposition, and violence are being hurled your way. Don’t let it stop you from making the changes you know are necessary.

Make a Fuck Budget

I wish I could credit myself with the term “Fuck Budget.” But alas, I received it from this Ted Talk video I watched recently – give it a listen, “The Magic of Not Giving a Fuck” by Sarah Knight.

In this lecture, Knight defines “fucks” as stuff you care about – things you will invest your time, money, and energy in.

Venus is Taurus’ ruling planet. Venus is exactly this definition of “fucks.” Venus is what we care about. It’s what is beautiful, pleasurable and erotic to us. It where and what we will spend on – whether that’s our time, money, energy or resources.

Above all, TAURUS HATES TO WASTE WHAT THEY SPEND. Nothing pisses off a Taurus more than spending money on something they won’t use, spending time with people they don’t like, or spending energy on things that won’t give them any kind of useful return.

So often, we find ourselves spending on stuff that drains us instead of fuels us. We spend out of obligation, fear, scarcity, because it’s what others told us to do, because we’re moving according to the expectations of society, family, partners, or whoever. Many of us are raised and socialized to move about the world like this – like everyone else’s priorities are more important than our own.

So, make a fuck budget! List out all the things that you do and don’t give a fuck about. How are you actually spending your time, energy, resources, in reality? Does it align with what you give a fuck about? Do you really give a fuck about that super hype QTPOC event everyone’s talking about when you’d rather be at home netflix and chilling? Do you really give a fuck about getting into a facebook argument with that mansplainer crying white tears or would you rather kick back and gossip with your friends? Remove whatever is unworthy from your fuck budget and treat yourself for how good it feels.


Predictability, Consistency and Reliability is Sexy

I will take any excuse to talk about my cats on the internet. Well, my cats are my most favourite Taureans! As any Taurus, there are three things most important to them: their luxury (think lots of belly rubs and bathing in glorious sun beams), their FOOD, and their ROUTINE. If they don’t get fed at exactly 8am every morning all hell will break loose (and by that I mean, I will end up with cat scratches all over my body).

It’s not common to associate ‘sexy’ with qualities like, reliable, shows up on time, super intense about their routine. But I’ll make a case for it.

One of my biggest lessons and learnings over the last several years has been to give myself permission to have consistent relationships, with others and with myself. Like many people, I was raised to offer a great deal of compassion, acceptance and care to the intense waves of other people’s emotions – highs, lows, ups, downs, and the unpredictability of how other people express and unload their trauma. I was raised to be present and available to people in crisis and emergency situations, and to understand that availability as a sign of love and devotion. Like many of us, I learned how to put aside my own needs to tend to someone else’s aching.

In my 20s I spent much time in inconsistent intimate relationships – never knowing exactly what I could expect and when, always responding and making myself available to fluctuating needs and desires, putting aside my own boundaries in order to give whatever they needed from me, even though those needs were never predictable or clearly communicated. I stayed so long in these kinds of relationships because I thought, well, that’s what love is, that’s what loyalty is.

It took a long time for me to say to myself, actually this is not okay. Now, if I’m going to stick around in relationships, I need certain bottom lines to be predictable and consistent. I need a certain amount of reliability. It’s not too much to ask. And when others offer reliability and predictability without me having to ask? That’s damn sexy.

Most importantly, I’m continually working on developing a consistent relationship with myself. With my my basic needs – food and sleep. I still have a lot of stuff internalized that tells me to take care of a million other things around me before I remember to eat breakfast.

But think about the sun – the most glorious star in our solar system. The sun sets and rises every day, without fail. We rely on this, no questions asked. We never have to worry about if there will or won’t be a day or night. No matter what chaos or instability we are facing, we have that assurance. When we give ourselves Taurus love, it’s love we can count on. Like the sun, that is the most beautiful kind of love.

Be Present in the Moment

Taurus reminds us, there is so much magic, pleasure, joy, and beauty in the here and now. There is so much love that is ours without any condition, if we are open to experiencing life as it is, and noticing all the gifts of the present. Don’t worry about what’s happened before or what’s to come. Just feel the earth underneath your body, holding you steady. Take pleasure in the soft goosebumps on your skin as a gentle breeze passes by. Visit the cherry blossoms and tulips that bloom at the same Taurus time, every year. Devour a delicious meal and savour every bite. Run outside in a rainstorm and feel the joy of your belly aching with laughter.

There was a day last summer when I was at Hanlan’s point beach with my friends. I was in a space of grief after losing my Dad to cancer. I remember crawling out of the water, curling up naked on my beach blanket, and closing my eyes while drops of water evaporated from my skin. I could hear the gentle sounds of waves rolling onto the shore. I could sense the presence of people I loved nearby. I felt the sun warm and envelope every part of my skin.

For a moment, I knew, in my body, without words, I have everything that I need. I want for nothing. There may be grief behind me or ahead of me. But in this moment, everything is perfect.

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