The Spirit of Sagittarius – Astrology for the Seasons

Welcome back to Astrology for the Seasons – a monthly blog series where I explore the wisdom that each astrological season can offer us. I started this series to experiment living in alignment with the lessons and insights of each astrological season, as a way to strengthen mental, emotional, energetic or all-around health. Everyone has the influence of every single zodiac sign somewhere in their astrological birth chart – although we each have an abundance of some energies more than others – still, the spirit of each season ignites, as well as has meaning and resonance, somewhere significant in our lives.

We made it from the rocky terrain of Scorpio Season into the excitement and fervour of Sagittarius Season. And what a sigh of relief! If Scorpio asks us to bear witness to our deepest wounds and buried terrors, Sagittarius asks us to pay attention to our wildest dreams and highest good. If Scorpio is death and the underworld, Sagittarius is hope and the cosmos. Scorpio is an ocean riptide, Sagittarius is a wide open sky. Scorpio reminds us that the worst aspects of humanity have a felt impact on our bodies, psyches and relationships. Sagittarius says that our best-case scenarios, our greatest choices and potential, these live within us too.

I like to think that each astrological season always gives birth to the next one in ways that are both inevitable and contradictory. Like in physics, for every action there is an equal but opposite reaction. In order for one sign to move on, it needs a completely different energy, a completely different agenda, to learn its last lesson that it cannot teach itself. If Scorpio is traveling to the centre of our own personal hell, Sagittarius is how we make sense of the information we find down there.

Scorpio is destruction, Sagittarius is the break-through after the break. Sagittarius is the breath, the relief, the elation, the FUCK YA enthusiasm that washes over you when you realize you have traveled through the fire, parts of you may have died along the way way – but you are still here, and you are still you. And this is what makes you free.

If there ever was a free spirit amongst the constellations, it is without a doubt the Sagittarius flame. Sagittarius is the sign of future visions and forward momentum. A wild horse kicking its hooves, aching to break out of the gates and race into the unknown. The sign of stubborn, impossible trust – trust that everything good in the universe is possible for us to know and experience, here and now.

Sagittarius is the spark of inspiration in your gut. When you don’t know how you know something, you just know. Sagittarius connects us to our higher calling, our higher purpose, to something bigger than ourselves. We may not fully understand this calling, but we are guided by it, we can’t say no to it. We surrender our doubt to it.

The astrological symbol of Sagittarius is an arrow pointing upward to the future. The Sagittarius arrow points us in a particular direction and says YES! THIS project. THIS person. THIS adventure. THIS vision. THIS decision. Go. NOW. It’s an intuitive knowing, a sparkly, shiny path illuminating before us and showing us with clarity our best path forward. Some would say this voice is our inner God/Goddess. My friends at Turtle Tank Collective once described God as something you can’t see but that knows everything.

And a little bit of a know-it-all our Sagittarius friends can be, right!? (Don’t worry, I include myself and my Sagittarius Moon in this category too 😛 ) Sagittarius is one opinionated mother fucker. Not interested in simple explanations, but in complex, philosophical understandings of ourselves, the world, and beyond. Aching for the deeper meaning in all of our experiences. Sag’ doesn’t want to just live, but is fuelled by what we learn by being alive. Hot-headed, passionate with their words, their thoughts, their sense of right and wrong. Not unknown to end up with their foot stuck in their mouth on more than one occasion.


I’ll tell you right now: every time you sat in front of your computer and lost hours of your life in a downward spiral sucked into a vortex of never-ending facebook arguments – you were definitely channeling the Sagittarius spirit in you.

Sag’ is always ready for an intellectual fight. Sag is like, hey, in case you haven’t noticed, it’s the apocalypse out there. Our planet, our loved ones, our future generations, are all at stake. What side of history we align ourselves with is important. How we think informs what actions we take. What stance we take in this moment is important. Sagittarius is about answering a call from what our future needs from us right now.

Even amidst the apocalypse, however, Sagittarius doesn’t fall into pessimism. Many people scoff at optimism, and I get it – as a global collective, we have a huge problem with denial. Acting as if things aren’t as bad as they actually are. Forgetting our histories of colonization and their ongoing impacts, pretending systemic and interpersonal violence doesn’t exist, granting humanity to some and not others, ignoring the incredible amount of pain evident in our communities and generations, avoiding our own emotional patterns that keep us participating in harm.

Still, hope does not have to mean denial. Hope does not have to be complacency. Hope does not have to be a cop-out. A deeper hope, cultivated in the resiliency of our spirit, is the bravery we all need. Hope is what gives us permission to take risks, to move outside of our comfort zone, because we believe we will be protected in the process. Hope is what makes sure we do not become completely over-run with fear and destroyed emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. Hope is what allows us to take a leap of faith when faith is necessary, when, in the context of trauma and the apocalypse, faith is non-negotiable.

The 9 of Keys from the Collective Tarot. The ultimate take a leap of faith through a flaming ring of fire kinda thing.
The 9 of Keys, leap of faith card, from The Collective Tarot.

What the spirit of Sagittarius teaches us to do is take a leap of faith for something we believe in, even if we don’t understand it completely.

Sagittarius is the part of us that believes.

Now all the Earth signs are saying: great, but what proof do you have that we can get ourselves out of this mess? How do you know? What are the plans, the steps, the actions? The daily tasks that will get us there? How does this actually work, in reality?

Don’t worry Earth signs, Capricorn is showing up next month, ready with a list of to-do tasks and reality checks and is checking that list twice! 

There’s something about all of this that reminds me of a conversation I once had with my friend Karen about rock climbing. Rock climbing, as Karen described to me, is a slow and steady undertaking. Getting to know the textures and ridges of each rock and how your body responds. You contemplate each step. Second guess yourself. Maneuver your body in one way that doesn’t work so well, try something different the next time. Learn how to be grounded when the earth is sideways. Breathe.

But every once in a while you hit a patch where there is nothing but a smooth, gliding, downward slope. You can’t grip it, you can’t maneuver around it. The only way you can get past this point is if you surrender your entire body weight onto the rock.

And you’re like shiiiit.

It’s not just physics and mechanics anymore – to get through this moment you have to believe. You have to believe you’ll be okay. You have to believe the earth will hold you. You have to surrender your control to something much bigger than you. If you move forward with so much as an inkling of doubt, if you hold back even a little bit, that’s it. You’ll fall. This rock requires you to put all your faith into this one moment. If you do, just like that, you’ll find yourself on the other side. You’ll feel the adrenaline and euphoria of facing death and making it out alive.

These moments that test our faith are the most tender and sacred in love, trauma and the apocalypse. The moments that ask of you, what are you ready to believe about what is and isn’t possible? There is no proof anything will work out. There is no guarantee that we won’t make mistakes or get hurt. Nobody can ever reassure us 100%, that if we take a leap of faith, someone will be there to catch us. We have to find that faith within ourselves – if nobody catches me, I will learn how to fly. 

Just like rock climbing, moments always come around when the stakes are really high. When what we believe about ourselves and each other could make or break whatever comes next. If we want to move forward toward our most highest good, individually and collectively, it’s important to regularly check-in with what truths we are telling ourselves about what is possible, in the long-term and in our day-to-day.  What truths are guiding you? 

Many of us learn incredible lies about ourselves from day one. I’m not loveable. I’m a mess, I’m broken. I suck at this. This is all going to turn to shit. This is going to fail. Nobody cares about me. My body is not desirable. I’m not allowed agency or autonomy. I’m out of choices. I’m helpless.

There’s so much that has been done to us, it’s inevitable that we come to internalize these beliefs as truth. We don’t have to blame ourselves for believing lies. We can have compassion for ourselves and know it’s not our fault. But we can also recognize these voices as bullshit. We do have a choice in what we believe. Sagittarius says, we have the opportunity to believe whatever the hell we want.

I’ll be okay. I’m not broken. I went through something terrible and I am reacting normally. There is nothing wrong with me. I am not a failure, I am trying something new and I will learn from it. I deserve to celebrate myself. I don’t have to explain myself to anybody. My body is the bomb. I am so brilliant for everything I have survived. I don’t have to try so hard to be loved. If I stop fighting, I will still be loved. I can make my own choices appropriate for me, even if nobody else understands. Nobody has that much control over me. I can have the life I want. I can have the love I want. We can have the revolution we want.

The thing is, what you believe indicates how you will carry yourself throughout the process.

In other words, the more I believe I am not worthy of the love I want, the more I am going to interact with others as if that were true. I am going to settle for less than I deserve, and I am going to miss opportunities to have what I actually want.The more I believe the world is fucked and nothing is ever going to change, I won’t feel safe enough to address what I need to change within myself, in order to contribute to larger collective change. Personally, I have stayed for years in bad relationships and situations because I didn’t believe there was anything better waiting for me.

I have many ongoing conversations with my brilliant friend and fam Ravyn. Ravyn reminds me, we can’t receive what we are calling for, if we don’t dream it first. If we don’t believe something exists, we’ll miss it when it’s here.

So this Sagittarius season, ask yourself, what are the lies you tell yourself every day? Tell yourself the truth you want to hear, even if you don’t understand it completely. Even if you don’t know how it will work in practical terms. None of us can build anything sustainable for the long-term upon a dream that we don’t really want. Upon a belief that doesn’t reflect the magnificence of who we can be.

Sagittarius accepts our greatness with ease, with simplicity, without any question. Sagittarius shrugs its shoulders, offers a charming, carefree grin and just believes…yeah, sure, we’re extraordinary.

Let’s believe it too ❤

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