The Spirit of Aquarius – Astrology for the Seasons

Welcome back to Astrology for the Seasons – a monthly blog series where I explore the wisdom that each astrological season can offer us. I started this series to experiment living in alignment with the lessons and insights of each astrological season, as a way to strengthen mental, emotional, energetic or all-around health.

There was never a better time for the season of Aquarius. Aquarius, the protester. Aquarius, the power of the people. Aquarius, the call for freedom. Aquarius, the political, the radical, the rebel.

Aquarius is the spirit of activism, collective organizing and mass social transformation. Aquarius knows how to remain cool-headed in the face of insurmountable odds. Aquarius says, no you cannot control me. Yes, we will rise and things will change.

Aquarius says, fuck you and your lies, don’t tell me what to do! In fact, if you have Aquarian kiddos in your life (or if perhaps you were one yourself), you probably know that trying to give them orders or establish rules only results in tantrums and shit-disturbing. Whaddya mean Mama gets to do all the grown up things and I gotta stay here stuck in my play-pen…INJUSTICE!

Aquarius names injustice everywhere it goes. Aquarius contains the strong-willed belief that everyone on this planet deserves access to the same choices, the same resources, the same autonomy, the same freedom to be our unique, inexplainable selves.

This Aquarius season, what we are seeing in our political climate is both the rise of fascism and the outcries against it. The fascism we’re bombarded with on our news feeds isn’t anything new. It’s the same Empire responsible for centuries of colonization, genocide, slavery, war, displacement, deportation, incarceration, sexual violence, hierarchy, oppression, the normalization of violence as every day life, macro- and micro- aggressions, theft, appropriation, emotional and physical abuse, collective and generational trauma.

Yeah, Empire. The thing that has taught us to treat each other like shit and not blink. Empire, that’s been waging wars on Indigenous, Black, people of colour for centuries, especially those who are Muslim, refugee, trans, queer, non-binary, disabled, crazy, undocumented, femmes, poor, sex workers, witches. This isn’t new, but it’s escalating. And it’s really fucking scary.

Aquarius is the sign that takes this kind of panoramic view at the interconnections between all the systems that organize our life, and that we want to organize against.

Aquarius brings language and understanding to the times we are living in. Aquarius is invested in knowledge, fairness, will name the truth and not sugar-coat that shit. Aquarius looks at how the puzzle fits together, rather than focusing just on the pieces.

Like, okay. We’re all on this planet right now…how are we relating to each other? What are the ideals, values and processes by which we make and sustain relationships? What cultural and intellectual norms are we abiding by? What social rules do we need to throw out the window?

Aquarius is an air sign. Brainy, heady, nerdy. Air is words, language, communication, stories, ideas. The thing about ideas – they are not real. They are not tangible. They are conceptual, malleable. However, what we think plays a big role in what we do. In other words, systems like anti-black racism, Islamophobia, misogyny, homophobia, xenophobia…these are only ideas of who we are and how we should treat each other. Even though living by these ideas causes real, felt, devastating impacts on all of our lives and the earth itself.

Still, the ideas themselves only mean something by the meaning we give them. That means we, the people, have the power to change what has been embedded in history for centuries, if we can change how we think as a collective.

Aquarius is about that life. Aquarius is about fucking up the status quo. Popular education for the masses and unlearning violent systems in our thinking. Shaking things up that are not working. Revolutionizing what we know to be true, wreaking havoc on what we assume to be fact. Throwing out the rules that bring humanity down. Creating new relationships on a large scale, so we can be more free as a whole.

The mass protests we’ve seen recently are definitely Aquarius flavour. But huge numbers of people gathering together is not satisfactory enough.

Aquarius wants us to look deeper at the foundation of knowledge that we are building and organizing upon. Fine-tuning the analysis so that it is as intricate, as tightly woven, as complete and intersectional, as well-oiled of a machine, as the systems that are waging wars against us.

Because if everyone in a group is moving forward with different understandings of how to get there, or even of what we’re doing…well, then, where are we going? Aquarius asserts that whatever concrete action we take must be informed by a shared imagining of the future we want to create.

This photo of Angela Peoples recently went viral. Read more here for the backstory on this photo, the importance of intersectional feminism, listening to Black women, and activist organizing that targets the roots of white supremacy.

Massive social change may feel like an overwhelming task (and it is), but the spirit of Aquarius shows up in our every day lives too. Joining a local group of a cause you believe in, taking part in movie nights or book clubs, having conversations with friends and family about issues you care about. Aquarius is about our need to stay connected, to collectivize and share our knowledge and resources, to feel supported, invigorated and held by a community.

For this reason, Aquarius is the sign of friendship. Not just one-on-one friendships, but the energy that’s created when you have a badass crew of folks you can jam with. It’s getting together for food, dancing, karaoke, board games, community acupuncture. It’s choosing not to be isolated in times of distress, and letting ourselves be nourished by each other’s company. It’s saying: you’re my people, and I’m yours. We can’t do it alone, and why would we want to? The reason to come together doesn’t have to be political – the heart of Aquarius just wants to invest in authentic relationships where we get to be our authentic selves. (And actually…that’s all political!)

With Aquarian energy or Aquarian people (ie, people who have a strong influence of Aquarius in their birth chart; OR a strong influence of Uranus in the birth chart), these are people who aren’t totally plugged into the present moment. They are more like aliens from the future whose bodies live here now. But they have invisible antenna reaching out into the cosmos and always listening to the vibes of their home planet.

So yeah, they’re a little weird. They can feel like nobody really gets them. Like it’s a little impossible to explain how/what they think to anybody outside of their own brain. (And even then…)

The Aquarian spirit in any of us are those moments we feel like, there’s a part of me that doesn’t exist yet, but it’s calling me. The journey then becomes to manifest this invisible shield, this electromagnetic force, and bridge the gap between the future and the present.

Story-time! A couple summers ago, I was heartbroken from the end of a relationship. I felt angry, abandoned and betrayed. One day I was headed to Dufferin Park and on my way there I remember thinking about my ex in a grumpy, ranty, stupor: “I don’t get it! We were family and they just left. We were family.”

I met up with my friend at the park, and shortly after she excitedly pointed upward and exclaimed: “Hawk overhead!” I looked up to see this majestic creature soaring through the bright blue sky above us.


It was then that I realized we were sitting in the exact same spot I had first met my ex’s chosen family. And I knew there was something significant about seeing that hawk. Like, my spirit wanted to bring me back to places I’ve been before, and see something different. Like I needed to learn something bigger, wider, deeper, about my current struggles. Like maybe I couldn’t understand now, but a future knowing was calling me.

Aquarius gives us the gift of perspective. It challenges us to see things, to learn things, bigger, wider, deeper.

Aquarius is like the vision of a hawk or an eagle. A creature that flies way up ahead and can see where the water meets the sand, where the soil meets the trees, where the forest fades into city. When I see hawks in the sky, I think of a creature who wants me to look far into the past and far into the future, and see both at the same time. There is an element of psychic visioning to this, an element of clairvoyance.

During the time I saw that hawk, I had been doing lot of work to strengthen my relationship to clairvoyance. Clairvoyance isn’t about ‘telling the future’ or ‘reading minds’ as many people think of it. It’s really just about widening, deepening, enlarging our perspective. It’s about blowing up our vision to look at all the intersections, complexities, stories and generations that have made us who we are in this present moment. It also connects us to the future our heart and soul wants to see.

I remember one particular time I was in a meditative state and I could see my line of ancestors extending behind me for generations and generations. I could see all the unresolved pain, the harm caused and the harm experienced. I saw my own family struggling and the role I played in that struggle. I saw everything I inherited and internalized that was much bigger than myself. I saw cycles of violence running through my generations, that so many could not break apart from. I watched them fight and try and fail and not give up.

The thing about expanding our perspective, it doesn’t always give us any answers, but it brings us closer to the right questions.

At that time in my life, this is the question I was sitting with: do I believe that I am bound to the violence that has come before me?

And, once you dig deep enough to get to the right questions, the answers are simple and clear and smooth, like a knife cutting through warm butter.

No, I don’t need to continue this pattern. I am not bound to violence. I can change.

After this experience, I understood more clearly what it meant to see the hawk at Dufferin Park. I had been hanging onto an inherited idea, an inherited concept, an inherited meaning of family, and I was ready to change. I was ready to move forward by making my own meaning of family.

While clairvoyance doesn’t tell the future, it does bring us more self-awareness. Greater self-awareness always explodes open our choices. It gives us more space between our impulses and what matters to us. It gives us breath between our trauma, our triggers, our inheritance, and the futures we want to create.

And we remember: oh yeah, we actually don’t have to treat each other like this. I don’t have to participate in this dynamic. At any time, I can change my behaviour and that helps me change my mind. At any time, I can change my mind, and that helps me change my behaviour. Either way, I have the power to change. When I change, others are inspired to change, or they have to change, because I am no longer doing that dance with them.

This Aquarius season, don’t abandon your larger vision, the future you dream of. Move with it, as if it were here right now. Aquarius is fiercely committed to living by the values and relationships that don’t quite exist yet, but know they are coming. Don’t lose that, no matter what names anyone calls you. Gather your people, dream of your people, that you can truly move forward with, grow with, change with, barrel into the future with.

As we change our minds, we must remember to bring our hearts along too. The gift of air leads us to the necessity of water. Social change means we must tend with the pain of the world, the pain inside ourselves. We must be present with the trauma of remembering. Change comes when we learn to transcend by being still. When we learn to become an ocean.

To Be Continued during Pisces Season! Stay tuned…

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