Full Moon in Leo: Living Large in Great Times of Bullshit

It’s no secret, Full Moons make us a little crazy. For those of us who are crazy all the time, well, we can either use our super-powers for the forces of good or evil. I started this monthly tarot column to help us harness the power of the Full Moon and offer insight into how we can best channel that energy. If you wanna know more about me, I’m a Full Moon Baby. Actually a Full-Lunar-Eclipse-in-Sag’ Baby. Actually, see: lyrics to TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE HEART for full personality profile. So, this is as much for me as it is for you.

Dear Universe: How do I live large and proud, how do I get my best badass life, how do I thrive not just survive, during these Great Times of Bullshit? The Lioness of the Zodiac gives us those living’ it up loud and in charge vibes, those Grand High Witch, Queen Rita from Power Rangers vibes. Let’s see what the cards have to say about how we can make the most of this Leo Full Moon…

The Cards and the Spread

I pulled from two decks today, The Collective Tarot and Quantum Tarot. The Collective Tarot was created by a group of queer and trans folks from Portland; it’s a deck I work with when I see Tarot clients and I know it pretty well. My friend Anabel recently lent me her Quantum Tarot deck – so this is kind of my excuse to play with it and learn more about it. It uses quantum physics theories, combined with magic and tarot archetypes. It’s pretty rad.


Here’s a break-down of the Spread:

Position One: You, as you are in this moment
Position Two: You in the context of the world (you in your environment)
Position Three: Something to let go of, what to avoid
Position Four: Something to embrace, what to do

I pulled one card from each deck for each position, and let the two cards play off of each other when interpreting their meaning. Here we go!


Position One: The Code and The Weak Force (High Priestess)

The Code represents a set of rules, guidelines and structures you’re trying to figure out your relationship to. There are spoken and unspoken activist codes, queer codes, community codes floating in the atmosphere. Like, how do I be an ally right now? How do I be a shit-disturber right now? What’s the appropriate way to respond and react and show up when shit is hitting the fan, when people are hurting, when I’m hurting? Is there some kind of manual I can refer to? Did I miss the memo? What is my place and how do I make my best every-day decisions that fall in alignment with my community codes?

The Code is combined with The Weak Force. Quantum Tarot describes the Weak Force as the thing that controls the strange, mysterious and unpredictable process of particle decay. The Weak Force is actually asking you to figure out your SECRET CODE. Like actually, there’s a code embedded in your DNA, in your bones, in your soul. There’s a code inside of you that you can only access by your own intuition. In this moment, you may not find the answers by looking outside of yourself. There may be a lot of shoulds and shouldn’ts and this way not that way but, the question is, do the social codes around you actually fit for you? Will they work for you in the long run? There’s some kind of mystery, something unknowable. These cards say the best decisions you could make for yourself in this moment are only knowable to you. You know what your best contribution is…you know it when you feel it. When your heart lights up, when your soul is beaming, when the sun inside you is shining. That’s your secret code. Listen to your inner knowledge and intuition and embrace it. You are your greatest weapon.


Position Two: Mentor of Keys and the Star (6 of Wands)

Okay, so in the ‘you in the context of the world’ position I expected to pull some doom and gloom card, like the poverty card, the heartbreak card, the vultures eating each other card, the crazy mental health falling from the sky card. You know, something that says, come on, look around you, everything is fucked, you’re fucked, we’re all fucked. Great. Fuck!!

Instead I pulled these two heart-touching cards that are basically just about the wonder and innocent beauty of looking up into the night sky and staring at the stars. *cue one of those streaming-tears cry-face emojis*

This is saying: look beyond the obvious. Not everything is falling apart. The stars are still there. The sky is still there. The sun still rises and sets and gives us warmth and love.

The fact that both the cards I pulled in this position refer to stars and their magic means this is a super important thing to remember and connect to right now!! Like, during times that make us feel like we’re unravelling, the world is unravelling, don’t forget about the ways we continue to be held. Even if that is by the earth and universe itself. Ignoring the good kind of does a disservice to the fact of its existence. Mama Earth is under attack, yes, and she is still giving us light. Your heart is hurting, and your body is still breathing, so thank yourself.

This is asking us to take a look at the bigger picture. We are so significant and so insignificant at the same time. We are here on this planet until we’re not, and thats it. Mama Earth and Mama Universe is like, I am here for you, I always have been. I love that you are here. You are here for a reason, a purpose. And I fuckin’ love that I get to love you. I love that we both get to have this moment, right now. 

So for a moment, whenever you can, take the time to appreciate the beauty of everything that just is. Whether that’s your lovers’ face sleeping in bed. Cuddling with your furries. Belly laughing with your friends about ridiculous inside jokes. Or just staring at the beautiful night sky. For a moment, wherever you can, remember what a blessing it is to be made flesh and bone, to be a small, magnificent part of this moving, changing, awe-inspiring universe.


Position Three: Seeker of Feathers and Newton’s Laws of Motion (Hierophant)

Okay, if I were to sum up this position in a nutshell: Get off facebook / twitter (or whatever the hell social media) for a minute, kay!?!?

The Seeker of Feathers is about receiving a message, or literally, getting the news. The first couple weeks of Trump’s reign have been seriously overwhelming, and I for one have had a hard time not getting sucked into a never-ending downward spiral of repeatedly refreshing my news feed every two minutes reading one devastating thing after another.

The Seeker of Feathers is not always about the anxiety of waiting, but in this context I think that’s what it is. It’s hard not to feel powerless, increasingly overwhelmed, like everything is so big and out of your control. This is about getting stuck in that looping anxiety mantra: “I know something bad is gonna happen, I know something bad is gonna happen.” Like a deer caught in headlights, staring at your screen, not really breathing, just waiting for the next shoe to drop.

This, combined with Newton’s Laws of Motion – a card that represents really old, engrained rules, like THE WAY the universe works, no questions asked. Ideas and theories that we’ve come to accept as fact. In this context, it’s saying that we are up against these really old societal and generational laws, the violence of “The World Order,” “The Way It Is.” Like actually, those fucking executive orders. They feel so immovable, unchangeable. Like this is an accumulation of centuries of colonization, and we feel powerless to change anything.

At the same time, these card are showing up in what to let go of and what to avoid, so here’s the thing: You don’t have to live your life just waiting for the next blow. If and when the next blow comes, it’ll come. Trust your survival instincts that you’ll be able to handle it when it does. In order for The World Order to function, it depends on us being too afraid to move. We can be afraid, but we don’t have to let it have power over our spirits. Get grounded in the present moment and the power you have over your own life, your own choices. Get grounded in your body and remember to breathe. Also, budget your time and create boundaries – especially when it comes to reading the news or responding to crisis stuff. There’s this great website that compiles What The Fuck Trump Did Today, that you can read once a day. Or you know, get off social media entirely, if that’s what you need to do. For some (and I’m mostly talking about QTBIPOCS), the most revolutionary thing you can do is play with your kids, have a fun movie night, make-out with someone, write a poem, do whatever the fuck it is you were gonna do with your life if you weren’t surrounded by bullshit.


Position 4 – Accountability (reversed) and Matter/Antimatter (Death)

Accountability! Community’s favourite topic. Along with DEATH!!! heh heh heh.

So, accountability is really important to embrace here, but it is reversed, so be careful with how you apply accountability to yourself and to others. Sometimes we take, literally, an upside down approach to accountability and try (or we feel pressured) to meet everyone else’s needs and forget about our own. And there are a lot of queer/activist codes (see position one) that tell us the ‘right way’ and ‘wrong way’ to be accountable to each other. Sometimes those codes don’t help us honour our own boundaries, needs and health (or our own secret code!). Whenever I see the accountability card, I always say: this is about being accountable to yourself, first and foremost, and letting those decisions help inform what you can best offer (or not offer) anyone else.

Matter and Antimatter, the Death Card: “Every particle has a corresponding antimatter particle. When a particle meets its antimatter partner they annihilate each other in pure energy. This energy goes on to form other particles.” (Description from Quantum Tarot deck.) This card symbolizes the destructive nature of the life, birth, death cycle, the process of deep social and personal transformation. Big changes often come coupled with loss, death of something you believed in or old parts of yourself. Annihilation needs to happen in order for new things to grow. And it ain’t always pretty.

When there’s unwanted change around us, it sucks and it’s so hard. Our response is often to resist the changes. But when Death appears, it’s too big to stop in its tracks. This doesn’t mean you have to like it or be compliant with it. But there’s something important about accepting – yes this is happening – that allows us to respond to unwanted changes from a grounded place.

These two cards combined: Be accountable to new parts of yourself you are discovering because of the bullshit in the world. New parts of yourself that have exploded into your presence. Because you and/or your loved ones are under attack. Because of the changing seasons. Because of your growth. Because the world keeps turning. Like, wow, these are boundaries I’ve never accessed before, this is strength I’ve never accessed before, and I am amazed and thankful for me. These are risks I’ve never had to take before, but I am learning so much about what I am capable of. Embrace the changes these times are bringing out in you. Love the new parts of yourself other people don’t understand or don’t want to understand. Cheer for the decisions you make to advocate for yourself and for others that you didn’t have the awareness or tools to make before. Be with yourself during great times of bullshit and great times of change. After all, all the stars do is live and die. That’s what we do too, and we are every bit as magnificent.

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