Zombie Cutie (‘QT’)POCalypse !

exactly a year ago, my friend kumari and I co-organized the very first Unapologetic Burlesque Showcase, and it probably one of the most special nights of my life. So many seeds of love, creation and community were planted that night and it has been an honour to see how it all has grown over the last year. I came into organizing this show because I just wanted an anti-racist and anti-annoying space to perform this zombie dance routine I had in my head on Halloween. The show has since grown into a life of its own that is continually surprising me. (To get more info on the next installment of Unapologetic Burlesque, or even apply to perform – see our website here!)

I did end up performing the zombie dance, with the help of two twin zombies. soon afterward my friend jeff said to me, “hey, you should make this dance into a music video.” A year later, here it is! I try and remind myself that this video is a big accomplishment for me. because it is a dream I’ve had that part of me doubted would ever get to become reality. another part of me just kept truckin along, working and believing in my dreams. That I made this video reminds me of this part of me that doesn’t stop, even through fear, doubt, exhaustion, instability. and it reminds me that I definitely do not do this work alone; that I have a community of zombies that make all of this possible and light up my life.

Now this video has also become a chapter in my one-woman-show that I am currently working on. The story of this video/section of my play, reminds me a lot of one of the ‘death/change’ cards in the Collective Tarot Deck and its description. (To see another post I wrote about this beautiful deck, see here!)

“death of people, death of an era in your life, death of the way that you may think about yourself or others, death of relationships, death of places, death of the way your body used to be, and death of organizations and movements. The snake is shedding its skin and leaving part of its old shell behind and is moving towards a new self. This is death of the former self and transition into something beyond what was previously possible. The new skin, the fruit and the living mouse represent the joys that can accompany embracing change. with death there is a birth of transformation.”


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