Shaunga Tagore aka Scorpio Rising is a performance artist, community organizer and intuitive counsellor in astrology and tarot. A superqueero cis-femme of colour, based in Haudensaunee, Anishnabek, Wendat, Mississauga territory ie Toronto. 

I am a creator in mediums of storytelling, theatre, dance, burlesque, poetry, song & video. Since 2010 I have been performing, training, teaching and organizing programs and events by and for QTBIPOC* communities in the city.

As an intuitive counselor through astrology and tarot, I am sensitive to a wide range of abilities, class & educational backgrounds, gender & sexual identities and feelings, questions or contexts different folks come to a session with.

I have an MA in Gender Studies from York University, feminist & anti-racist training in supporting survivors of sexual violence, and am a skilled workshop facilitator in areas of astrology, tarot, writing, storytelling, dance, theatre, anti-oppression, holistic health & healing, and much more.

I am the co-creator and co-curator of Unapologetic Burlesque: queer. consensual. anti-racist. not your average burlesque; collective member of Making a Stage for Our Stories and guest facilitator with Right to Dance.

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And because you are dying to know: Gemini Sun, Sagittarius Moon & Scorpio Rising ;)

image on website: Prayer by Proma Tagore

*QTBIPOC = Queer, Trans, Black, Indigenous, People of colour



a selection of spoken word and cover songs I have performed between 2012-2013.