Shaunga Tagore is an interdisciplinary performance artist, community organizer and astrologer.

superqueero cis-femme of colour. toronto-based, rad-identified. healer, storyteller,  intuitive counselor through astrology and tarot. sensitive to the wide range of abilities, class/educational backgrounds, gender/sexual identities and contexts different folks come to a session with. MA in women’s studies from york university, feminist/anti-racist training in support work for survivors of assault/violence, and more than 8 years of experience organizing and mentoring in communities of queer, trans, young people of colour with varying abilities and class backgrounds. co-creator and co-curator of “unapologetic burlesque: queer. anti-racist. consensual. not your average burlesque.” scorpio rising, sagittarius moon, gemini sun. top three likes: cats, buffy and the god of small things.

Check out the different sections of my website to learn more about my art/writing projects, unapologetic burlesque, or if you want to book an astrology or tarot reading.

See below for photos and my “untameable” playlist, a selection of spoken word, cover songs I have performed from 2012-2013.



*image on this website: “prayer” by Proma Tagore