new moon in capricorn

a new moon is a beginning, a seed. the darkness, stillness and silence from which things grow.

capricorn is the sign of a wise elder, a grandmother. full-bellied with a lifetime of knowledge and hard work that led her to deeper clarity, peace of mind, and groundedness.

on this first day of 2014, the sun is in capricorn, and the new moon falls in capricorn as well. if there was ever a day to set intentions and plant seeds in the ground that you want to watch flower for a long time to come, this is it. what are your intentions that you would commit the rest of your life to? what are the wishes you make in darkness, stillness and silence? what are the hopes large enough, expansive enough and deep enough, that they will take a lifetime of dedication and hard work to see through?

this is my answer.

my life long journey is to build relationships with freedom. i want to feel free to be myself. tell my stories. learn. express my gender. explore my curiosities. grow. share my emotions. share my opinions. breathe. stretch. i want to feel free to express love honestly. i want to run so hard that my feet pick up off the ground. i want to fall in love til i fly. i want to build all relationships in ways that we feel free to be ourselves through our love, support, and celebration of one another. i want to know when to work through the hard times together and arrive at a collectively deeper stronger place, and when let go of each other in kindness – if my freedom does not match or support your freedom. at this moment, i have relationships where i know this freedom, i have some where im getting there, and i have some where i don’t know how or if we ever could.

but if i could keep one wish tucked away with the highest, dreamiest, most innocent, unshakeable star. that is, when i die, i wish to look at my life and see that everybody i know and love has everything they need to be safe, whole and free to be themselves. that the relationships we have created help us be that free. the last thing i want to know before i die, is that abundance and undeniability. the last thing i want to feel is my feet picking up off the ground, and my ancestral wings birthing out of my shoulder blades. the last thing i will do is fly.

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