creation is urgent, training is intention

a wise owl always says to me: “when you create, create from what is urgent.”

whether what you create is a dance piece for performance, a poem for your secret diary, a zine for your best buds, a song to send as prayer to your ancestors. whatever it is, create from what is urgent.

listen to what your body aches to say. what gives your skin goosebumps? what stirs the fire in your gut? what motivates the sudden burst of rant in a meeting, or classroom or while browsing your facebook newsfeed in bed? what are the things that spring tears to your eyes unexpectedly, what do you dream about, what are the songs that make you want to move? what are the hours-long conversations you end up having with your nearest and dearest again and again?

if creation is urgent, training is intention.

training is not always urgent. developing a practice to write every day in the morning, stretching your body or voice before bed, snapping photos on your way home from work, doing tondues and plies 5 times a week in a dance studio or living room. whatever it is, showing up for a regular artistic practice can feel labourious, we have days that we hate it, feel frustrated, blocked, like nothing is improving/happening and we don’t even know why we do it.

when i struggle with training, i remember it is important to build intentional pathways in artistic practice, as this also creates pathways in our broader life, relationship to self and others.

over the last two months, I took four intentional words with me into my dance training, and worked hard to challenge myself and grow in these directions.

balance, strength, flexibility and release.

finding these things in the dance studio has helped me know that I have a deep well of inner strength to endure struggle, heartache, as well as to feel and express joy.

that i have the flexibility to deal with financial, health, and work shit when they are unpredictable and unstable.

that I am finding new language to listen to my body speak of where it holds pain inherited from stress, work, environmental, emotional and ancestral trauma. that i can begin to offer breath and release to these places in my body.

that helps me tap into this mysterious place of growing spirituality and knowledge inside of me – that the universe is inherently balanced, the universe lives in our bodies, our minds and our life’s journeys. this balance can hold our difficult feelings like water in the palm of its hands, at any moment.

creation is urgent. training is creating intentional pathways to express what is urgent with an ever-expanding and deepening strength, balance, flexibility, release and honesty that our stories deserve.

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